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  1. I’ve removed some of my comments this morning, but that doesn’t take away the fact that both my children will excel in everything they do.
  2. Yeah, but players with big potential to improve and increase in value. We’re not a club yet that can sign elite players. Just not going to happen I’m afraid.
  3. One thing is for sure with me, I would have given my right arm to take our survival to the last game during post Christmas and lockdown. 90 minutes of hell and nerves on Sunday, but if it doesn’t work out, we gave it a helluva go over the last few weeks. Personally, I think we’ll draw the game which should do it, but I wouldn’t be shocked if all 3 of us lost and we still survive.
  4. Let’s say Chelsea do sign Benrahma and we stay up, what about Hudson-Odoi on loan for a season? A player with massive potential, but needs games and appears to be getting frustrated at Chelsea.
  5. If Grealish was to go and we stay up, sign the following with the money: Grant, Swift, Eze, Cantwell, Sibley Probably best part of £60-70m right there, but would be money well spent.
  6. Haha, is he just after a man hug or is he security telling Big John “touch the future king of England again and a sniper will shoot”.
  7. To every single one of you! What a night. Starting work at six, so turning in. UTV
  8. Sod it, I’m off to get a Bruce special, with all the sauces!
  9. Mbappe please. Edit - Announce him tonight or Suso out.
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