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  1. You know the difference in a top side and a good side? Its having every player giving you 8 out of 10 nearly every game, instead of a 9 one game and a 6 in the game after. Unfortunately we don’t have enough of them players at minute to be a top side.
  2. Liverpool going for a Preston CB will be mentioned every 5 mins.
  3. Be interesting to see if he’s dropped for McGinn on Wednesday night. Be harsh on him.
  4. Whatever wages this guy is on, double them and tie him to a 10 year contract
  5. He is good at pressing which Walkins is. Davis isnt. Thats why I suggested it. We don’t have any options. Also is he even getting on for Burton? I actually rate Davis, just don’t think he is anything similar to Walkins!
  6. Any word on this guy and is he going to make it. If he isn’t getting on I’d take him back. He is a better option to replace walkins if needed given his pressing than Davis.
  7. Was it not the Copenhagen guy who came in that plays a big part in spotting talent now?
  8. So out of his depth at utd. He’s an average premiership player imo. He seems to have a good attitude though, which Dean might be able to use to get him playing to the best of his ability.
  9. I know one thing, douglas will be bought back by city in summer unfortunately. Doesnt matter about new contract rubbish, as it makes no sense. If city want him back, they will get him.
  10. I read an article before Christmas that French clubs will be desperate to sell in January and Prem clubs will be like vultures. Something to do with their tv deal going belly and no fans. They are haemorrhaging money and need to sell the family silver. May be the place we will look.
  11. Yeah I think I remember Smith mentioning back in Nov that we would look at a Striker in Jan. Makes sense, Walkins gets injured, we have no one.
  12. This guy may have been our best capture in many a year.
  13. It’s the first window in years I’ve actually been thinking of backup players. We need a LB backup. If target gets injured or suspended, we have an awful replacement in Taylor.
  14. He wasn’t great against Leceister either, bar the goal in 90th min.
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