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  1. Any chance we can add an IR spot next season? Think it’s a bit daft that I had to drop Ekeler just to field a starting lineup.
  2. FYI lads, i'd be up for commissioning the league next year if @kkr is out. Obviously i'd rather him not be but I think I could do it.
  3. Ah, Sorry. I thought he was as well tbh. Honestly doesn't matter. Kirk Cousins is better.
  4. Haha. Who knows! I feel like he was. Anyway. It doesn't matter.
  5. Nah, it' OK. I made a point of saying I wouldn't pick them up. In my head the only QB on the list was Lamar Jackson when I picked up Big Ben.
  6. Damn! Sorry mate, I forgot about Big Ben. Will drop him now! I just saw that Cook got snapped up and got annoyed and i've done the same thing myself.
  7. Apart from initially posting an image with a message that said "Just dropping by to say you are a massive word removed who ruined what used to be a fun and well managed league..... Hope you die slowly as your family burns in front of you.... word removed" He's introduced himself a quiet lad called Alex who occasionally posts on VillaTalk....
  8. Whoever the Ravens Flock person is they're now posting messages on the League chat.
  9. Is there no way to boot the fella who has gone rogue?
  10. I think that's fair. If we were using FAAB it wouldn't be an issue but because it's priority based I think it has the potential to have quite an impact.
  11. I've got claims in on a few also, but if we don't have 100% agreement to leave them I guess we need to let it ride out?
  12. So a whole host of top level players have been dropped to the wire. Are they fair game or are we going to agree to leave them?
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