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  1. Either position and can play both? 1st pick:- Rubén Duarte age 23 of Deportivo Alavés can play either Left Back or Centre Back. Good player, good potential too 2nd pick- Terence Kongolo who can play either position too age 24. Now Huddersfield have been relegated depending on the price Rubén Duarte would be cheaper out the two of them though. Another good player with good potential. UTV
  2. He is a average championship player never premier league player ! Honestly even for few mil we can do much better! Wolves fans i know don't rate him either. He was signed for Championship and now we in Premier League can do better i'd rather we use majority what we plan pay for Hause on Cahill wages for year or two. Prefer us try for Konsa if going younger who is an excellent defender and has much, much higher potential than Hause
  3. All of them apart Hause! i don't rate him i'm afraid we can do much, much better! The kid isn't Premier League level there is reason why Wolves want get rid. Before anyone wants have pop at that it's my opinion UTV
  4. I could not agree more!! I admire @sir_gary_cahill he is passionate and enthusiastic in my view one of the most passionate Villa Talk members you will find on here and he's a good lad! He gets lot of unfair flack when it's just his opinion. He knows his stuff too. As Harry Redknapp said to that fan oiver Scott Canham re: Lampard in 1997 "Football is all about opinions and you are entitled to your opinion i respect that as i'm entitled to mine" and SGC is well entitled to his! I don't always myself agree with SGC's comments but i respect his opinion all time and he is entitled to his opinion and other posters should be respectful to that!! UTV
  5. Steve Bruce looking for more scottish players no doubt similar to Sir John deal for us last summer!!
  6. Dude, there is good talent in every single league within world. It's up for the scouts to find it. I watch plenty of Scottish football and there is fair few that could play eventually in English Premier League. More money will be pouring into Scotland in next few seasons due to massive TV Deal and higher quality of players will be going there.
  7. Greg Taylor could be worth a look. He is Scottish 21 year old - Kilmarnock Left Back. He is another that has impressed me last season. He has made his Scottish international debut vs Belgium last Tuesday 11th June.. Rumours are Hull, Rangers & Celtic are all monitoring him
  8. Yes, i've seen him play! Excellent prospect for his age. Questionable hair style Barcelona & Real are rumored to be after signing him. i'd say we have no chance of bringing him to Villa.
  9. looks like our rumoured target Joe Aribo (Charlton) is signing for Rangers. @AvfcRigo82 have you seen this news. Compo/development fee Rangers will pay Charlton will be just £300k Rangers are already doing some cracking smart, astute transfer business this window.
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