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  1. In fairness to Sky the first thing Kelly Cates asked the two pundits after we beat Leeds on Sunday evening was "Will Villa make the top 4 this season"?
  2. You'd like to think Kessler would be in the mix rather than automatically looking to bring someone in.
  3. When we beat Arsenal to stay up after the restart he came on and was absolutely superb. Obviously needs to find a bit of consistency with his performances.
  4. He'd probably just order something in.
  5. Mings was so influential on and off the pitch when he was on loan with us that firstly it vastly increased his value, but also made him pretty much indispensable to us to the point that we had to overpay. Hopefully Conor can do the same for Swansea - we're bound to get £5m especially if he can be influential enough in getting them promoted.
  6. I thought Little was still manager at that stage - it must have been one of Gregory's first few games. Was disappointing that Little couldn't keep things going. The 90s were strange - we were flipping between relegation and the title in the space of a season or two and then back again.
  7. Bodes well that we’ll be going after this type of player come the summertime. Hopefully we’ll have some European football to offer new recruits so we can set our sights even higher.
  8. Definitely. Knows Smith and the club - would fit right in. He's had two largely wasted seasons at United getting the odd start at RB and Mings and Konsa are miles ahead of him in terms of playing for England. If we're playing in Europe next season, regardless of which competition, we could give him ample game time. Axel and Konsa partnership could be superb.
  9. Villas-Boas' comments are all just part of the dance. The Marseille top brass probably told him to say that word for word.
  10. We should've been a bit more patient with Crouch. O'Leary didn't seem to have any time for him.
  11. The commentators on BT Sport said they could hear the conversation that the VAR ref was having with the onfield ref re. Hause foul. That's why they're able to say when an incident is resolved before you see the ref confirm it. The BBC probably doesn't have access to that audio feed if they're only getting highlights.
  12. He reminded me of Grealish last night. The way he carries the ball forward and also the weight of his pass - never overhits it when he doesn't have to. Him and Cash gave WBA as much to think about as Grealish did which is a good development.
  13. I remember following the Liverpool game that we lost in injury time last season on twitter. The vitriol and poison Liverpool fans had for their own players was utterly shocking. They were European champions strolling to a League title win and when we took the lead the amount of fans wishing Henderson/Lallana/Firmino would never play for them again/get hit by a car/break both their legs/ catch cancer and die etc. etc. was unreal. Utterly depressing....
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