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Who do you blame for Villa's current situation?

Marka Ragnos

Who's to blame for Villa's current situation?  

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  1. 1. Who's mostly to blame for Villa's current situation?

    • Randy Lerner
    • Tom Fox
    • The players
    • "The System" -- FFP, the ELP, the FA
    • Supporters
    • Paul Lambert
    • Fate, fortunate, bad luck, etc.
    • Other - please explain below

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I find it odd that not many don't blame Lambert. Why did so many want him gone by the end if he has no blame?

I find that odd. I dislike Lerner and the way he's run the club as much as most fans but Lambert has not done enough with these players while here for 2 and a half years.

This is our 5th consecutive relegation battle on the trot. In that time we've had 4 different managers. The only constant is the chairman, who is 100% to blame for the decline of Aston Villa FC.

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So we blame MON for spending stupid amounts of money on crap players.

We blame Houllier for being ill and buying Bent who saved us from relegation.

We blame McLeish for being useless before and after he joined us and being from Blues.

We blame Lambert for not getting a crap team higher in the table.

We'll blame Sherwood for getting us relegated and not storming the Championship.

Not for me. Lerner 100% - he gave MON to much power, he didn't do enough to ensure Houllier could succeed (more luck this one though) he hired a manager a majority would hate with a history of relegation in McLeish and he didn't give Lambert the funds to buy players that were needed to repair the Houllier/McLiesh years. He has now given Sherwood no chance by hiring him after a transfer window.

Couple all that with his inability to hire footballing staff to run this club well, and his amazing ability to alienate, ignore and disillusion fans and Lerner stands tall as the ONLY man at fault for all this.

Spot on.

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