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  1. Didnt like seeing Purslow with McGinn signing the new contract. That could have been done at any time, is it to ease the fans down gently on deadline day.
  2. Thats it then, Matt has spoken. Closer er down.
  3. A Ben yedder type signing smells to me like a Robihno signing City did on the last day of the transfer market. O let it be so, a big sign of ambition.
  4. HeyAnty

    Said Benrahma

    Are you Gregg Evans or related to him. Genuine question?
  5. HeyAnty

    Said Benrahma

    Because its a bit cheeky putting it behind a pay wall when there is nothing new.
  6. HeyAnty

    Said Benrahma

    I disagree. He now has said that 'Aston Villa will listen to offers for Birkir Bjarnason and Lovre Kalinic ' Real in the know stuff. Would never have thought that, right out of the blue that one.
  7. HeyAnty

    Said Benrahma

    Gregg Evans knows nothing. He is just standing on the line for a tap in and then some people will say he knows stuff because what he said this morning.
  8. HeyAnty

    Said Benrahma

    I agree. Id sign the above 3 over Young if given the chance all over again.
  9. This window will be talked about on here for the next 20years.
  10. HeyAnty

    Tom Heaton

    So can he pass out from the back?
  11. HeyAnty

    Tom Heaton

    Wondered that myself. Hard to know, Burnley didnt exactly play out from the back.
  12. HeyAnty

    Tom Heaton

    The best think about getting Heatton is we arent signing Butland. A massively overrated player imo. At 33 Heatton will get another 2 years and then he can be back up. Win win at 8mill. Heatton is an excellent keeper by the way, much better than Butland.
  13. And Steer can pass the ball 10 yards. You want to play out from the back id rather have Kalinic.
  14. 18) Bjarnasson, 23) Kodjia 24) Hogan* 2) Kailinic 3) Nyland, 14) Hourihane, 7) Taylor*, 11) Chester* I think we would sell any of the above if the right offer came in. The top line for definite
  15. HeyAnty

    Douglas Luiz

    Sometimes the selling club would say.

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