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  1. Thats ridiculous. Grealish gave his all for villa, got us promoted and without him we would have been relegated 2 years in a row. He owes villa nothing. He now gets the chance to play in CL. Delph was a snake
  2. Spurs got to CL final with the bale money. Time to move on. Take the 100m and invest wisely and wish Grealish the best of luck as he deserves it.
  3. Loan him out then to get game time at lower league clubs. He is far for being ready to start premiership games
  4. It’s ridiculous we aren’t giving our own young players game time instead of him. No pressure and nothing to lose. I just don’t understand it.
  5. he gave away the ball for their first two goals. Probably would have been the 3rd to if he’d been on the pitch.
  6. Smith should be sacked, just because of this persistence. Feck off back to Chelsea
  7. Unless there is a buyout clause. Id bet there is.
  8. 100m buyout clause was in his new contract. You heard it here first All makes sense. Why he agreed to sign a new contract and why Villa are preparing to be without him next season.
  9. Was my motm behind Walkins.
  10. He wont be going to city with performances like that.
  11. I don’t see why he wouldn’t. We aren’t getting relegated and we aren’t getting into Europe.
  12. Well thought it was a good period to use. Ie form from start of year. Pundits generally use it at times.
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