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  1. Saw a stat somewhere that wolves almost always win when they take the lead, something like won 23, drawn 3 lost 0 when they took the lead, last time they lost after taking the lead was in 2018. Now that is impressive.
  2. MaVilla


    Wow, that looks nasty, deserves a straight red for the pure cheek of it.
  3. MaVilla


    Doesn't make the tackle on him any less wrong. Hopefully he received a lengthy ban for the above, mee and pickford should also have had bans.
  4. MaVilla


    So looks like van dijk did his acl in that pickford tackle. They need to get on top of those scissor tackles, they are the modern version of the old two footed tackle..... Once again, absolutely no excuse to scissor tackle someone at knee level, can't believe no one is talking about it.
  5. Sounds like some kind of superhero compound, is it snorted or injected?
  6. I thought that too, could easily have missed it or mis judged it.
  7. He played half a season for us before his injury. Scored 5 goals in a poor team. Played well sometimes and not so well others. Looked like a man mountain sometimes and petulant others. I can't believe people are writing him off when most of our signings struggled in that first season, even Luiz until the last 10 games post lockdown. Personally, I think coming back from injury, with much less pressure on him, a better side and time to get minutes and settle in off the bench will be good for him. I think he will come good, the current better team, less pressure due
  8. Considering his excellent work rate, tracking and pressing, and ok crossing and average attacking output......maybe we should do a cash and consider him backup RB
  9. I get the impression he worked hard but didn't really get in to the game that much?
  10. i think the sacking of Pearson & Shakespeare at Watford last season was absolute madness, and tbh probably contributed to their final demise. The avg. PPG for Watford under Pearson was survival level, i wouldnt have been surprised if they would have stayed up if they didnt sack them, lucky for us so i wont complain.......was a shocking decision by the Watford owners.
  11. i wouldnt be surprised if our good form post lockdown actually has a lot to do with lack of crowds.......
  12. nah, im excited that we have won 4/4, but tbh all i care about right now is 40 points, once we reach that i can relax and have some hopes for how far we can go after that tally is achieved. (hopefully far!!)
  13. ok.........after 4 games (10% of PL games), we are 34% towards our total points tally from last year.............nuts. (12 vs 35) if we only average last seasons avg. PPG (0.921) for the remaining league games, that puts us on 43 points (or 14th based on last seasons table) - obviously im hoping for a little more now Finally, for stat nerds like me, after 10% of the season we have 44.5% of our total wins from last season (9 vs 4), for a bonus stat, after 4 games we are on 12 points, we didnt manage that points tally until after match day 13 last season.
  14. i dont think anyone is ignoring the manager who hired them, Smith deserves all the plaudits he gets, my point was that its pretty clear that Shakespeare was a good appointment.
  15. 91 minutes gone: Me (hiding behind my sofa): "omg, i will take a draw, a draw would be massive, a huge point, shows how much we have improved, please Villa dont concede.......dont do a Villa.....a point would be HUUUUGEE" Barkley: "hold my beer"
  16. Watching the highlights he was tested a couple of times, covered the angles well for one chance, and i thought he did really well with a shot that was deflected, and he was quick enough to dive to his left and get it, very nice.
  17. A first for 90 years FT: Leicester 0-1 Aston Villa Aston Villa have won their opening four games of a league season for the first time since the 1930-31 campaign, when they went on to finish second in the top-flight.
  18. Davis had a hamstring thing didn't he? Shock horror davis injured, or its just he didn't make the bench, but regardless did read he had a hamstring tweak also.
  19. I'm not putting this all on Shakespeare, but its interesting to consider that he joined Watford on 8th Dec 2019, Watford's pre and post Shakespeare form for that season was: Pre : (games played - 16) W 1 , D 6, L 9. (av. PPG - 0.47 - 18 points full season av.) Post : (games played - 22) W 7, D, 4, L 11 (av PPG - 1.09 - 41.5 points full season av.) I think he was an inspired addition to the coaching team, also lets not forget his Leicester contributions. (and a Villa fan to boot)
  20. Looking back to last season, the loss of McGinn in December, and Heaton/Wesley in Jan, were absolutely game changing injuries for us. For a newly promoted team (or any team), to lose 3 important players (maybe even 3 of our 5 most critical players)........we did so well to survive in hindsight.
  21. looks like we were 3rd in net expenditure this "summer": 1: Chelsea - 156m 2: Leeds - 96.5m 3: Aston Villa - 83m (or 74m if you exclude add-ons) 4: Man Utd - 73m 5: Man City - 71m 6: Arsenal - 58m 7: Sheff Utd - 51m (this went under the radar a bit.....) Other interesting point, lowest spender was Burnley, who splashed out a grand total of £1m, only Brighton actually made a profit during the window (+10m).
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