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  1. Villan4Life

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Put it this way SGC he is so much better loan option than Onomah!! and if we did get him would no doubt have great season with us!!
  2. Villan4Life

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I'd try and get Mason Mount on loan from Chelsea!! The kid is an absolute baller
  3. Villan4Life

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Seen him play myself he has come on leaps and bounds last year or two. Wouldn't be a bad signing at all but Wigan will probably want big money for him!!
  4. Villan4Life

    World Cup : Group A (Rus, KSA, Egy, Uru)

    That number 18 for Saudi Arabia looks pretty good! Salem Aldawsari
  5. Villan4Life

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Not sure how we will pay for this player in current times if true: Linked with John McGinn who West Ham and Celtic was close to offering £5mil for in Jan. My club St Mirren stand to make 25% of a deal for McGinn as part of deal when they sold him to Hibs a few years back. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-rangers-celtic-transfers-14772155
  6. Villan4Life

    Summer Transfers 18/19

    Nick Pope is being linked with a move from Burnley to Liverpool for around £16mil I remember we was linked with him when he was at Charlton a few years back (from a few major newspapers) and places like this below http://www.tribalfootball.com/articles/aston-villa-tottenham-watching-charlton-keeper-nick-pope-4073186
  7. Villan4Life

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Don't need to spend milions and millions as the one chap hippo said earlier (why is my question to him?) There are plenty of good players in lower leagues take Bayliss & Shipley of Coventry (They will probably cost about £5mil for both of them plus add-ons) sounds like we haven't got a pot to piss in but if there was any chance these are the type of players we should go for rather than the likes of player 30+ like Glenn Whelan last season.
  8. Villan4Life

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    He’s on around 90k a week at palace signed big wages deal when joined from wolves he would want least fifty k a week. He isn’t That good anyway and apart from few games at start of his palace career he has done the square root of Didgy squat since
  9. Villan4Life

    Tony Xia

    Depends how much we want to spend mate!! I mean if Jack did go (no one want hims too) Oztumer on a free would have been a good option if it didnt work out we could have easily flogged him for a mil or two! Goalkeeper i would obviously look at Dean Henderson, but i'll show you Walsall video in min or a gem i spotted Liam Roberts he is a **** excllent shotstopper he is only 6ft but makes up for it in other areas and is only 23. Also Lee Burge of Coventry is improving all the time he is a solid keeper.. Made a lot of mistakes a few years back but everytime i saw him last season he was solid in 5 games. I'd take Kory Roberts from Walsall too, he wouldn't a starter but he has good potential and could improve a lot was very impressed with him in games i saw then he got dropped which did nothing for his confidence Interestingly Walsall have signed Andy Cook from Tranmere a player i put through to the club with Ollie Banks in Dec when went watch them vs Solihull Moors. St Mirren tried for both players but they chose Walsall and Tranmere. Cook is 27 and could well do a Danny Newton next season or even climb leagues like Vardy!! i don't think Cook will make it to Prem but could be a decent forward in Championship he scores goals for fun and Manager Dean Keates said he remind him of Lee Trundle. I would take Jordan Shipley, Tom Bayliss and Jordan Ponticelli all from Coventry. Coventry have about 7 kids in first team these days and about another 15 breaking through. Hence why Leicester nicked George Thomas for a low fee and Everton took Bassala Sambou for a few hundred thousand in last two years.. Because of Sisou princes was dirt cheap but with them winning promotion expect them to want about 3mil for Bayliss, 2,5 for Shipley and 1.5 for Ponticelli. I'm looking forward to watching Coventry again next season due to all these brilliant prospects they have which they only started to bring through after the Lee Hughes era blowing £5mil on that idiot it's certainly reaping its rewards I would also take Jodi Jones from Coventry who started season on fire but been injured since about October, he is like a faster Tony Daley but is left footed and plays on right wing and likes cut inside and turn defenders inside out. his crossing is good and very much Ashley Young style when he was with us with ball at his feet. Mohamed Eisa of Cheltenham could be a good bargain for Championship sides, Jack Payne (Blackburn has 11 assists in 18 games since arriving from Southend) Tariqe Fosu of Charlton is a good young player when i saw them live.Ryan Tafazolli impressed me when Peterborough beat us in cup, 6ft 5 and would be a good defender bring in. A good striker i saw at Jamie Vardy V9 is Gethyn Hill (who's just left Weston Super Mare) he had good potential he scored twice yesterday was leagues better than any other player and scored a lot for Weston last season he is only 23 and could easily rise through divisions he will get signed by a league club, trying get him into St Mirren but will have better offers. A low punt on him could work well with better coaching (he's better than Jordan Bowery and actually knows where the net is lol) many other players mate i feel could do a job for us instead of spunking 15mil on McCormack i knew he would work out as he has angered all the fans and staff at Rangers, Cardiff, Leeds, Fulham and now us... we are taught on scouting qual NOT to go for players like this so what do Tony/Keith and the others do they pay him 50k a week and give him a mega contract when he is a known trouble maker. I just Villa learn their lessons with no money now, it;s not what you pay for players or wages it'g applying common sense and fitting the team together like a jigsaw puzzle and avoiding players like McCormack is in 4 corner model (he only hits 1 of the 5 targets based on his past so why do it) when we can get players in that hit all 5 for a small fee with scope to improve. Funny how Fulham took the £15mil for McCormack and built a great attacking team using that money with modest fees and wages spent on players whilst we went gung ho with no real focus apart from look everyone we paid £15mil I just things change this season but i doubt it as if we keep Bruce he will try and sign more 33/34 year olds like Whelan and waste a couple of million on him when we can be clever by going for some of the talented, hard working kids i mentioned above Anyway watch all Roberts saves here for Walsall at game i went to in January.. He made about 6 or 7 world class saves not all was shown in this video but check it out, the kid is quality
  10. Villan4Life

    Tony Xia

    I'l never forget Paul Lambert mate the absolute shithouse i emailed him a few years back as i had watched a then 19 year old playmaker called Hakim Ziyech he was available for 2.5mil he had played 8 games for Heerenveen at time and 4 assists.. i said he will go on to be world class and gave some points. When i went email him again on offchance i found he had blocked my email and bounced back.. Ziyech is worth around £40mil now and one of the best players in Holland!! I went to Jamie Vardy academy yesterday and picked out 4 players out of the 42.. then saw on scout chat a few experiened scouts had picked same 4 as me lol!! so shows im getting right idea I was two rows behind the Vardy's with Becky taking selfies all day
  11. Villan4Life

    Tony Xia

    With Tony Coton going to Sunderland (he was on about 100k a year at Villa) there is no one doing UK Scouting now for first team. Obviously i been at St MIrren as first team scout 7 months and would love to do the first team scouting for Villa always been my dream since i was about 8 lol I have tried again, can anyone on twitter leave bit of feedback for me @sir_gary_cahill, @TheAuthority or anyone else by replying and tagging Tony in as thought i'd try again offering my servies for free i dont want Villa pay me anything lol Just want help club i love with some smart transfers at good prices i know i'm begging LOL he won't bother replying or hearing me out but proper scared for next season with recruitment as we need to get this right now!!
  12. Villan4Life

    Keith Wyness

    I mentioned Christopher Samuelson in other post who no doubt recommended Wyness for the role!! These type of men take money out and only in it for personal gain!!
  13. Villan4Life

    Keith Wyness

    my comments added a 2nd one but didn't put on here as contained a swear word that Villa Talk won't like
  14. Villan4Life


    My old gaffer went in too late for him a few days ago and he was already close then to agreeing a deal with Bolton!! Suggested him when i got the job last December and went to five Walsall matches where he stood out! Reading on their forum and few of their fans are gutted but majority have never heard of him lol Interesting see how he does in Championship, see no reason why he can't do a Gary Madine (free last summer and then they sold him to Cardiff for £6mil in Jan) https://rokerreport.sbnation.com/2018/6/4/17424892/transfer-update-man-dubbed-the-turkish-messi-linked-with-a-free-transfer-move-to-sunderland
  15. Villan4Life

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Joe Lolley had good loan spell at Forest. could be a good option on loan for the season and with him being a villa fan and all that. His wages can’t be that high