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  1. Fabio Carvalho an 18 year old Winger/Attacking Midfielder for Fulham is a player i hope Villa are monitoring. Born in Lisbon, Portugal but has represented England at U16, U17 & U18 level He's looking a very promising prospect. He was a youth player at Benfica from 2010-2013 4 goals in 6 first team games for Fulham
  2. Ollie definitely yes not Ings as he's never played that role before
  3. Thread is called "Summer transfer window 2021" Forum members on here can have their say on who they feel we should sign or speculate about.
  4. Mr Black you know it mate. simple smart thinking.
  5. No mate, we don't i'm sick of that **** shit. looks over all round general all round general footballing potential ? not in my principles or methodology thinking.. It' would be lazy scouting i like Cantwell i actually suggested him on here years ago. We need a Far East superstar who will generate millions from shirt sakes in Far East which covers the whole financial package for the player and the club Someone Jack Grealish will go WHO IS THAT? as he only knows player's like Ross Barkley. his mate. Step forward Daichi Kamada who could generate sales for us like one Hidetoshi Nakata in the 90's the last Japanese superstar. Kamada plays in same way to Nakata. I rate both Daichi Kamada and Hidetoshi Nakata highly.
  6. Genuine question re how old are you, no malice from me mate. UTV
  7. Interesting thought process Just wondering how old are you @Tayls?
  8. 12 seconds into the Purslow interview he calls him Jack GREEDlish
  9. Even Gary Lineker has acknowledged Purslow's response.
  10. I think he has so much potential Phil. potentially a superstar in the making. I hope our scouts at Villa are watching him
  11. With McPhee being fluent in japanese hopefuily Kamada arrives and McPhee is also his translator as well as coach.
  12. Kamada is 25 today. Happy birthday to him!let's hope he signs for Villa!
  13. Damsgaard… I don’t know about him but anyone Villan4Life rates is fine by me… Jonathan David…. is he really that good? Yes…
  14. Playmaker/Attacking midfielder absolutely quality player trust me on that one. We need him mate. UTV
  15. I know Ty Bracey, he's a good lad! i've known him since 2007. He's from Castle Bromwich too,.
  16. Would piss Arsenal fans off if we signed Kamada. 2 goals to beat them at Emirates in 2019 in Europa League
  17. I've replied replied back to this chap called Jack Reeve from Talk Norwich
  18. If it does go through!! I really won't don't get the mentality behind all this from Jack. I'm a Solihull lad just like Grealish, i grew up few miles away from Jack did. Half irish too my dad's side from Cork, mum's side family from Solihull. If i ever worked in a job capacity at Villa. I would never want to leave as i love my club so much, i'm not motivated by money either. Never have been as i've cheated death 4 times now in my life since the age of 8. Money is nothing to me!! Health, family and happiness is. That comes first always. I remember when Man City was relying on likes of ilk of Nicky Summerbee, Kevin Horlock, Paul Dickov, Mark Kennedy & Shaun Goater back in 90's. FFS
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