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  1. HeyAnty

    Tony Xia

    From someone who does know! I knew it wasn’t as bad as press made out. Villa Tranfers on Twitter New ‘ITK’ guru @thatcherlover is not Correct on many points he has claimed. Many items have yet even been decided, things are not as bad as first seemed, Club navigating through a tough period. Brighter times ahead
  2. HeyAnty

    Alan Hutton

    No it would be someone like Joe Allen on 60k a week 5 year contract with no sell on value
  3. HeyAnty

    Jack Grealish

    If it was me i wouldn't even acknowledge the offer.
  4. HeyAnty

    Steve Bruce

    I give you that and raise you Joshua Onomah.
  5. HeyAnty

    Going Under ?

    Its the media and last tax bill.
  6. HeyAnty

    New Manager Speculation

    Feck it, Dwight Yorke it is then.
  7. HeyAnty

    Steve Bruce

    Over 40k followers on twitter. Gets alot of stuff right especially regards Villa.
  8. HeyAnty

    Steve Bruce

    Dave Jenkins‏ @DaveJenkins56 47m47 minutes ago More Steve Bruce exit from Aston Villa looking imminent. Leeds bound. #AVFC #LUFC Dave Jenkins‏ @DaveJenkins56 45m45 minutes ago More I wouldn't believe everything in the Birmingham mail. I've been told it's very unlikely SB will be at Villa next year. Leeds are keen. Villa don't want to pay him off. Leeds don't want to pay for him. So a mutual termination is likely.
  9. HeyAnty

    Steve Bruce

    Dave Jenkins‏ @DaveJenkins56 40m40 minutes ago More Leeds looking at alternatives I.e. Biesla/Almeyda but Bruce extremely fancied. Neither Leeds or Villa want to pay to get Bruce out of his contract. A mutual termination will be required and then expect #AVFC to sniff around Dean Smith #LUFC
  10. HeyAnty

    Tony Xia

    Yeah i was thinking the same regards the 3m. I read he was on 35k per week which equates to 1.8mill. Typical press making stuff up as usual i expect.
  11. HeyAnty

    Tony Xia

    Dont get the love in with Dean Smith, i really dont.
  12. HeyAnty

    Jack Grealish

    i wouldnt value Ononymous at 2.5mill never mind 25
  13. HeyAnty

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Gil is gone. No such clause
  14. HeyAnty

    Going Under ?

    Coincidentally if Karius had no arms in this years CL final, Liverpool wouldnt have conceded two of their goals
  15. HeyAnty

    Keith Wyness

    Anyone give me the definition of a coup?