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  1. sexbelowsound

    Draft Fantasy Football 2018/19

    I'll join if there is space.
  2. sexbelowsound

    Jack Grealish

    Nah, **** this.
  3. sexbelowsound

    Tony Xia

    FFS I was really hoping to enjoy the first game of the season. Now I feel like we need to be spending our time forcing this fraud out of the club.
  4. sexbelowsound

    Tony Xia

    Unless i'm reading number 7 incorrectly that means we're going to be selling our players and on that alone Xia can **** off. You do not come into a football club of any size, financially **** them over and then sell their best players to make up for it.
  5. sexbelowsound

    James Chester

    Mentions of him but nowhere to be seen. Telling really that our vice captain last season isn't photographed in training.
  6. sexbelowsound

    Tony Xia

    Shut it Tony, you wasteman.
  7. sexbelowsound

    Jack Grealish

    How is ‘Good times’ a goodbye? If it is and that’s all we get then he can **** off with my blessing.
  8. sexbelowsound

    Jack Grealish

    Interestingly we've got reports that he's all but signed for Spurs whilst the newspapers are reporting that Spurs will lose out to Liverpool. Someone is wrong, hopefully both.
  9. sexbelowsound

    Jack Grealish

    I'm very skeptical of 'ITK' information but if this does turn out to be true this club is a joke.
  10. sexbelowsound

    Season Ticket Renewal

    Been to enough games with him. He's been good so far.
  11. sexbelowsound

    Steve Bruce

    Where did you see that?
  12. sexbelowsound

    Steve Bruce

    Did Bruce request all of them? What does Steve Round actually do then?
  13. sexbelowsound

    Season Ticket Renewal

    Been to a lot of away games the past few seasons but took the plunge on my first season ticket in about ten years. Going to be travelling up from London with @dont_do_it_doug.
  14. sexbelowsound

    Steve Bruce

    I couldn't give two **** about eye-pleasing football. Winning football is eye-pleasing football.
  15. sexbelowsound

    Steve Bruce

    Things are very much up in the air at the moment, We've got no idea of what squad we're going to have next season. I can see the logic behind keeping Bruce but I think i'd like a change. A change to what though I'm not sure.