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  1. I thought initially "who is the old granny?" Then I thought....."jesus Ross don't ever grow your hair long!"
  2. Its called forced diversity and political correctness for the sake of it. Welcome to hell.
  3. Tbh I think we are blessed to have both martinez and heaton (when fit). I would be happy to have them both fit and pushing each other, but currently I would select a fit martinez over a fit heaton. If heaton gets back to fitness and wants to leave in jan (due to not being no1), I would wish him the best of luck and be fairly happy with steer and kalinic as backup. However if heaton wanted to stay - and be ok with possibly being a no2 (and we could afford to keep two no1's and their wages), would be very happy to keep heaton. Tbh when heaton is fit, and if martinez continues
  4. The reason jota and nyland were released before the window closed is that they had to be free agents before the end of the window to sign for another team. (Now they can sign for another team at any time) Even if we released lansbury now he couldn't play for another team until Jan. (At least in Europe for sure)
  5. Iirc he was a midfielder when we signed him, he was converted to a defender while at villa.
  6. Welcome. This thread is tongue in cheek mate, I doubt there is anyone on this forum who really believes we have any chance of a title outside of some freak sequence of events. I also reckon 95% of us would be ecstatic with top 10. Regardless, for the first time in a decade we aren't thoroughly depressed and worried about either relegation or liquidation..... We actually look like we aren't a bad team finally, we are just venting all that pent up anxiety and stress from the last decade , its nice to not be terrible for the first time in a long time. As I say, would be e
  7. He signed it after we stayed up at the end of last season. (When he was 16) It has triggered now he has turned 17.
  8. So ideally, we want two top 4 clubs to win the FA and Carabao Cup, which would add 2 europa spots to the league (so top 7 qualify for some form of European competition) Then we need a lot of luck and finish 7th
  9. Tbh tho, they obviously aren't playing to hogans strengths at the moment. Once they do, hogan will start banging them in.
  10. For some reason I have a bad feeling about this Leeds game. Then again, up until recently, over the last 10 years I have had bad feelings about most games
  11. Even stranger then that lansbury is still around...... Wonder if we tried to loan him with no success, maybe even offered him a mutual termination, or a reduced terms termination.....and he said nope.
  12. Yeah, I dislike Leeds, but no doubting they work like trojans and will give most teams a run for their money from just pure effort if nothing else. Also, as much as I cringe at the way a lot of their fans and media jerk over bielsa, he does have a really nice style of play, and demands 100% work ethic which you can see on the pitch, he is a good manager.
  13. I would bet they did try to loan or get rid and just couldn't ship him out.....
  14. I like how in barkleys leicester post match he said "I was told villa hadn't won 4 games in a row since 1930, so this is a big success" (or something) I just thought, "dude......its not 4 games in a row at any time.....we have been bad the last decade but not that bad"
  15. Blimey, didn't expect that. Do we have the squad list?
  16. What did you do, crawl up using only your teeth?!?!?
  17. Phillips out for 6 weeks due to shoulder injury. Massive.
  18. I wonder how much we have to spend this season (inc Jan), if we assume the same as last season that means we have 60m ish in our pocket for jan? (I wouldnt be surprised if it was less than 140m total though?) I wonder if they might try to not go mad in jan and save up a bit more for the summer, for some big transfers? (Wonder if we will have 140m next summer, then another 60 not spent from this year?, 200m total next summer? Total guess work ofc. Even if we have just good mid table finish this year, we will be able to attract a much higher calibre of player more easily in the s
  19. What do we reckon Chelsea will end up asking for barkley?, wouldn't be surprised if it was in the 40-50m mark, Chelsea don't like to give players away on the cheap....
  20. I will always the thankful for what he did for us in our promotion year, but if I'm honest he clearly isn't premiership standard, he is at best bottom 6 prem standard. In reality he is probably top 10 championship standard, even in the champ he was cold as much as he was hot. I would always wish him the best of luck if he left, and I think he does need to be replaced over the next 12 months or so, he simply isn't that good.
  21. I think the following players in our team could be the core to build the next 5 years around: Martinez, Mings, Konsa, Cash, McGinn, Grealish, Watkins. I would also add Luiz to that if Man City don't buy him back within the next two windows. So that's 3 slots still up for grabs for me at this time, LB (i like Targett but not sure he would be part of the finished article team), MC (buy Barkley :P), and right wing (hopefully Traore can take it)
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