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  1. He's scored 6 goals in 9 Bundesliga games this season. Joined from Vitesse for around £6mil in Jan 2018
  2. He came to Metz from Génération Foot (Senegal) and went through youth teams at Metz. So would be no issues with work permit
  3. I posted this in May regading Habib Diallo (Metz). He apparently has £7mil release clause! Leicester, Chelsea, Newcatle & Spurs are all rumoured to be interested in him. 3rd Top Scorer in Ligue 1 this season so far with 9 goals just behind Wissam Ben Yedder & Moussa Dembele. 26 goals in 37 last season in Ligue 2! Hopefully we are monitoring him.
  4. I love your posts mate. Such an informative and balanced poster.
  5. Have to remember that both Drogba & Henry took whole season before got good at Chelsea & Arsenal!! Even Van Persie at Arsenal!! This stuff happens even a 22 yr old Brazilian striker that came from Belgium. Wes just needs time... Trust Me!! He's improving all the time.He's never going to be a natural goalscorer.. ever..... this is part of the problem but he can certainly give us additional options once got used to Premiership. Its bad anyone write him off so soon. He has the talent. We needed in summer to replace Tammy permanently and we didn't.. .Tammy was a big part in our style of play under Deano.. but Wes has good potential though. This is where we are at in my opinion currently. Natural scorer in Jan please Villa.
  6. He was a Suso suggestion... Show's you how much you know. Nakamba, Wes & Trez was all Suso suggestions not Smith. He had agree to it though. That's how it works
  7. i wouldn't even get involved with replying to him mate! He honestly never got anything positive say about anything Villa related.
  8. Great post mate!!! 100% agreement!
  9. Toney is a very exciting prospect indeed. Impressed me last 2 seasons.
  10. Jacks been playing on the left mate!! So who do you drop??
  11. i'm going... hopefully i get to see us beat them. I have not been that ground since Villa vs Liverpool (FA Cup Semi Final 3-0 loss) in 1996. We can do his mate!! UTV
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