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  1. Good example of making statistics fit whatever argument you want to make. When do OPTA ever provide stats for players but remove anomalous games?
  2. Pretty sure Tom Fox using the 'stepping stone' selling technique to Ayew/Veretout/Amavi/Traore/Gana etc. would have been one of the reasons we didn't much out of them when they did come.
  3. More likely Lallana. On a sidenote I followed the Villa-Liverpool game on twitter last Saturday. The bile and hatred LFC fans have for their own players is astounding - particularly Henderson and Lallana. It was far worse than any other team's twitter feed I've followed. It was far worse than anything Villa fans had for their own side in our relegation season. I'd hate to see it if they actually lost a game....
  4. Thought I'd heard Zlatan had signed for AC Milan again.
  5. Am I being stupid or are Suso and Pitarch not the same person?
  6. El-Reacho

    James Chester

    Not necessarily needed on the pitch just at the moment but plays a big part of the squad and dressing room. He's a big personality that will offer lots to Konsa and Hause. Seems very harsh to discard him at the first opportunity.
  7. Of course they will do that - as would Purslow in the same position. Football is money - the buy-back clause will be there for the purposes of doing this rather than him actually returning to Man City to play for them I think. It may be that he/his agent has insisted on that clause so that Villa can't try and keep him if a wealthy Champions League club comes along.
  8. Does the buy back clause expire after next summer?
  9. In terms of big-money strikers new to the league this summer, he's doing better than Joelington, Maupay, Pepe, Kean, Cutrone, McBurnie, and Callum Robinson, and is pretty much even with Haller IMHO. I would've taken that at the start of the season.
  10. I would've agreed with that before the game but the manner of that defeat I think could be hugely damaging. It feels like the Leicester game under Sherwood and we were finished after that....
  11. We'll put a run together at some stage this season and be ok. Dean is a pretty streaky manager in that regard. This season is reminding me of Lambert's first in charge, although I think we're actually showing much more promise than he was at this stage. It wasn't until around November time that we put any sort of run of results together IIRC. The Sunderland game that season was a big turning point when Westwood came in and seemed to settle us. I think Nakamba coming in has to be the next key change. Maybe Jack moves into the advanced wide position while Trezeguet is gone.
  12. Not sure that we can consider Palace one of our fellow relegation candidates as people are saying. They came into the game with the 3rd highest points in the PL in 2019. If they keep Zaha they'll be up there trying to break the top 6. Ayew's goal was very lucky in how he ricocheted it through Mings and Grealish before a very good finish.
  13. Jack must be very close to a call - I think Maddison has just got in ahead of him because RoI have contacted him about switching allegiance.
  14. They seem very similar. When we were under pressure in our own half against Everton as soon as both Jack and Jota got the ball it just released all the pressure and let the whole team re-group.
  15. I reckon Grealish will move out to the left and Hourihane will come back in to the middle with Luiz holding - all at the expense of El Ghazi who's struggling to find his feet.
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