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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Why do they have card machines then.
  2. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Mine was the same. Although if you agreed to pay it once it seemed like it was fair game to slap that charge on no matter what the cost of your items. Oh, and the price changed. Sometimes it was 20p other times it was 50p.
  3. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Stop moaning. You're bringing me down!
  4. Gym Routine

    Looks like the research paper hasn't actually been released yet. Looking forward to this one.
  5. Football Manager 2017

    You saved it??
  6. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    Often the impact of human tragedies like this are quite difficult to comprehend. My friend at work is close friends with the partner of the lady that was killed. When you hear about who she was and who she has left behind it really hammers home just how tragic incidents like this are.
  7. Leandro Bacuna

    Was he? I thought he was asked if he would ever consider moving back to Holland to which he replied only to Ajax or PSV as they play in the Champions League. Unless i'm being naive here the only thing he is guilty of is answering a question too honestly.
  8. Gym Routine

    I've just looked at his site and he's got links to his articles that are on pubmed and the first one, Changes in body composition and performance with supplemental HMB-FA+ATP, seems really interesting. It's not actually on pubmed though. Looks like i'm dropping a tenner a month on this stuff!
  9. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    I was going to give a list as well but I released it started to sound like the opposite of this.
  10. Gym Routine

    Farmers walks should be easy enough. Got some reasonably heavy dumbbells at my gym and enough space. I'll try them all out. I'm sure grip strength will come with more practice but i'd like to actively work on improving it rather than it being a byproduct.
  11. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    I tell you what I don't like. Dickheads. Dickheads of all races, religions, genders/cabbages, if that's what they're identifying as that day. Dickheads really piss me off but they're everywhere, in every walk of life.
  12. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    Just saw this on reddit. If it's real that is heart breaking.
  13. Gym Routine

    Maybe doing lighter weight at higher reps might help build up my grip endurance for want of a better phrase. I'll try these things out.
  14. The Bundesliga Thread

    I'd imagine they'll just be doing him a solid. Can't see them wanting or needing to sign him.
  15. Gym Routine

    Not to deviate from the topic of carbs vs fat but does anyone have any suggestions on improving grip strength? Yesterday I was doing rack pulls which I don't do nearly as often as I should. I worked my way up to sets of 5 at 160kg however when I did my second set at this weight I had to reset my grip between reps because I couldn't hold the bar. I don't think chalk is the answer here and i'd rather not be using wrist wraps at such a light weight. I've introduced forearm work again recently but is there anything else anyone knows of that is worth a try?