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  1. For me, i think it would have to be Mad World, by Gary Jules.
  2. I lost my cousin to bowel cancer two years ago, she was 44. She only had eight weeks to live from diagnosis. Anyway, she was a massive Duran Duran fan and she had chosen the song “Ordinary World” to play during the service. Don’t think I’ve ever cried so much, absolutely heartbreaking.
  3. That’s some bad luck that is mate! Perhaps buy a lottery ticket for tomorrow, you deserve a change of fortune.
  4. I haven’t mentioned or blamed any individual on here, so how is my response harsh? I have even private messaged said individual to say how disappointed I am. It’s a fact that most questions in this thread are never asked or answered.
  5. Becoming a pointless thread to be honest. Our questions are never asked or answered.
  6. Big miss for them. He’s a promising young player. Let’s not forget that “Agent Clark” will probably start for them, which should help!
  7. Withdrawn from the Wales squad for personal reasons. Regardless of what some think of him, I hope he’s ok.
  8. ferguson1

    Set Pieces

    Is it very much “old school” to have two players protecting either post now? We clearly don’t do it, but can’t think if other sides in the Premier League still do? Last I can remember for us was Albrighton saving us about three or four certain goals a season doing it.
  9. Agreed, but also consider that the deal to bring him here may have agreed prior to Smith’s arrival or his intervention.
  10. You’ve lost me mate? Think you misunderstood the point i was making.
  11. What I’m trying to say is if Hutton was so woeful, Targett’s display against Adama would send him to hell - according to some on here! I don’t think Hutton was as bad as some suggest that’s all.
  12. Don’t disagree with you at all SGC, but do we know if he wants a crack at it here? For all we know, his attitude could be poor and he wants out, which may explain his absence from the squad?
  13. Woeful footballer according to some on here! So what does that say about Targett after yesterday?
  14. I’ve worked in office based roles for twenty plus years and wouldn’t mark somebody down for not wearing a full suit. Shirt and tie is nice to see though, especially at interviews. All the very best mate
  15. I love McGinn, I really do, but unless he provides a response in training, then i would consider dropping him against Newcastle. No player is bigger than the team and if you don’t perform, you should run the risk of being dropped. Otherwise, what message does it send out to the rest of the squad? Very much hope though that the last couple of weeks have been a minor blip and we see the usual SJM in two weeks.
  16. Brilliant news mate! . Little steps forward to the top and your beloved Aston Villa.
  17. Seeing more Bowery than Benteke at present. Perhaps being part of the national side will up his game tenfold?
  18. Looks completely knackered to me? Needs a two week break now or we should consider a change for the Newcastle game.
  19. Starting to worry a little now. Wesley should be a project where we can remove him from a game here and there or sub him earlier. Problem is we should have bought another striker in the summer to compete with him and we didn’t for whatever reason. January signing is key.
  20. So what? They’ve just won a local derby and have the bragging rights today. We’d be the same.
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