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  1. Wasn’t pretty, but a wins a win. I’ll take that!
  2. Keep a clean sheet now lads and we win the game! Would love a second to settle the nerves. Didn’t someone see Santa this week and he said we’d win the game? Gotta love Santa
  3. Nakamba off, Hourihane on. Trez off, Jota or Kodj on. We need a spark.
  4. Was that the door? Edit - apologies, the above was meant for Mrs F, who’s downstairs somewhere!
  5. Exactly this. Lay a marker down in the first 10/15 minutes to the show the desire and passion to get a result. The fans will really get behind them if they see this. First goal is vital here. We score, players, fans etc will believe. They score, we could end up on the back of 2 or 3 goal defeat. I would love Smith to tinker with the team/formation and surprise Norwich with something different. Everything crossed for this one.
  6. Merry Christmas to all on VT. Enjoy yourselves.
  7. I assume it’s his birthday tomorrow?
  8. I don’t disagree really mate, but i’m certainly not telling Mrs F that someone on VT agrees with her! She carry that into most of next year!!
  9. Sod it and totally agree, let’s have a Darren Bent style signing and a VT meltdown.
  10. Lapland UK. Went last weekend with Mrs F and the two kids, and it is a great place to take them. Set in woodlands just outside Windsor, a truly wonderful and magical Christmas experience for the kids. However, Mrs F booked this experience earlier in the year at a cost of £120 each. Whilst there we spent probably another £100 on food, treats for the kids etc. A hotdog was £9.50, a cup of pick & mix sweets £4.50. Plush toys £25.00. You get the gist and all in all, a £600 Christmas experience. Now the practical side of me thinks “bloody hell”, what we have spent in one day could have covered us for food and presents over the whole festive period. Mrs F’s response to this was “we’re making memories”. Perhaps i’m just a Christmas Grinch?
  11. I get you big fella. For some reason the air con in our cinema was making my ears water at that point as well.
  12. Cannot agree more. Watched both episodes again this week, bloody brilliant. “It didn’t even make the top 100”. “Good, didn’t want it to. Next”. “I’m not gonna call ahead”. “She said she’d be wearing a white chiffon scarf..........oh for f£&# sake”. ”Are you the fat one off the airport?” “Obviously not” “He’ll kick himself later”.
  13. Just attempted to get my two kids to watch the Box of Delights from the 80’s. They gave it 10 minutes and said it was rubbish. Granted, not all children are going to like it, but it was considered a classic and magical in our house growing up. Never mind.
  14. Not saying this guy should start games regularly, but he would be useful off the bench surely? Either to chase a goal or draw fouls defending a lead.
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