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  1. I said exactly that in the Smith thread. To be honest I love these type of games. Once we sort out the defence we will win most of our games comfortably.
  2. I think Chester and Nyland along with Hourihane will be gone in January!
  3. Exactly this!....need to sort the major issues first. I don't think Smith will see a LB as priority. Having said that, if we still have money available after we sort out keeper and CBs, then why not as long as it's not a shorterm solution ......we have had enough of them. I'M convinced that Smith won't go down that road (thankfully)
  4. Agreed. We will be well covered at LB especially so if Clarke comes back from loan. Both Taylor and Hutton have been fine there. Priority should be CB and keeper IMO. Neither LB have been responsible for any of the recent goals conceded. Smith knows what he's doing!
  5. Clarke (if recalled) can also play there as can Bree! Keeper and CBs are far more important IMO!
  6. Glad to hear! Ashley bl**dy Cole.....I hope that's better for you (please don't call you're Social Worker this time)
  7. Thats codswallop....we do NOT need a left back! Unless you want to go down the 'Bruce road' where we now stockpile LBs as Bruce did with RBs. Keeper and (CBs) are all we need. I think we have had enough of overspending, unless you want Ashley 'bloody' Cole?
  8. Heaton and recall Clark and Elphick. I don't we need anymore than that unless Deano wants to raid Brentford
  9. Great to see that we are playing the 'Newcastle way' (under Keegan). Outscore the opposition.... that's how football should be played! We have both the players and the coach to do just that! Attack.....Attack.....Attack!
  10. We should simply bin the PL league and let history repeat itself when we are the founders 'of a new league'. **** Sky and let them pay for a Euro league... that's been their aim for s long time anyway!....,give fotball back to the people!! Let's have 'sport' again and ditch the 'cashcow' aka Sky who have ruined 'the beautiful game'!
  11. Me too! 60 years as a Villa fan! It's been a choice of either optimism or suicide! Rotherham to Rotterdam and all that!
  12. And didn't play him. And we all know how good he was at judging CBs! I think that Smith will be less reluctant to play the kids when he has had a bit more time to asses them!
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