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  1. Big game needed from the big man and his partner in crime today! Stop Pukki, stop Norwich.
  2. Game face on. We can get something here, with hopefully being a win. Nervy 2-1.
  3. 9 first team players allegedly, including both the regular keepers. Mainly defenders out them I think? Cantwell is a slight doubt and would be the biggest miss, but expect him to make it to be honest.
  4. Been a shite day all round, but your post has genuinely made my smile for the first time today.
  5. With the news today that Targett and Kodj are available, we pretty much have a fully fit squad to pick from. *Not sure on a couple of positions here, but great problem for Smith to have. With my selection below, we also have Elmo, Hause, Lansbury and Jota missing out on the 18 man squad. Heaton Guilbert - Engels - Mings - Targett Nakamba Luiz - McGinn *Trez/El G - Grealish *Wesley/Davis Bench: Steer, Konsa, Taylor, Hourihane, Trez or El G, then two from Wes/Davis and Kodj
  6. I do like this team, but agree it probably won’t happen. Hourihane deserves a place in the team right now.
  7. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    Not defending Smith here, but there are two other coaches in the dug out with him and should be able other an opinion? ROK and/or JT could have suggested subs earlier in the second half. Perhaps they even did? A good coach also listens to his coaches. I like Smith, I really do, but he got it wrong in the second half today. Changes needed to be made earlier and his delay cost us 3 valuable points.
  8. Totally agree, bonkers.
  9. Game face on. Let’s have a go:
  10. Don’t think this will happen, but would love to see the side below. 4-2-3-1, with our full backs pushing forward as much as possible, almost playing as wingers: ---------------------------------Wesley---------------------------------- -------Hourihane———Grealish———-McGinn-------- --------------------- Luiz --------- Marvelous -------------------- Targett ----------- Mings ----- Engels ----------- Guilbert ------------------------------- Heaton --------------------------------- Going to be tough this game, but feel we can get a point. 1-1
  11. Truly awful disease. Thoughts are with his family. RIP Fernando.
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