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    Matty Cash

    tbf he has only played 7 premiership games in his career, i think on balance, he is doing brilliantly, once he settles and gets more comfortable, im sure we will see the forward play he is also known for.
  2. tbf i think Heaton was a quality keeper, its just unfortunate he got injured half way through the season, wasnt ready for the first 3 months of the new season, and we went out and bought Martinez who has proved to be a quality keeper again, probably of such high quality that if he carries on like he is, i would consider him on the Friedel/Bosnich level of quality.
  3. on MOTD 2 Ian Wright said....."If Villa were walking down the street they would be John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever" lol This backs up his article from last week that said "if Villa were walking down the street, currently they would be the cool kid with the cool trousers and trainers" - or something.
  4. Watkins admitted to being an arsenal fan in his interview
  5. so what i have learnt is....Watkins doesnt score against normal teams, he's our pocket rocket top 6 team killa (Watkins - Killa Villa)
  6. zomg Smith so bad barkley so bad cash so bad targett so bad watkins so bad all bad so bad. oh wait.........that was last week! this week..... zomg smith so good barkley so good cash so good targett so good watkins so good good! tune in next week for a 180 flip!!!!
  7. lets not forget 4 or 5 of those 7 bench players were regulars for us last season.
  8. Yeah. How i see us right now is that we are a pretty side who can play when other teams let us play. When teams get in our faces we don't like it. We need some steel. We are a very good team full of soft flowers that wilt under real pressure. We need to be a very good team that also does the dirty stuff and fights for every ball.
  9. Thats very interesting, I wonder what the players thought was going on.
  10. We were having the exact same discussions early last season about wesley being isolated and needing to get players closer to him. Amazingly when we got players closer to him (Burnley), he had a good game. (then he got injured) I agree with your point and we don't seem to learn.
  11. its one of those, if you had offered me the points we have now at the start of the season i would have snapped ur hand off. However, 7 goals conceded in 2 games just isnt good enough, i support Smith and wish him the best, but by the same token we cant use the "team isnt good enough" excuse this season we have spent 200m+ on this team over the last 2 seasons, this team shouldnt be conceding 7 goals in 2 games (as a general rule). As i say, i support Smith, and in isolation im happy with our points tally this season, but there are no excuses this season for not at least being mid tabl
  12. Apparently Southampton form in 2020 is 3rd only behind man City and Liverpool.
  13. You could probably say that about the whole (or most of) the team generally speaking. Some of whom went on to do pretty well towards the end of the season and the start of this season.
  14. hopefully Deano will learn from the master Steve Bruce and get around to playing the good old 10-0-0 with at least 4 right backs in the first 11. next level stuff.
  15. Yeah you are right. But is he?
  16. Wth is going on with reading? I saw one prediction at the start of the season that predicted them a 19th place finish lol. Although the league predictions are always way off anyways so meh.
  17. Urm......you mean exactly like last season then????
  18. More importantly. Is he good Looking????
  19. i wouldnt bet on that m8, last year with us staying up on 35 points, was the lowest 17th place points tally in the last 10 years! (amazing when you think about it). the 17th placed points tally from last year, going backwards for a decade was: 35, 36, 36, 40, 39, 38, 36, 39, 37, 40. (aka. any other season than last year in the last decade, we would have been down!) i find it highly unlikely that this year a team could stay up with 33 points. would be interesting to be proved wrong tho.
  20. @TRO where do you expect us to finish this season m8? (specifically, what is the lowest you would expect us to finish?, where do you think we will finish?, where would be a realistic excellent finish?, in your opinion)
  21. Southampton currently 2-0 up versus Everton (60 min).........this aint gonna be an easy game!
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