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  1. AndyC


    Trainline, I downloaded the app and the tickets are stored in the app, dead easy. That's from trent Valley. There is a few trains around that time but they get more expensive after the 8.54. Should be a few villa fans on it I reckon.
  2. AndyC


    Lichfield to Euston £57 return for two adults. 8.54am out and 7.30pm return
  3. AndyC


    Happened to me. When it crashes leave that browser open then open the link to buy online again in another and you will get through straight away.
  4. AndyC


    Yes mate checked spam, its probably my emails being slow. Trying to get two decent tickets together was hard work! They really need an option to auto find multiple tickets together in any given category.
  5. AndyC


    Ordered two tickets an hour ago, all went through ok and have an order number. No email confirmation yet though, anyone else in the same boat?
  6. AndyC


    Assume there is an option for friends to sit together during the booking process?
  7. Agreed, we got very lucky. Never assume your opponents will be sportsmen and play to the whistle no matter what.
  8. Tax free childcare will take that bill down by 20% if it is an Ofsted registered nursery.
  9. AndyC


    My kids were going crazy over this at the weekend. Even after they explained it to me a couple of times I still dont understand what was going on. I can still kick their ass at this game though
  10. Ok good shout. Thanks for the heads up
  11. That is very kind of you, thank you, if you have it to hand please send it to me.
  12. Thanks for the info. Yes the console is brand new but it is a surprise. I remember getting a free month with the ps but that was a few years back.
  13. Have purchased an xbox for my daughter for xmas. Do you get a free trial or will I need to purchase a pass ready for xmas day? Thanks!
  14. I'm a bit underwhelmed by it. After a couple if hrs game play I've not really felt part of a huge battle yet. Plenty of bugs to sort out as well. Don't really see anyone building up fortifications either.

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