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  1. **** me I’ll go back and edit the post then lol. Do you do this in the pub, analyse every sentence to pick it apart - no. it’s obvious what I meant, the bbc statement is not correct and then I went on to explain my thoughts behind that. Anyone with half a brain could see the work I explained we had done had costs associated to it and that I meant the costs are not scary.
  2. Seriously are you going down this road. I didn’t say there was 0 cost, I said the bbc comment wasn’t true. You see this a lot on this forum, people pick other people’s posts apart word for word desperate to discredit them - bad form from an “admin”
  3. Not really, you’re taking it literally, of course there’s costs, but the BBC have greatly exaggerated it.
  4. No need to be pedantic, we haven’t worked on it solid as a team, it’s really not been much work at all, like any project in business there are costs associated. The media didn’t make a fuss over the US anti dumping tax hitting UK businesses that import from China and sell on to the US, that hit business worse than what Brexit will. In the case of Brexit it really is not that bad to get your goods across the border come January. There’s no racket from the haulage companies, it’s not illegal lol, the declaration is required and they are charging companies for their time to complete them on your behalf - who wouldn’t?
  5. Not true at all. Where I work we export £1mil of goods into the EU every year. I’ve been one of a team of 4 working on making sure we are Brexit ready. All we’ve had to do is change our commercial invoice so it shows specific data, so basically changed the template. Extra/new cost comes from new FCA incoterms which makes the seller responsible for the Export Declaration which has the go with each shipment, these cost approx £20 a time and they are generated by the carrier on behalf of the seller, so the haulage companies are making money off these declarations! (Don’t tell you that on the bbc do they). We negotiated with our customers to consolidate shipment to increase efficiency, reduce the amount of export declarations and also save our customers transport costs. We are ready to go now, our paperwork has been approved for use and our first shipments into France and Belgium are already booked for mid Jan. Trading with the EU will still be easier than trading with the US, that is another market I am familiar with as we export roughly the same amount of goods there.
  6. No way this will happen, the board and DS would have officially lost their minds if it does. Chasing nostalgia always ends in disappointment.
  7. Do we think there will be any half season tickets available this season? I usually have one every season but all season ticket allocation is sold out already?
  8. Agree with this. Excellent map remade into a classic. Trouble is for the casual player like me the map rotations are too big to get round to it. I usually play once per week for 2-3 hrs. Could do with more variations of servers.
  9. None of these players fit the new management teams plans. Benteke is poor at best these days, we all have fond memories of him but let's leave it at that and move on.
  10. Payed in advance in the USA plus tips for every beer purchased.
  11. I dont think signing ex villa players is this management teams style.
  12. What a way to tarnish the day and club, hopefully they will get caught and banned. Just donated to the just giving. It's not getting many views this thread can thr link go into the main forum?
  13. I was genuinely shocked as I was queuing to get into Wembley yesterday and my friend told me there is a trophy for the winner. For 3rd place I thought it would be medals for the players at the most.
  14. AndyC

    Dean Smith

    Legend status achieved. Really looking forward to seeing what team he builds for the new season. Safe to say the days of aging past their best players on silly contracts is over. What a great day yesterday was, well done Dean.
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