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  1. Can't make a statement like that round here without some heat maps to back it up.
  2. Presumably the club will have sought the opinion of some sort of work permit expert at the early stages of scouting him. They'll know what the chances of him getting one are.
  3. I actually remember Shearer doing a similar analysis of Neil Taylor when he broke through at Swansea a few years back. Pretty sure he predicted that he'd be England's left back for years to come.
  4. It's pretty well known that our owners have about £9billion in the bank though so I'd be surprised if Stoke or Burnley fell for something like that.
  5. Love the Kubrick-esque editing complete with title cards between goals.
  6. That's my point - we stopped buying over priced high risk players and started loaning the likes of Mings, Tuanzebe, Johnstone and Abraham. It was a good decision from a footballing and financial perspective.
  7. I think this is pretty a pretty short sighted approach for teams who are either trying to get promoted or are not confident of staying in the Championship. Loans are an ideal strategy when you don't know what league you'll be in next season. You can bring in a premier league quality player without a significant fee and without being bound to a high wage contract for four or five years. Mings and Tuanzebe are perfect examples. Who cares if we nurtured and developed them - they got us into the Premier League with no risk and at low cost. I'd sooner we did that than take the Tony Xia approach and nearly break FFP rules as we did the seasons before. The fact that Brentford won't take that approach suggests they're happy with their lot and more focused on making profits on their players. Dean Smith seemed more than happy to loan players for us in January and its paid off in spades.
  8. Smith said that he interviewed Mings before he came in January so the personality aspect is clearly vital even for loan signings - you could see how much everyone was enjoying playing for the club in the run in last season so it's obviously a big part of Smith's style. Shame we weren't as diligent as this back when we signed all the french guys in 2015 (or indeed the manager at that stage).
  9. Not sure if this nugget of hyperbole is serious???
  10. If Bournemouth allow Mings to go out on loan again for another full season then it's getting into a similar situation to McCormack's was here. Having a player they've spent £10m on being on loan for 18 months doesn't make sense - they'll sell him to us this window I'm sure of it.
  11. Bournemouth's problem is that the only value that Mings currently has is what AVFC are willing to pay for him. They won't want him there after the deadline as Howe has no requirement for him, and there's no interest from anyone else. They'll accept an offer once they have to start writing cheques for their incoming players this summer.
  12. The longer the likes of this deal and the Phillips deal goes on the better the deal will be for us. Leicester have admitted that they've overpaid significantly for Perez because they wanted the deal done ASAP. Purslow is obviously not willing to overpay just to get them in today or tomorrow. The longer it goes on the more Bournemouth and Leeds will get used to the fact that they're leaving and then they will start to want the deal concluded and then that's when we'll have the upper hand.
  13. He didn't really tear up the championship last season though. Nor was he our player of the season. Like your optimism though.

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