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  1. Problem with this line up:- We won't sign N'Zonzi!
  2. Like Bowen would go to Leeds! even at moment Wolves are sniffing around him at moment and few other clubs! Hull want over £20mil
  3. Football doesn't work like way you have described mate i work in football so i should know. This isn't Football Manager you know?Many different factors. Stop day-dreaming.
  4. Who would have you signed of budget of £10mil per player then ?
  5. Should have got someone like Baptiste Santamaria mate!
  6. He probably thinks Glenn Whelan could have done a job for us in Premiership @Zatman The same guy just released by Hearts as couldn't hack Scottish Premiership!!!
  7. I've met few people like that...so don't agree with bit in bold!
  8. When has Paul Merson every spoke any sense since he finished playing? He is very similar to David Platt. Stop watching youtube Sir G
  9. who's Noel? Cowan's & Grealish are two totally different types of midfielders. So can't compare!
  10. Hopefully Samatta comes in and does exactly what Pappiss Demba Cisse' did for Newcastle when he signed on 17th Jan 2012! He just kept on scoring for Newcastle and took Premier League by storm initially!! Such as vs Chelsea in May 2012:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1MpJJ4tfLY:-
  11. Can you change title of thread to:- Mbwana "Ally" Samatta
  12. plenty in past have cut it!! N’Golo Kante was playing in Ligue 2 at one point Also Riyad Mahez and many others. It doesn’t matter what league they come from/ used to be in.. as long as they have talent and very good potential.
  13. Or his younger brother Juninho Bacuna (Huddersfield Town)
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