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  1. Somebody needing a second home somewhere nice whilst other people can't afford their first home is bonkers.
  2. Yahoo has Najee Harris projected for 0 points. Unless i've missed something.....
  3. I agree. Tbh, I didn't want the hassle of having to try and guess which QB would outscore the other each week so I stashed Lance instead.
  4. It's hardly the end of the world. Don't worry about it. I think it gives people a chance to stash a late rounder flier or extra QB. Ain't many starters out there.
  5. Yeah, I just didn't think there was any hope of him making it back this year.
  6. I actually agree. Some people won't be checking now and it'll likely cause issues if they see people have managed to snap up extra players post draft.
  7. You can mock draft a million times and you're still never prepared!
  8. Yeah, Randomising seems fairer! I suppose the sooner we do it the sooner we can mock draft.
  9. Would probably be hard to do reverse order as there were 14 teams last season. Random probably makes most sense. Could we randomise the draft order so we know which position we're picking from?
  10. Do we know what the draft order is?
  11. And that’s how agents work. Getting into the ear of the whores at sky to spin the narrative. It works.
  12. Is the snake still here? Ffs go already lad!
  13. Are we all flapping now over a speculative daily Mail article? Or is there something else I’ve missed?
  14. Refuse to read the daily Mail but I suspect it says “today” as the headline but then the rest of the article is pure speculation?
  15. It did start. They made a quick announcement and then did a load of random waffling when they thought their mics were muted. It's weird. Really weird.
  16. Maybe they sent Matty Cash up instead?
  17. Why do we have to be selling someone to spend? I know i'm going to hear FFP but that doesn't stop other teams....
  18. Betting odds can shift on just a single large bet being placed. All it shows is a growing confidence in him staying and people reacting to it by placing bets. Now that could be people like us who have hope, but not much else or it could be people who actually know things we don't. Regardless, it's not a smoking gun....... yet.
  19. Completely different regime. We were a shambles. Plus there was a release clause wasn’t there?
  20. I don’t think the club would parade him around in villa clobber, in what was clearly a public venue, if he was about to sign for another club.
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