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  1. Totally agree with this. Corners need to be whipped in with pace most of the time. Dead balls for and against have been our Achilles heel for sometime. We just don’t show enough aggression in either box.
  2. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    Agreed, so we should try something different and surprise a few teams.
  3. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    Totally agree with the bit in bold. This is where Smith can help himself and team. Try something different, even if it’s only of a couple of games. 433 is not working at present.
  4. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    I for one really hope Smith leads us into the New Year on the back of a couple of positive results. I want him to succeed here I really do. Let’s see if there is a positive reaction from the players against Norwich and possibly Watford. Think we’ll know by the weekend if the players are still on board with Smith. If not and we suffer two further defeats, then I think it’s the end of the road for Smith. No point continuing to have blind faith, as the place would need a complete lift going into New Year.
  5. Anyone know if Eze of QPR would be an upgrade on our current midfield options? Also, would Eze give us that power and aggression that we lack? Just don’t know enough about the fella, but see him suggested a lot.
  6. The morning of Christmas Eve. So far, my lad has wet the bed and came and told us at six o’clock. First wash on. One of the cats were then sick in the hallway after breakfast. Cleaning done. My two children are now watching Christmas films and eating malteasers, but i have peace for now! They are like two bottles of pop ready to explode waiting for Santa to arrive later. Probably be up at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, but I love this priceless time with them all. Merry Christmas VT.
  7. As I watched the new Star Wars film today, Mrs F and my daughter watched Cats. Best thing Mrs F could say was to advise folk on here not to waste any hard earned money watching it. She enjoyed her coffee though. Currently watching Gremlins! Still enjoyable today.
  8. Mate, I love the ideas, but please make it easier on yourself! .........also cocktail sausages on sticks, vol au vents, tube of pringles and some Black Country Stollen (just cut up Black Pudding)! You can thank me after the event!!
  9. Watched TROS today with my seven year old son. It was not bad and certainly an improvement on TLJ. However, Rogue One is still my favourite SW film since the original three. Not sure if my son really enjoyed it though? Perhaps he’s a little young still and has not invested his time in all the previous films like I have. He just wants to see cool SW action and the dialogue goes over his head somewhat. I’ll give it a solid 6 out of 10. Now a few thoughts on the film which I’ll put under spoilers, so do not read if you haven’t seen it or don’t want certain plot lines spoilt for you:
  10. Yep, a fox in the box type please. What about Alex Morgan?
  11. We clearly identified/wanted some very good players in the summer. Unfortunately, we were either outbid or priced out of moves for Maupay, Phillips, Benrahma, Webster etc. No doubt we would have also been all over moves for Abraham and Tuanzebe, but were told they weren't for sale. Perhaps then our second and third choice options were where we have fallen down?
  12. Good point. To be fair, the whole team lack that nasty streak/side. Who would you fear if you were the opposition? We’re probably too nice to play against. Only Mings has it in him, so the sooner he’s back the better.
  13. Gutted, because carrying an injury or no injury, we’ll miss him for sure.
  14. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    Some Corbyn reflection done overnight. Dean has to now perform a rallying cry in order to motivate the players for Norwich, as Southampton were motivated that was clear to see. Change of formation, players, tactics etc? We’ll probably see 433 still, but the main change is seeing some grit and fight. Earn the right to play in the first instance. Norwich will certainly be motivated after the Carrow Road humiliation earlier in the season. Showing Dean blind faith after a Boxing Day defeat? I’m not so sure, because where would we go following another defeat? Imagine then a further defeat at Watford? There comes a point where the rot has to stop. Hopefully we’ll see a much improved performance against Norwich and we can put any talk of a change of manager to bed for a week or two at least. I really want Dean to turn this around.
  15. The CB pairing is the one area I worry about the most with Mings out. I thought Hause would be that steel, but now i’m doubting he has it in him. At least with 3 CB’s playing you’d hope each will cover the other. Like you say, it’s not the future, it’s purely to stop the rot and keep some clean sheets. I picked Elmo for this game simply on his experience, which I think is needed and the fact that he’s still the best crosser of a ball in the club. The other niggle for me was seeing if we could accommodate Jota somewhere? I love his eye for a pass, but having him in the team at this level just appears to weaken us somewhat. I’m dreading the game if I’m honest. They will really want to show us what was missing at Carrow Road and I doubt we’re up for the fight. Do we have eleven players that want to scrap for the right to play? Big few days for Smith and his team that’s for sure.
  16. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    Can’t help but question his ability and the people around him after today. We’ve just been beaten (quite easily) by a fellow relegation candidate. Players looked beaten going off at half time and things didn’t really improve after the break. Did they receive a rocket at half time? Who knows, but there was little reaction. We certainly need to see a reaction on Boxing Day, because if we see another home defeat, then we need to seriously think about a change. Blind faith won’t keep us up.
  17. Bit early for this, but we must try something different now. Will never happen, but I would go with something like this: ————————————Heaton———————————— ——————Konsa———Engels———Hause————— Elmo Targett Luiz Nakamba Grealish Wesley Kodjia Subs: Nyland, Chester, Guilbert, Lansbury, Hourihane, El G, Jota 5-3-2 without the ball. 3-5-2 with the ball.
  18. Cheers mate and you’re very welcome . Don’t get me wrong i’m very disappointed and concerned by the events of today, but there are just far important things in our lives to think about than our current shambles of a team. Perhaps Santa will bring us all a present on Boxing Day?
  19. Sod it, this football club is not going to ruin my Christmas. Tonight, i’m annoyed, fed up etc. However, I have two beautiful, healthy and very excited young children that are waiting for Santa to arrive. That is priceless and this certainly isn’t. Tough to take right now, but don’t dwell on this result folks, it’s just not worth it. Enjoy the festivities and family time.
  20. Wouldn’t blame you if you’ve had enough because you deserve better than this.
  21. ferguson1

    The NSWE Board

    Be brave fellas! Will have us organised at the very least.
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