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  1. No way this will happen, the board and DS would have officially lost their minds if it does. Chasing nostalgia always ends in disappointment.
  2. Do we think there will be any half season tickets available this season? I usually have one every season but all season ticket allocation is sold out already?
  3. Agree with this. Excellent map remade into a classic. Trouble is for the casual player like me the map rotations are too big to get round to it. I usually play once per week for 2-3 hrs. Could do with more variations of servers.
  4. None of these players fit the new management teams plans. Benteke is poor at best these days, we all have fond memories of him but let's leave it at that and move on.
  5. Payed in advance in the USA plus tips for every beer purchased.
  6. I dont think signing ex villa players is this management teams style.
  7. What a way to tarnish the day and club, hopefully they will get caught and banned. Just donated to the just giving. It's not getting many views this thread can thr link go into the main forum?
  8. I was genuinely shocked as I was queuing to get into Wembley yesterday and my friend told me there is a trophy for the winner. For 3rd place I thought it would be medals for the players at the most.
  9. AndyC

    Dean Smith

    Legend status achieved. Really looking forward to seeing what team he builds for the new season. Safe to say the days of aging past their best players on silly contracts is over. What a great day yesterday was, well done Dean.
  10. AndyC


    The 8.54 from Lichfield Trent Valley to Euston was busy when it pulled in with only standing room available, the platform was rammed full of villa and derby. The train only had 4 carriages so we were crammed in, couldn't even get my phone out my pocket. Nobody at Tamworth could get on and that platform was full as well. It was even worse on the way back but everyone was in good spirits including the derby fans, plenty of friendly banter and chatting.
  11. Long night for us all, even longer for you
  12. Trying to sleep will be fun tonight
  13. AndyC


    Thanks. How much is that journey?
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