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  1. We should've been a bit more patient with Crouch. O'Leary didn't seem to have any time for him.
  2. The commentators on BT Sport said they could hear the conversation that the VAR ref was having with the onfield ref re. Hause foul. That's why they're able to say when an incident is resolved before you see the ref confirm it. The BBC probably doesn't have access to that audio feed if they're only getting highlights.
  3. He reminded me of Grealish last night. The way he carries the ball forward and also the weight of his pass - never overhits it when he doesn't have to. Him and Cash gave WBA as much to think about as Grealish did which is a good development.
  4. I remember following the Liverpool game that we lost in injury time last season on twitter. The vitriol and poison Liverpool fans had for their own players was utterly shocking. They were European champions strolling to a League title win and when we took the lead the amount of fans wishing Henderson/Lallana/Firmino would never play for them again/get hit by a car/break both their legs/ catch cancer and die etc. etc. was unreal. Utterly depressing....
  5. Sad news indeed. I remember various pundits that were close with him saying about what an exciting summer Villa had ahead after Houllier's first season in charge. He was not only changing the playing style on the pitch but also the culture off it - trusting young academy players with responsibility and leadership. Sadly it was never to be and then McLeish was just another lurch backwards in terms of playing style and culture....
  6. Seems a shame for him to risk travelling if he's only just regained fitness and isn't even starting for his international side. The international break seems to be when the Covid cases flare up (in footballers).
  7. He did score against them last season to be fair - was a clinical finish from a few yards out. His positioning was the same as Watkins' was for the second on Sunday.
  8. Feels like being Villa fan in the 90's again under Atkinson, Little, and Gregory for some reason. More so that era than the couple of good seasons we had under O'Neill for some reason.
  9. I reckon we'll get another Barkley-esque calibre player in on loan. Maybe up front depending on Wesley's progress.
  10. I mean the pace of Watkins, Grealish, Barkley. Not his.
  11. Don't think he'll be challenging Watkins for his spot as they play completely different roles. He should be a much better player with much more pace and quality around him. When teams try to sit deeper to nullify our pace he could be very effective.
  12. We were top of the table around Christmas 2001 IIRC - then Gregory quit a few week's later because Ellis wouldn't strengthen.
  13. Smith was quite critical of his condition when he arrived at the club last summer.
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