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  1. AndyC

    Battlefield 1

    Hopefully the new maps will be out on operations soon!?
  2. AndyC

    Steve Bruce

    Bit by bit all the problems we have been subjected to for years seem to be getting rectified. Full crefit for Bruce. Lose a game and the haters will be out in force again. The league position shouts loudest and nobody can argue with our current position.
  3. AndyC

    Sky TV packages

    Nice one. It's something I do every year anyway just thought there might be a deal going on to save all the hassle. Phoned today to give notice, over the phone they offered TV, fibre and phone for £43 which is not a bad start.
  4. AndyC

    Sky TV packages

    Anything good around at the moment for a current customer who's deal is about to end?
  5. AndyC

    Battlefield 1

    This game was desperate for the update, operations had become stale and almost a chore to play, really glad to have a couple of new ones.
  6. AndyC

    Carles Gil

    not this thread again. Gil was shite for us, he had a couple of decent moments but overall he was weak. Let it go people
  7. AndyC

    Pre-match thread

    Taking my 7 year old son to this, it's his first ever Villa game. All last season he was asking me to take him but I put him off due to the shit we were serving up, I want him to see a good game and lots of villa goals for his first time - not going to happen is it!?
  8. AndyC

    Battlefield 1

    New map not available on Operations is disappointing.
  9. AndyC

    Battlefield 1

    where's this info?
  10. AndyC

    Battlefield 1

    M1909 Benet on support class
  11. AndyC

    Battlefield 1

    each class starts with 2 or 3 guns at least? It don't take long to unlock loads more anyway. You have to give this game time if you're new to bf, before long you will be charging through those trenches bayoneting people through the neck like a pro
  12. AndyC

    Battlefield 1

    Run and gun and you will get **** up. Stay in cover, work with your squad and team, move together, keep chucking out medic/ammo packs. Helping your team and taking objectives will earn you the most points, kill/deaths is not so important. Operations is the best game but that's a matter of opinion of course. Enjoy and give it time, everyone finds bf difficult to begin with.
  13. AndyC

    Battlefield 1

    The planes work differently in bf1, you get an option to spawn in them from the spawn screen (if that's what its called?) and they are already flying, so none of that having 5 or 6 people all hanging around for planes any more. The campaign will only get you used to the controls, it wont prepare you for the intensity of the multiplayer battles. If I were you I'd just dive straight into multiplayer, it is going to be a massive learning curve anyway having done the campaign or not. I am no where near maxed out, I only get to play 2 or 3 times per week for a couple of hours at a time. Currently at rank 28 I think. Add me on ps4 if you like, I play evenings after 8:30pm ish. AC-UK-82
  14. AndyC

    Battlefield 1

    How did you get on ?