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  1. If Jannsens injury turns out to be as bad as it looked then Leeds are pretty well fecked.
  2. You want to look at embarrassing gameslook no further than Wigan
  3. Ironically he was one of the reasons why we nearly got promoted last year and at the same time is probably one of the reasons why we didnt get promoted. Was unbelievable good for 7 months then when we needed him in the run in he was unbelievable bad.
  4. He probably is a decent player to bring on when we are 1 or 2 up and 20mins to go. Will track back. But boy he int no winger anymore.
  5. HeyAnty

    Alan Hutton

    Well based on your logic its not a conspiracy as Jack has only been back for 180mins. Also if you want to apply more logic he was taken off at 71 mins in Derby game and 83 at weekend so that reduces it by another 36mins not counting injury time in the two games. So in theory 144mins.
  6. HeyAnty

    Tyrone Mings

    First refusal is what i heard. No fee agreed
  7. HeyAnty

    Tyrone Mings

    One thing I did notice was when our players were shouting about a corner or free decision he was actually man handling them and telling them to get into position and to get focused
  8. Didn’t have much protection in front of him either
  9. HeyAnty

    Alan Hutton

    Other teams genuinely let him have it. Then he looses it way over the half way line and they break into the big void he has left.
  10. HeyAnty

    Alan Hutton

    265 mins without conceding a goal. 264 mins since Hutton got injured. I think there might be a correlation Disclaimer: Time does not include Injury time since his injury.
  11. To build a team rapouryou couldn’t drop any of the midfield after Derby. Him on the bench was correct decision. its amazing what a rest will have done for him. I felt he was jaded before he got the suspension. Mark my words, he will be our best player against Forest because of his rest.
  12. HeyAnty

    Tyrone Mings

    Don’t we have a first refusal option on him? Probably depends money and who comes in for him. I don’t think he would be out of our league money wise given his injury record.
  13. Yes they were very similar to Villa when he took them over. Aging players and the club not really going anywhere. Certainly turned them around in 5 years and wasn't scared to invest. Looked at younger players. The bucks are currently the topped ranked team in the NBA this season. We just have to have patience as Villa fans, it will take time to build a proper foundation again.
  14. or Yes - China thing only came into being at the start of his second season. If he hadn't the money there is no way he would have passed.
  15. Tell me how you can conclude how a person is fit and proper? Has he the money = Yes Has he been involved in any Criminality = No There is nothing and virtually impossible to legislate that he is going to be like a kid in a sweetie shop and spend like Crazy. This is why the fit and proper test is worth very little.

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