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  1. We were in decline for 10 years and at rock bottom on the verge of going out of business. Not hard to progress from that, especially when you are taken over by ambitious multi billionaire owners. But if you say its hard then it must be so.
  2. Not with new owners such as we have its not.
  3. No its not. Smith said it was because we were to predictable playing his other formations
  4. Needs the chop. Isn’t a top 6 manager
  5. Its the mings thread. I’m responding to a question you asked.
  6. Mings lost seven of his 16 duels, relinquished possession 17 times, was dribbled past twice and recorded a meagre 67% passing accuracy. He also got dragged out of position, especially for first goal
  7. He was awful yesterday. Just because he’s our captain and a nice guy doesn’t make him exempt to criticism. They probably made him walk home after his performance
  8. Also you never see a top manager using it consistently. If Smith thinks we are to predictable playing 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 then he needs to figure out a way to fix it and thats not a 5-3-2 or 3-5-2. That system is for mid table at best.
  9. There is one reason why all big clubs change managers every year or two bar the odd exception. Players are virtually impossible to manage. Given the investment clubs make in them, managers go before they do. As we become more bigger and spend more on single players, managers will start to come and go more often. Id be surprised if Smith is still here in 18 months
  10. The Truck driver is probably getting paid more than McKinnie would get at Villa in the current climate
  11. Dont pay tax on debts. Service the debt you have ladened it with. Nice earner. Simples
  12. Well if we play like we did on Saturday throughout the season, that’s exactly what we will be. I can’t remember a worst first half since we got rid of Bruce
  13. If he’s the answer, I genuinely don’t know what the question is.
  14. As a unit, but also konsa is better than lindelof and cash is better than bissaka. Our back 4 isnt far away from top 4. I do agree that Mings isnt a top 4 CB.
  15. Id have any of our back 4 over Utds any day of the week
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