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  1. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Christ. Why are they letting that clown on the mic?
  2. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Now that was a fight!
  3. Steve Bruce

    I get the vibe that he has been told that he will be here next season regardless.
  4. Steve Bruce

  5. Mile Jedinak

  6. Mile Jedinak

    BOF said it at the top of this page.....
  7. Villa fans harassing two people on a train

    They're acting like utter twunts but i'd imagine the people involved would have rather have just forgotten about it and not had their faces plastered all over newspapers. I'm sure they're embarrassed enough.
  8. Football Manager 2017

    Makes sense but being good at headers is pretty pointless if you can't reach most crosses....
  9. Football Manager 2017

    Can someone explain the goalkeeper rating to me as well and which number is better, 1 or 5?
  10. Football Manager 2017

    I don't actually understand the jumping reach stat. If it's how high they can jump then Alan Wright would have 19-20 for that.
  11. Football Manager 2017

    17 for heading at 5ft 8 but only 6 for jumping reach?
  12. Football Manager 2017

    Pretty much same here. I love me an Ajax save. Tend to opt for Partizan though.
  13. Football Manager 2017

    I like managing in Italy because you only get two none EU slots per season and most of the time they've already been allocated with means I can't rinse Argentina like I normally do. Same goes for France. Only 4 registered none EU players allowed and it takes 5 years to get a work permit. Currently having a blast with Monaco which is fun. Small but stacked squad of youngsters.
  14. General Election 2017

    As i said the estimates are rough. I'd imagine in some areas they are more accurate but the point still remains that the education budgets aren't going to cut it. Whilst they may have overestimated the budget of one school i'm sure they've underestimated many others, like mine.