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  1. Gym Routine

    I was doing something similar to this a while back but would do it week by week. First week would be heavy weight and reps around 8. Next week would be about a 50% weight drop but doing rep ranges of 15/5/5.
  2. Gym Routine

    Aren't you supposed to being doing 5x1 at 80% of your 1 rep max anyway at week 3? I'm sure it would transfer over to bench press. Can't see why it wouldn't.
  3. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    No. No he cannot.
  4. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Brissett can get 70 points can't he....
  5. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Landry against Atlanta was self harm. YAY he's smashing his projected points. Noooooooo my D's projected points are dropping massively.
  6. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    How utterly predictable. **** off Bruce.
  7. Football Manager 2018

    I love this game series but I can't think of many of the new features I've used in recent years. The fan tweets this year added an extra comedic element, especially as you can spot the VillaTalk style responses amongst them but in general they add about as much as sports scientists do. I almost feel that they need to bring out a new game every 2-3 years and just bring out database updates each year instead.
  8. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    I've been trying to trade as well. I wonder if its just too early for people to want to trade. Still a long way to go.
  9. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Trains are delayed due to poor rail conditions. Wait 20 minutes just to find it's skipping my stop to regulate the service. Oh, and uber want £18 for a 3 mile journey and my **** iPhone keeps changing words to words that don't even exist.
  10. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Who is complaining?
  11. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    I've scored 1119.15 points and had 1119.45 points scored against me.
  12. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    He has. I went for safe and steady with my WRs. Low and behold they are being just that but it's rather boring.
  13. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Tate i'd agree with. Fitz, nah. I would have taken Tate ahead of him but I had him last year.
  14. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    It's interesting looking back at the draft results already. I remember Stefan saying in the draft that he was surprised that Fitz and Tate went ahead of Hopkins and in retrospect he was right. I've got a feeling that wasting a 7th and 8th round pick on Luck and Dalton will bite me in the arse. I had no intention of doing that until the day before when It worked in a mock draft and I thought it was some glorious strategy.
  15. NFL Fantasy League 2017