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Demba Ba


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If true, clear panic signing.

IF we're spending 10m on any player its a good sign panic or not



Although the 10m could be better spent than just on Ba. Spread it around with some wingers and a forward.

We're not spending it on him cause it was rejected. He is a bit old for Lambert signing though is he not?

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was it this lad who said in an interview that the reason he'd gone to Newcastle is because his agent said they offered the most?


He's a player who will score goals though, not sure if he'd like to play as a wide forward with Benteke up top but played through the middle will score goals.

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He hit a serious dry patch with Newcastle after being prolific for a while. It's basically what ended his spell with them.


not the fact he signed for Chelsea?


or them 13 goals in 20 games before the move

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