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  1. Was going for Paul Lambert's Dortmund but I seem to have entered this debate thoroughly unprepared.
  2. Only two teams have ever won the Champions League with a back 3. Answers on a postcard....
  3. Only one team has ever won the Champions League with a back 3. Answers on a postcard....
  4. That's the same guy who broke the news of Wesley signing. He's pretty legit.
  5. There was a lot of detail in the rumours for it to have come to nothing....
  6. If we did invest in this guy it would give me a good feeling about hanging on to Jack come the summer time - assuming we stay up.
  7. Is that not a bit harsh? Balaban was a disaster but I thought his signings were generally very good: Dublin, Merson, Carbone, Alpay, Mellberg, Angel - seem to remember more good ones than bad ones. He wanted Lampard the summer he went to Chelsea - what a sliding doors moment that could've been. He had to settle for Kachloul and Hadji instead.
  8. I reckon it'll be to discuss playing a weak team tomorrow to concentrate on the league. Will probably need the owners to buy into that.
  9. Jota seems to be the only person to have played him the through balls to run onto that he seems to do better with. Trez/Ghazi and even Jack just fire crosses in the air at him which he's clearly not capable of dealing with.
  10. El-Reacho

    Dean Smith

    Mings was an unwanted cast-off at Bournemouth. Villa and Smith made him a £25m CB. There's no reason why the club can't go and find a couple of similar type signings in January. I think Purslow will have to revise his comments about not signing loans though. We don't need to repeat what we did last spring - we just need to snap out of the mire that we're in and get confidence into the players. Signing a couple of big personalities like we did last January will help along with him actually coming back from injury.
  11. El-Reacho

    Dean Smith

    The only case for keeping Smith on now is that he was able to break us out of a poor run at the start of this year - where we were almost as rudderless as this (relative to the league we were in). If we can get a Mings type signing in in January (likely a striker this time) - maybe we can put a run together just enough to get us out of it. He's a streaky manager.
  12. El-Reacho

    The NSWE Board

    Hughton would probably be the only one he might look at there. They've talked before about having a cohesive mentality right through all aspects of the squad and coaching staff. They're not going to bring in a manager who's completely at odds with that philosophy - Allardyce and Moyes would be exactly this. Both are spent forces... Pearson would've been ideal....
  13. El-Reacho

    The NSWE Board

    I think they may have fallen out leading to Rafa leaving Liverpool.
  14. El-Reacho

    The NSWE Board

    Was that not before Purslow came on board? I'd imagine he would be key to any appointment.
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