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  1. Anyone know how his name is correctly pronounced? The Sky commentators seemed to pronounce it like Hose. I was saying it as Houzz - like Dougie Howser without the er.
  2. “board actively seeking actions to avoid future breaches” Does this mean that we have actually breached FFP rules?
  3. AC Milan seemed to build a case (for European FFP) that because they changed ownership they were able to reset their three season's losses to begin from when the new owners took control. Maybe we're going down the same route. Purslow and the new owners will know exactly what they can and can't do regarding FFP over the next few seasons and wouldn't have bothered buying us if we were going to be that hamstrung in the coming seasons. I reckon we'll see lots more high profile loans like El-Ghazi.
  4. I could imagine Martin O'Neill doing this but I can't see Smith. Chester's not exactly the most mobile player at this stage of his career - he's not going to be bombing up the wing and putting crosses in.
  5. Hopefully that's a sign that we're showing a bit of restraint whilst still trying to be ambitious - and not overpaying for Plan F just because we couldn't get Plans A-E as I suspect we've done in the past.
  6. When our signings become total flops their duration at he club seems to become a timewarp. It feels like he's been here for an age. The club's changed ownership twice and had six managers since he's been here. He must be like an old man at the club, reminiscing to all the kids "I remember when this was all fields..."
  7. He was absolutely sensational against us in the FA Cup third round about 25 years ago. Scored a equaliser in injury time IIRC. It was his break through performance.
  8. Matt Kendrick is on twitter asking his followers what they would think if the club signed Rico Henry. Didn't he do something similar just before we appointed Dean Smith? It was clear that was a PR stunt by the club. I wonder if it could be the same now with Henry?
  9. Brendan Rodgers couldn't spot a decent defender in a million years. If he could pick any player from AC Milan's 1990s back 4 he'd probably just try and sign Kolo Toure again.
  10. I seem to remember he was a big deal when we signed him. Wasn't Stam furious Reading let him go? I thought there was promise in the few games he played for us under DiMatteo. Feels like it was about 8 years ago.
  11. Think I've got the names you're talking about right?? He also played Nigel Reo-Coker, who was pretty highly rated when we signed him, and Craig Gardner at right back for most of their Villa careers too. He'd never get away with that these days as the full back role has changed so much in the last ten years, so you can't just stick a centre back in there to keep it tight anymore. He was still refusing to play Matt Doherty (who's one of the PL's stand-out right backs at the moment) when he got sacked from the ROI job a few weeks back. O'Neill goes on the basis of select 11 big characters, inflate their egos, send them out on the pitch and let them sort themselves out. It did work well for us to an extent to be fair.
  12. I think Keinan would be good at the dropping deep and holding it up role and bringing the midfielders into play, but he'd be nowhere near as good as Tammy as a fox in the box. That said Keinan has only ever played Bruceball - maybe under Dean Smith he'd improve again.
  13. Stuart Pearce insisted on not having any such clauses in his contract when he took over at Notts Forest as he didn't think his potential failure should be rewarded. (Was sacked 6 months later).
  14. I wonder does AVB have any affiliation to Jorge Mendes?
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