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  1. You're being harsh on Benrahma there - there's not alot between him and Traore but I'd probably take Benrahma over Bertie right now. Not fussed on Maupay mind you - think we were right to pass on him.
  2. This is a fair comment, although I'd probably have taken Ings over both of them. I've thought Ings has been better than Watkins in the games he's played for us.
  3. Sam Johnstone will surely be a first choice keeper for quite a few PL clubs. He'd be crazy to come here as a back up.
  4. Great to see Emi’s shithousery getting the recognition it deserved on MOTD last night. Micah Richards absolutely loving it. Was class when Tyrone goes over after the penalty miss and seems to be telling him to dial it back a bit and EMI starts laughing. You love to see it…
  5. It’s mad that in any other industry or walk of life, Dean would’ve been headhunted by the very top by know. Yet in football the likes of Frank Lampard and Ole Solksjaer are considered good enough for the biggest jobs in football because they ‘just know how their clubs work’ which is just utter nonsense. (See AC Milan’s list of managerial failures over the last 10 years also). Dean is ten times the manager that solksjaer is - it’s great that United are so deluded and lost in their own sense of entitlement that they can’t or won’t see it.
  6. Man that pass to Watkins was utterly sublime. Weight, direction, bend all just absolutely perfect.
  7. They didn’t until Ole concocted it as an excuse because he was utterly outplayed by Deano. Pathetic attempt at self-preservation that the ManUre fans have jumped onboard with. It’s mad the number of United fans that can’t or won’t see that they have a manager who’s utterly out of his depth.
  8. He gave it everything, but it just wasn’t to be for Mike Dean today. Feel for him…
  9. I actually thought he was referring to CR7: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/sep/09/cristiano-ronaldo-return-manchester-united-awkward-conversations-as-well-as-cheers
  10. I'd say we're bound to. The club have said before about not wanting to be reliant on loans - besides Axel knows how far down the pecking order he is at United. They'll probably bring in another host of vanity signings again next summer so I think Axel signing a new contract with them was part of the process of United securing a fee which has probably already been agreed with us. Probably just a loan to buy rather than just buying him outright on the advice of the accountants.
  11. Mad that our record signing (Argentinian international No.10) is struggling to get into the Villa side. Times have changed round here…
  12. Or else maybe he’s not actually as good as everyone thinks and that’s why he’s going to wolves for £12m?
  13. Thankfully the ref got the disallowed goal right. More than can be said of the two 5Live commentators who were convinced it should’ve been a goal. It took Pougatch at half-time to explain to them why it was correctly disallowed…. The strength and depth of our injury/unfit/Covid list must be one of the most impressive in world football right now.
  14. Just because we have the money doesn't mean those players will still come here. We're clearly only going to spend big money on elite level players and if we can't get them we'll just stick with what we have. Hopefully it will mean not doing what Spurs did with the Bale money.
  15. Didn't realise he was 32 - thought he was still mid-twenties. This signing could be a sign of how confident the club are about Ramsay and Chukwemueka, as he's not going to block their development long term.
  16. Given some people's reaction to Wesley the mad man who lost his mind against Stoke in pre-season and should've been thrown out of the club it'll be interesting to see the reaction on here if this one comes off!
  17. So have they offered him to us because they know that we are actively looking for a midfielder in this window??
  18. But as the quality of our squad gets better and better the standard of player needed to improve our first 11 moves up to the very elite, and it gets very hard to persuade those players to come here. It’s clear we wanted JWP and ESR but they’ve both refused to force a move here - I reckon they’d have been more proactive about forcing a move if it were Liverpool after them. I think there’s every chance Sarr has turned us down in favour of spurs. There’s no point in settling for fourth or fifth choice targets if they’re not much better than what we have.
  19. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/aug/25/leon-bailey-aston-villa-via-slovakia-and-a-cold-austrian-park Good article about Leon and his family in the Guardian today.
  20. Seeing how bad Watford are against Brighton is probably the only negative today. Had it my head that they were going to be the surprise package of this season putting together an unlikely top 4 run, therefore last weeks result wasn’t all that bad. But no.
  21. We tried this before with Lerner’s bomb squad and it didn’t work. None of the players tried to leave and it destroyed any team spirit the overall squad had. It’s exactly what Smith and his coaching team are not about.
  22. I would consider Paul Doyle a very reliable source. He's been the Guardian's midlands report for the past few years but has never come up with the usual ITK gossip that the local hacks come up with. He's more of a features writer who specialises in African football and has done in depth interviews with Nakamba and Samatta over the past couple of years. He doesn't get any currency out of pretending to be 'connected' to the club.
  23. From a business perspective there's a lot to be said for buying players who will be cherry picked by the top four. They are always replaceable. If Bailey does go to Chelsea or City in two year's time it will have proved that could replace Grealish, and we'll go and get the next Bailey in two summer's time and make a sizeable profit. Same with Buendia. I actually think this will be our business model in the league for the long term and it will get us standing on our own two feet. Hopefully getting regular Europa League football in the process.
  24. Under this regime - when they've said there'll be no more players coming in previously that has always been the case. Remember when we were all set to sign Berardi on deadline day a couple of years back despite the fact the CEO/manager/media said all our business was done? Turned out that all our business was actually done and it was just ITK nonsense. I reckon we're all done.
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