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  1. Dont know whats more ridiculous. Mings worth 3.15m or Richards worth 450k.
  2. Chester wont be happy being a squad player in the premiership and i agree with you in thats what he would be. Hence i think he will be sold. He definitely isnt a starter
  3. If we go up i think Chester may be sold. Likes of Huddersfield would probably pay 5mill for him.
  4. Well at least it will take not going up alot easier to take if we don’t manage it
  5. We wont be as open at the back and if Derby are as open as they were last night against leeds we will go to town on them. First goal is crucial to pull them out.
  6. This is when managers try and pull a rabbit out of a hat. Klopp was guilty of doing this when he went to Barcelona and they ended up beaten 3-0. Stick to our own game, dont try and be smart and change things.
  7. Not at that level yet. Don’t know if he will ever be.
  8. Can play long ball then to. Smith is bottling this.
  9. Get Green off to feck. Playing with 10men out there
  10. Id go for Luca Connell at Bolton. Exactly the type of player we should be in for. Young, hungry and bags of potential. Plus he will be cheaper now given their predicament.
  11. Is Jannseen fit. He was a massive lose for Leeds on Saturday.
  12. HeyAnty

    Glenn Whelan

    I dont think we will sit back against them after Gayle being ruled out. Think it will be a similar style to the last 30mins on Saturday and simlar to the way we played against Middlesboro at the riverside. Based on that i dont think Whelan will be playing and Hourihane will get the nod.
  13. HeyAnty

    Alan Hutton

    We have one there now. Unfortunately it took nearly 2 years to spot it and i think DS stumbled upon it by accident.
  14. HeyAnty

    Scott Hogan

    Its probably been brought up on here before and ruled out, but was there a clause that sheff utd have to buy hogan if they got promoted?

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