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  1. HeyAnty

    John McGinn

    First player im genuinely really excited about coming to Villa in a long time. He would have cost allot more if he wasn't in the last year of his contract.
  2. HeyAnty

    John McGinn

    Alan Nixon‏ @reluctantnicko 4m4 minutes ago More VILLA. McGinn contract offer blowing Celtic cash away. Explains it now. Could be others in today. Surely that means one out ...
  3. HeyAnty

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    We wont pay the guaranteed 6 mill to start of next season and pay them a loan fee this season. FFP is a rolling 3 year thing. The first of these years we made a 80mill lose i think. So it will be off the cards come this time next year so we have room to move. I suspect a few of our signings coming in this week will be deferred to next season with a guaranteed purchase. Way of working out FFP predicament .
  4. HeyAnty

    New Manager Speculation

    At least Rafa has a structure and a game plan to his dour football. Steve Bruce just plays off the cuff dour football.
  5. HeyAnty

    André Moreira

    Yeah i would agree with this. Unfortunately we will see some mistakes before it happens
  6. HeyAnty

    André Moreira

    From what i saw last Saturday, he will no doubt be out no 1.
  7. HeyAnty

    Jack Grealish

    Disagree. You want comparisons, Norwich sold Maddison to a lesser club for 25mill than Spurs or Chelsea. In that sense Grealish is worth min 40mill.
  8. HeyAnty

    Jack Grealish

    James Nursery was shocking with his reporting about Spurs getting him. He have virtually packed Grealishs suit case for him.
  9. HeyAnty

    Jack Grealish

    Half the people on here were using the excuse that 10 days before a season starts was madness to replace Bruce. The same people are now okay with Grealish going 5 days before start of league because he is to good for the league. Letting Grealish go now is 100 times more destructive to Villa that letting Bruce go ever was.
  10. HeyAnty

    Ben Woodburn

    If it means Josh Ononymous not coming back then im all for it. Still think we should be giving our youth a chance instead of someone elses youth.
  11. HeyAnty

    Dynamo Dresden v Villa

    Diagnol long balls incoming
  12. HeyAnty

    Dynamo Dresden v Villa

    Not allowed to see that according to the Bruce lovers who wanted him to stay. They are as much to blame for what’s going to happen as anybody as owners listen to a skewed poll on the daily clickbate
  13. HeyAnty

    Dynamo Dresden v Villa

    The woman on the pitch with a grape is best thing ive seen on it today
  14. HeyAnty

    Dynamo Dresden v Villa

    I can’t handle another season of watching this.
  15. HeyAnty

    Dynamo Dresden v Villa

    This is typical Bruce football. No cutting edge whatsoever. Just wait to the hoofing starts when they can do anything else. Absolute turd