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Red Bull Premier League team


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Just ask Paris St Germain. As recently as last month they announced they had managed to get €200m a year in 'sponsorship' from a bunch of people who are essentially the Qatari government, and they had somehow managed to get that sponsorship backdated so it would be easier to cook the books. If Bill Gates suddenly decides he wants to spend two billion pounds on Aston Villa all we have to do is get the 'sponsorship' money backdated to 1995 when we had AST Computers on our shirts and claim it was money owed to us. FFP is bullshit.

This is 'allowed' under the FFP rules though because PSG are part of the established order. I very much doubt it'd go unnoticed/unchallenged if a club like ours tried the same thing. I've said it on here before - the rules were created to maintain the status quo and not to help create a level playing field.

I could imagine PSG successfully arguing that they're an established CL club, and the biggest in France, so £200million can be considered 'fair' market value.

We're a shit club from the Midlands, nowhere near the biggest in the country, and we haven't won anything of note for over 30 years. We'd have no argument for a blatant attempt at bypassing the rules.




I don't think PSG have ever been part of the established order.  They were basically created to fill a void in the market (Paris not being a football city) and had been seen as something of an underachiever until the oil money showed up a couple of years ago.  They are the absolute embodiment of the nouveau riche. 

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Rev, you're right. I certainly don't disagree with that. You could say, though, that they're the French Man City, but like Man City, they got in there before the drawbridge was pulled up.

I wouldn't say fully agree with the drawbridge comment. Throw enough money around and you can get away with anything.

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aren't man city's owners sponsoring pretty much the entire postcode? that way there is no precedent or similar sponsorship deal in place, you cant compare it to the emirates deal for example because they sponsor more than just the stadium


haven't Liverpool got a huge deal with warrior because their owners also have some fingers in that pie?


Basically to circumvent the rules you need a multi-multi-billionaire ownership who can funnel the money from other interests into the club to look like impartial "sponsorship". Just a way to cook the books. FIFA/UEFA are too incompetant to crack down on it though.


Pretty much all of Man City's major sponsors are connected to the Abu Dhabi royal family to some degree.


Etihad is the airline owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family.

Aabar is the construction company owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family.

Etisalat is the mobile phone company owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family.

ADCTA is the tourism agency owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family.


I'm sure there are many more.


PSG are being pretty blaitant about it all as well.


Man Utd on the other hand are far more insidious. They are signing "commercial partnerships" with every major company from developing nations and these eclipse most shirt sponsorships (I think their "airline partnership" with Turkish Airlines is twice the size of our shirt sponsorship).


Football stinks.

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