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  1. Does Man City buy back clause end tonight?
  2. If Targett gets injured we are in trouble. My last signing would be a lb.
  3. Odsonne Edouard leaving Celtic. According to 'FotoSpor' , o Aston Villa will be very close to guaranteeing the French striker for a budget of around 43.2 million euros.
  4. Don’t understand why Romero would come to Villa. He will be fighting with Heaton for no1. I doubt villa would guarantee him no1.
  5. I really really hope Newcastle beat us to this signing. He Didn’t give a shit last season and was awful. He scored over 10 goals once and had a few cameos for England in joke games. He Will also be demanding big wages because he will be on them at Bournemouth, as thats how they could only get players to sign for them. Desperation stuff now from Villa. Good to see our new scout out doing himself.
  6. No but buying nothing but championship players will. If watkins comes, which it is looking increasingly likely, thats 40m on two championship players. No matter how good they have been in the championship, thats just ridiculous.
  7. If the rumours are true with us being linked to every tom, dick and harry in the championship, there is only one place we are going to end up next season.
  8. Not much of an argument given what you’re comparing. Wilson is our Heskey signing. Im hoping we are using it to get Brentford or Celtic to move (which i think we might be)
  9. The last time we bought proven English players on long contracts on big wages made the club spiral into a 10 year obese.
  10. They created as many scoreable chances as us so your argument doesn’t stand up. You haven’t answered the question
  11. A poor Bournemouth Side created as many chances as Villa last season and he didn’t get double figures. Why would it be different with this villa Team?
  12. He really isnt an England international striker though is he. 4 caps in Mickey mouse games to appease Bournemouth fans when he was on a good run of form.
  13. If we sign Wilson, its desperation stages now then.
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