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  1. Put on golf. Lasts 4 days and nobody is going to gather outside the course for that. At least it will be something to watch
  2. There will be quite a few lower league clubs in admin by May 23rd if they have no gate receipts. I know a few, whom if they miss a couple of games, they will be in bother. Wont be long to you see teams asking their players to defer on their wages for a period of time.
  3. No its 7 days apparently and thats up in Friday. They play Brighton away on Saturday and the FA expect them to play without any training or having reviewed tactics. Already a joke if you ask me.
  4. HeyAnty

    Dean Smith

    Thats what you get when your defenders try to play out from the back. Midfield drop deeper to help and bang, a goal. If we are going to stand a chance of staying up, we are going to have to go direct and go man for man at set pieces. I dont think Smith will change his footballing philosophy though, so he has to go.
  5. HeyAnty

    Dean Smith

    I think Smith should go but i dont buy into this loosing the dressing room thing. What do the players think, they go out and put in bad performances and not try because they dont like Smith anymore? They are professional footballers playing in the best league in the world. Do you not think they want to play well inorder to keep themselves in the league or at least keep themselves in the shop window if we do get relegated. I honestly think its smiths tactics and team selection that is the issue. Yes its might be that the players arent good enough as well but its not down to a lack of trying or giving up.
  6. HeyAnty

    Dean Smith

    Players don’t know what to do. Team selection is ridiculous every game. No style/system of play. Should concede every corner Wasnt for Grealish would have 3pts Smith should have been gone a long time ago.
  7. And smith said in his interview before match that he played well when he came on and why he was selected tonight. Up against it with Smith thinking things like this.
  8. Game over before it starts. I hope people come on here after the game and say i talk rubbish but I can’t see it. Complete waste of a player especially against a team like then away from home.
  9. HeyAnty

    Finances YE 2019

    i dread to think what would have happened if we didnt get up this season. Wouldnt have been good thats for sure.
  10. HeyAnty

    Finances YE 2019

    Not really comparing signings to his ability. Its more, an average premiership player these days is 20-30mill plus wages. We didnt spend that to often. We had to cut our cloth accordingly. Our player expenditure could have been alot higher
  11. HeyAnty

    Finances YE 2019

    Disagree. Harry Maguire nearly cost that alone. We got what we paid for in general.
  12. HeyAnty

    Dean Smith

    It was the way Villa back 4 were set up. Guilbert and Targett were instructed to play tight to the CB's and when city got the ball out the wing were to push out slightly. You could say that it worked to an extent.
  13. With McGinn back, him playing beside him in the middle with Nakamba behind would change that. We also have Target, who is good at going forward on the LM, offering his defensive ability as well.
  14. I'd give him a free role, but primarily behind Samata.
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