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Who do you blame for Villa's current situation?

Marka Ragnos

Who's to blame for Villa's current situation?  

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  1. 1. Who's mostly to blame for Villa's current situation?

    • Randy Lerner
    • Tom Fox
    • The players
    • "The System" -- FFP, the ELP, the FA
    • Supporters
    • Paul Lambert
    • Fate, fortunate, bad luck, etc.
    • Other - please explain below

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For me its Lambert. Lerner has been a massive issue and still is a massive issue. He's the worst thing that's happened to the club in my time as a supporter. But I don't believe this squad should be relegated and the reason we look like we will is Paul Lambert. 2 and a half years of awful tactics, poor management and no proper coaching has left us with a team on an abysmal run that now looks unlikely to be halted.

Don't get me wrong, Lerner deserves a hell of a lot of blame and stick and he needs to sell the club asap, regardless of the financial hit he takes.

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Its Fox\Lerner for me.


We don't know who makes the big decisions - but as Randy openly admits to not being a football expert Im going for fox because:-


  • He sat on the fence - whilst Moyes and Pullis were available
  • He appointed a novice manager in a relegation battle
  • He sat on the fence so long - then even when he got Sherwood his coaching team had been employed elsewhere 


Sure Lerner aint great - but to see Pullis pulling up trees at the Albion - really brings home the gross mis management at Board Level - for all Lerners mistakes there was golden opportunity and IMO Tom Fox blew it - he has a lot of fans on here at the moment - I get the feeling though History won't be kind to Tom Fox 

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It has to be a toxic combination


First MON for literally spanking huge sums of cash on terrible players on ludicrous wages. Obviously Lerner let that happen.


Then Lerner for hiring Houllier and Houllier for somehow almost getting a good team relegated.


Then Lerner and the club for hiring McCleish, then McCleish for spending our entire budget on gems such as Nzogbia and the horrid defensive football that followed.


Then a combination of Lerner and Lambert for deciding to try and alienate, farm out or generally ruin all the most experienced players we had, following with a bargain basement transfer policy which more often than not failed. And people that quote the good signings, even my Nan could manage the success ratio of one decent signing for every 5 players signed that Lambert managed!


But ultimately it feels like Lerner must have the final say in all of the most baffling and damaging decisions even if it's Faulkner, Krulak or Fox who comes up with the ideas, or the managers that have chosen the players they want to sign.


I never thought I would miss Doug Ellis, but I truly believe with the increase in TV money - he would have run the club better than we ever have under this bunch of clowns. Even if he was a belligerent hopelessly old fashioned and out of touch, git.

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