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  1. Come on Melvin, sign or go somewhere else. None of this hold out nonsense.
  2. I can't do ten lads. Got to be up hella early. 21:00 or tomorrow i'm cool with.
  3. Don't think Wesley is the issue. We're not getting people around him quick enough and he hasn't quite found his rhythm yet with the wide men.
  4. Some of the comments on the first page. Good god. Proud of them all today. That's a strong base to go from. We will be absolutely fine in this league and we'll give some of these teams a real shock. UTV
  5. It’s a proper shit chant that. heard it for the first time at Charlton where it seems not only are the players having a preseason warm up but fans are trying out new songs. Fair play to them but it’s a hard no from me. Will not sing.
  6. Yep, I don't think they're just doing it because they feel like it. Also, at the game yesterday it was easy to spot that when they did drift inside either Jack or McGinn drifted out wide.
  7. You can see that Nyland has played so it's clearly going to be players on the fringe and youth players.
  8. I'd be amazed if they were involved in a game less than 24 hours after Walsall and with Charlton a couple of days away.
  9. I actually think RHM, COH and Davis looked very tidy today but I think they could benefit from another season on loan as high up the football pyramid as possible. We've done some great business but we definitely need another attacking option. Someone like Maupay as mentioned would be fantastic because he can play more than one role in the team.
  10. Daniel Sturridge is the antithesis of our transfer model.
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