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  1. We really did miss a chance with trying to sign Mitrovic last summer, with some on here saying he was a plodder. He now has 26 goals and would have been better than any of our strikers this season. We stay up, I would look at him as an option. Chances are that Wesley won’t be fit for the start of the new season, we’ll only have Davis and Samatta. Hogan will no doubt be moved on either a loan again or transferred. If we drop I would look at Karlan Grant and possibly Ivan Toney, who both have the chance to improve and won’t break the bank.
  2. Not a bad shout, but whether Everton would entertain a sale i’m not so sure? Personally, if Bournemouth drop I’d go all out for Billing, as they will be in a financial mess. Then if McGinn was sold, I’d replace him with Swift at Reading. Perfect replacement and possibly gettable for under £5m. Billing Swift Hourihane Think the above 3 would be more than decent in the Championship. Hopefully we can keep McGinn and/or Luiz though.
  3. ferguson1

    Keinan Davis

    If fit, he has to start the last two games. He’s not amazing, but Samatta is so out of form at present.
  4. You mean QPR, but agree in that we should be all over these type of deals. Appears to be less than £5m as well. Eze will go to this summer, but more likely to be £15-20m for him.
  5. Don't remember this guy even making the bench, let alone starting for us?
  6. Apologies, I’ll get my coat! It was a poor attempt at mocking Borja. You are looking at Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.
  7. Or perhaps “facts” are just part of voodoo economics!
  8. Don’t forget me please!
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