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  1. Keinan Davis

    Good shout SGC. I think Bryan Jones recruiting the kids has been great. A Lad I know Peter Saunders is academy coach and has worked under Ben Petty and also David Hughes is now his manager. Peter is a good guy and has introduced new interesting methods into youth training including boxercise and the players in the academy love it.
  2. Keinan Davis

    Need get him signed to longer deal. Tore-Andre Flo (Chelsea) was at the game yesterday no doubt looking at Ike Ugbo the 18 year old striker on loan at Barnsley from Chelsea. He would have came away no doubt thinking Davis stole the show.
  3. Steve Bruce

    Just watched that Bruce interview he is saying some players signed in January have only been here 6 months? Make that 8 months Bruce!! He just makes up dates as he goes along
  4. I went to watch Coventry vs Carlisle tonight my 2nd ever Scouting Assignment since becoming qualified in Football Talent Identification Scout i had to do a Opposition Match report with Carlisle the focus for Barnet FC (who play each other on Saturday) Carlisle was absolutely awful and Coventry are starting to play some good stuff recently. Jodi Jones (A 19 year old Coventry Right Winger with magic left foot that they picked up for £350k from Dagenham & Redbridge) is going to go to higher division!! Speed of Tony Daley and skills of Ashley Young (Who was brilliant as left winger but with right foot)He tore Carlisle apart, i run saw him dribble at speed past 5 players in one attacking move, started season off on fire with great hat-trick against Notts County and great assist with cross for Coventry's 2nd goal!! Some really good players at Coventry including playmaker Duckens Nazon (On Loan from Wolves) and Maxime Biamou who came on as Nazon's replacement due to injury. I hope Villa start looking to lower divisions as some absolute gems about! This kid is rated at £1.5mil by Coventry who have turned down couple of bids by Oxford and Peterborough in summer!
  5. Next Aston Villa Manager

    bad news dude Yakin went to Grasshoppers last week. Just did a search as i know how much myself and you would have liked to have seen him here! He will do a great job there, his win percentage was high at FC Schaffhausen. Pity he has so much potential and could have easily been the most talked about coach in Championship if we had ever went in for him and got him. Potentially another Wagner,
  6. Steve Bruce

    i have added that in as one of the comments Junxs!
  7. Steve Bruce

    I was thinking that earlier as well!! with amount of retweets i hope Tony takes 2minutes to read.
  8. Steve Bruce

    Have tweeted this to Tony as an excellent post @VillaBromsgrove The amount of retweets it is getting already. Hats off to you sir
  9. Next Aston Villa Manager

    who your two pic? Jokanovic and Yakin or Jokanovic and Smith lol sorry dude i mentioned 3 managers
  10. Next Aston Villa Manager

    neither would i mate, I would prefer Jokanovic too or someone like Murat Yakin Although Smith stats are impressive i just don't think he would be best option for us.
  11. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Smith is averaging 18.5 shot a game at Brentford this season and 55.2% possession
  12. Tony Xia

    What an owner, what a guy
  13. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Bruce has been on record as saying he wants another striker as we don't score enough.