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  1. If we have to pay them off we’re not going to save any costs. Lansbury and Taylor are clearly contributing off the pitch, are both well liked, and are two of our most senior players in a young squad. Would be crazy to just give them a pile of cash to clear off.
  2. The reported fee always includes any potential add-ons of which there’ll obviously be Very few in this case. We might have broken even.
  3. Pretty sure we were the last PL team to ever field 11 English players and an English manager in John Gregory.
  4. I'm not that concerned about having to pay a large chunk or even all of his wages. He's a top class player and an England international who could well start in the Euros. You get what you pay for (mostly).
  5. I don't think he would - Barkley improves the team and Jack would likely improve as a result no matter where he's playing.
  6. Is this the No.8 that was rumoured a few weeks back that has been there and done it or would Barkley be second choice because we couldn't get the mystery person? I think the mystery guy was supposedly from the continent.
  7. There could be all sorts of clauses being negotiated - not just the overall fee. Look how long it takes to buy a house after you've negotiated the price.
  8. It'll be horses for courses. We'll have loads of options depending on the opposition. But if Jack is going to play a more central role it's going to be a bit congested if we have two wide players who will want to cut inside also. I reckon if we have Grealish / Rashica / Traore it'll be Jack plus one of the other two unless we're chasing the game.
  9. Rashica will surely be in the same boat as Traore with regard to work permit issues so he can't actually come to Birmingham until he's actually signed right?
  10. Taylor also appears to be a big character about the place - I've read a few times about how well liked he is by everyone at Bodymoor Heath. Guys like that well worth having in the squad when trying to bring young players through.
  11. El Ghazi is a prime example of the disparity in quality in our squad: the difference in quality between him and Jack is massive, same as Lansbury playing alongside Luiz, and to a slightly lesser extent Hause and Mings.
  12. He's continuously said that we're limited in how much we can spend this summer due to FFP. It could be true or perhaps the club are trying to get that message across to clubs they're trying to negotiate with.
  14. Is he not currently the highest paid?
  15. It kind've looks like he's decided to discard all of the bling he usually wears, dress like a second year student, and go to Wetherspoons.
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