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  1. Absolutely gut wrenching way to lose a game, but we have done it to others the last few weeks. Swings around. We deserved a point or more today. At times going forward we were very good. AEG carried a threat which had been missing for weeks, so the mini break has done the trick for him. Samatta was bright throughout and caused them problems. Grealish was his usual self, if a little selfish at times, but I can’t blame him really. If he lays one on a plate, like the Luiz chance then what more can he do. I don’t want to talk about the Baston cameo. Drinkwater is an issue, no doubt about it. Was he pushed onto Smith? Who knows, but crikey is he off the pace. He will play more games it’s obvious, but he’s going to cost us. Luiz, barring his bad miss was pretty decent and Nakamba made some important blocks. However, we do lack industry and a spark from midfield though. Defence. Well, we missed Mings it’s as simple as that. Engels still doesn’t seem fully fit to me or does he simply lack match sharpness? At times, people just run past him. Thought Targett, Konsa and Hause were good today. Reina was excellent. Overall, we can’t keep a clean sheet to save our lives and ultimately it’s going to cost us. No point dressing it up or saying it’s negative. It’s a fact. We have the worst defensive stats in the division.
  2. Good point mate and would be interested to know as well? Basically ordering a weekly magazine for two years and the costs are so high as well. Barmy.
  3. Boiler stopped working last night. Gas engineer arriving shortly to fit a new PCB board or something? Start of a half term break with the kids and £300 gone before even Monday. Gutted.
  4. Could go 4 points clear of Watford and West Ham with a win today. I’d be ecstatic with a win, but i’d also be happy with a point today. UTV
  5. Real shame and terrible news to hear a popular presenter has taken their own life. RIP. You never truly know what people are going through and sometimes the people with the biggest smiles are the ones struggling the most.
  6. Tough game to predict this one. Spurs can be very very good or have an off day, so let’s hope it’s the latter. The weather could also play a part in levelling things out somewhat. I do think we need a clean sheet or two, so hoping we stay compact and nick it 1-0. Also hoping the rest has done AEG some good, as he’s been off the boil for a good few weeks, but still prefer him starting to Trez. Alternatively, leave AEG out, play Luiz in a midfield three and push Grealish further forward? Oh god knows what’s best, I give up. Reina Konsa Mings Hause Guilbert Targett Nakamba Drinkwater Grealish AEG Samatta Subs: Nyland, Engels, Elmo, Luiz, Hourihane, Trez, Baston
  7. Seeing an advert last night got me a little annoyed. It was a build your own “Spitfire” accompanied with a weekly magazine or something? Now I have no problem with these kind of things, as some building kits and weekly magazines look pretty cool, I seem to remember a “Titanic” one once? The problem I have is that they advertise the first issue at say £1.99 or something to entice you in, but then subsequent issues are something like £7.99 or even £9.99. Then when you clock the small print during the advert it says approximately 100 issues or more. Fully appreciate the enjoyment factor etc, but if said Spitfire costs me in the region of £1000 and 100 weeks to build it, my enjoyment would diminish somewhat. Do many people buy these? Cannot understand why they are priced so high? Personally i’d rather buy an expensive piece of model kit like Airfix or Lego.
  8. What me sir, but it was him I tell you!
  9. Can’t disagree with that mate, I have a real disliking for the Spammers!
  10. Looking forward to seeing this gif in the post match thread again soon We’ve missed his energy.
  11. Should your prediction come true, our ruled out goal at Palace is going to give me sleepless nights for months! It still makes my piss boil even now!!
  12. Davis has made a real difference here. We can get something now out of this game.
  13. AEG has been shite today and over the last couple of weeks.
  14. AEG off and put Davis on next to Samatta, with Grealish just behind. Don’t wait Dean.
  15. Brentford seem to be doing good business again. Two young players who’ll know doubt will be worth £20m next season Got to feel for Antonee Robinson today, dream move to AC Milan broken down so he stays in sunny Wigan.
  16. Think we can all accept it’s a pretty uninspired signing, but it’s way better than putting a winger up top or looking in the Under 23’s for someone. Let’s see how he does before knocking him. At least it’s not Carroll returning!
  17. Mmmm, he seems a bit cocky to me? Not sure about this signing.
  18. I’m staying put now until 11:05pm, then I’ll eat.
  19. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    Has Dean done a pre Bournemouth press conference today? Just wondering if he was put on the spot re transfers?
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