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  1. What stuck out for me was an interview Deano did after the Liverpool game, he effectively said "we funnelled them down one side" (towards Cash/Trez obviously - as that where most of their attacks went), so i think its fairly certain that part of our game plan is playing compact and trying to funnel teams to play down one side or the other. I think the reason Cash/Trez are so high on the tackles/interceptions (aside from their obvious general work rate), is that we seem to try to actively funnel teams down that right hand side towards our most highly mobile and hard working players (Cash/T
  2. hey fella, dont you be nasty to crisps!, how dareth you speak such of such a wonderful bag of potato greatness!
  3. MaVilla

    Matty Cash

    hope so, luckily he has some time before the next game....
  4. did well, but he does hold on to the ball a bit sometimes.
  5. anyone else think Mings could play the DM role for us? He's big, strong, quick, can pass a bit, any minor lapses might not be punished as badly as a CD. Not saying he should, but i think he could for sure.
  6. tbh, i wondered myself if he could play as our right inside forward, he has the energy for it?, he could defo give the energy to pressing and tracking back, i think he would be an ok inside forward player, if not...amazing? Only if we bought a new DM/CM tho, to partner Luiz, wouldnt want to take him out of the midfield without someone good to take his place.
  7. So....is his primary foot his left or right foot? I think right?!?!
  8. We will just have to agree to disagree. I appreciate his work rate, but I don't think he is a good player, simple as that really.
  9. yeah, i suppose he's ok if you want a defensive winger? Personally i would prefer a winger who can do the leg work and be good going forward.
  10. i think the general vitriol comes from the way he cut his loan short. In theory his loan was until the end of the season, but he cut it short in Jan, the rumours at the time implied he thought Villa didnt have a chance of promotion (we did have a poor run tbf), that we werent good enough for him, and he wanted to go back to Everton so he could get a loan to a "better club". Sure there is other stuff, but eh.....was nearly 2 years ago?
  11. im going to assume we have a limited amount of money in the Jan transfer window, so not going to list requirements like im on Supermarket Sweep! Personally, i would prioritise 2 positions: 1) CDM/MC - someone technically good but also someone who offers power/strength/tenacity etc, to help make our midfield tough as nails. (like an Ndidi/Fernandinho type) 2) Winger/Inside Forward - Hopefully Traore will come good, but if there is any doubt from the Coaching Team, we need someone to actually fill that right wing (or can play right wing/other positions - versatility), imo we need
  12. He works really hard. But he's still rubbish.
  13. Yeah but watkins has only played a few games in the premiership so no chance really, southgate won't take a punt. Bamford is nailed on though, a seasoned elite striker who has played at the highest level according to southgate.
  14. Deano said yesterday that he was touch and go for the arsenal game but didn't quite make it. He also said he might join up with his national team if he passes a couple of tests over the next couple of days. Will defo be back for next league game.
  15. Hello good sir, welcome to villatalk, are you new here???
  16. agree. He's a very good player, and when we are playing well he plays well, but he doesnt seem to like doing the leg work/dirty work that much. Hopefully as his fitness builds he can get stuck in more and press better with the rest of the team, or if that isnt his style maybe deano can get him doing it? Great signing for sure, but he would add a whole dimension to his game if he did the off the ball stuff like watkins and others do.
  17. they will want the 5 subs for mid/late season when European games kick in and they can rotate/sub their multiple 50m+ stars to ensure the lowly scrub teams dont stand a chance of a top 4 (or 6) .....
  18. ye remember that rumour.........would have loved Juninho at Villa!
  19. we ended up with 55 points in 98/99. I just checked, ur right, of the first 10 games we won 6, drew 4 and lost 0. However we lost our last 3 games, and also had a 4 game losing streak in Feb/Mar, we also only won 3 of our last 16 games.......ouch! last 16 games were W 3, D 3, L 10....... (prior to that, played 22, W 12, D 7, L 3) blimey....still finished 6th too lol.
  20. it will be interesting to see where we end up this season. current PPG avg. is 2.15, if that form continued we would be on 82 points at season end (which is impossible ofc ) our highest points finishes in the last 25 years have been: 63 points - 1995/96 season - 1.68 avg. PPG - finished 4th 61 points - 1996/97 season - 1.61 avg. PPG - finished 5th 60 points - 2007/08 season - 1.57 avg. PPG - finished 6th 62 points - 2008/09 season - 1.63 avg. PPG - finished 6th 64 points - 2009/10 season - 1.68 avg PPG - finished 6th Last season we were 0.
  21. MaVilla

    Tom Heaton

    if he's fit i would start him in cup games. (Heaton) Hopefully then one of two things can happen, he is ok with cup/sub/cover appearances (assuming Martinez continues performing as he is), or it puts Heaton in the shop window for Jan or the summer of he wants to leave for a guaranteed no1 spot. either way he's getting some game time, after all, he is better than steer.
  22. this game aside, we know as well as anyone just how pointless "X points" is compared to reality, we were much higher last season on expected points etc, but look at what happened, and the expected points assessment didnt tell the story of how weak we were, and how we bottled it so many times, data cant show that in the truest sense. Stats are great for a lot of things, they can be very informative, but also they dont relate mental things well, such as the reason X team "should have X points, but have Y points", might actually be down to the fact they are bottlers or weak (a bit like we we
  23. top guy, a pity the reporter didnt say "Emi what a pass to grealish for his run!"
  24. 15 points from our first 7 games is pretty nuts. Honestly, if you had asked me what i would have accepted as ok for a points tally so far, being realistic i would probably have said i would have hoped/expected we would be sitting on between 7 - 10 points, with anything else being a bonus. (Sheff Utd - D, Fulham - W, Liverpool - L, Leicester - L, Leeds - W/D, S'hton - W/D, Arsenal - L) Lets not forget in our first 7 games we have faces Arsenal, Leicester & Liverpool. (ie: 45% ish of our games so far have been against top 6 sides), thats especially amazing considering i think we ha
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