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  1. So is he cup tied or not? Hopefully not so he can get minutes before Bournemouth
  2. Id be going all out for a very pacy winger if i was Smith. We lack so much pace when we break, which there will be plenty of, when playing 3 at the back..
  3. Given our predicament i 100% disagree. Its okay saying that if we are 8th or 9th and in no danger of relegation. We stay up by whatever means. Time to blood young players is when we have a good team around them.
  4. 3pts could be difference in a couple of great signings and average signings
  5. I think Drinkwater brought the best out in him but nobody will acknowledge that on here.
  6. HeyAnty

    Kortney Hause

    Yeah but with a 3 cb, they have to be able to pass. My heart was in my mouth every time he had it at feet
  7. HeyAnty

    Kortney Hause

    He can’t pass the ball 2 feet
  8. I assume he wont be at the African Cup next year. I see it has moved back to Jan/Feb time. Will be loosing enough to that, cant afford many more.
  9. HeyAnty

    Dean Smith

    I think Smith will pull a result out tomorrow night. Sarr is out, if anyone has watched Watfords return to form, it is all because of him (obviously Pearson getting the team to give him the ball every chance they get helped) .
  10. I thought he was ok today. Obviously not match sharp but he will get better. He could be the player to keep us up.
  11. Whilst i agree with that, whats the alternative? Be happy to play in the Championship for the next 10 years for it to come crumbling down? Even when it does there will be 6 clubs who it wont affect and who will be miles ahead and will never be caught.
  12. Thats what we needed, another punt in the Belgium league. May or may not turn out to be a fantastic player but he is no Darren Bent signing. Massive gamble inorder to keep us in the Premiership.
  13. Kodja and Davis weren't getting starts in the championship, so to classify them as premiership strikers is wrong. In my mind we only had one striker going into the season.
  14. HeyAnty

    Kortney Hause

    Fair play. Maybe better than I think
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