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  1. El-Reacho

    Alex Butler

    He appeared to be a big part of the feel good spirit this time last year. Lots of videos of him and the other physio staff and players having a great time after all those wins.... Really hope he makes a full recovery.
  2. Bosnich Delaney McGrath Laursen Bouma Carbone Grealish McGinn JPA Savo Tekkers
  3. My thoughts at the time (possibly incorrectly) were that Gabby was the core of the problems. Longest serving member of the squad, brand new bumper contract, but had given up on being a decent professional after O'Neill left. He was massively overweight IIRC? New signings and youth players would've come into the squad and seen Gabby and thought - this is going to be easy street, we don't even have to try here.
  4. Think I'm happy enough for us to go down now. This season has been far less enjoyable than any of our three years in the Championship - can't think of even a stand out enjoyable game (maybe Everton or Newcastle at a stretch). We were just here to make up the numbers and provide transfer rumours for Man Utd. I think being competitive in the Championship next season will be more enjoyable than another season of this.
  5. Based on Purslow’s comments about the U23s this week I reckon he’ll be let go.
  6. Keen for Elmo to keep his place for the run in. Need his experience on the pitch.
  7. I reckon it's more to do with convincing good players to come here. There's a chance that we'll go down players don't want to take that chance.
  8. If we can't get anyone who's not better than what we've got then the club are right to walk away. You can't make players come here.
  9. It seems a bit last minute though - they won't have learned any more about him the last week that they didn't already know. I reckon he's maybe Plan B or C and the Palace offer means they have to act or end up with nothing.
  10. The Portuguese guy signing for United should hopefully end their supposed pursuit of Jack. Think he plays a similar position.
  11. Alcacer gone to Villareal. Villareal and Hetha Berlin are hardly offering anything we not able to so they weren't that outrageous links to be fair.
  12. Similar feel to last August. It's hard to believe we'll get something over the line tomorrow without having heard any rumours before now. Unless it's Sturridge....
  13. Think I heard United being linked with him on the radio the other night.
  14. Klopp seemed to say something to that effect IIRC. Maybe sometimes he just doesn't have the stomach for it and pulls up with an injury.
  15. Sturridge's problems are with his head not his body. Other players play through the knocks and niggles that keep him out for months at a time.
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