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  1. If Kodjia scores 2, 3 or more tonight, should he then start on Saturday? Will make it awkward for Smith if he does.
  2. Here’s a question, if Kodjia bangs in 3 or more tonight, should he then start on Saturday?
  3. Ho Ho Hoever. I’ll get my coat.
  4. Smith picking the same team as me earlier in this thread. Does he log onto VT often? Joking apart, it’s mainly our second string and we don’t have much else in reserve do we. Going to say 5-0 or 5-1 to us.
  5. Mmmm, now I’m suspicious! Mate of mine “fat bloke” as he’s fondly known, was flogging some jewellery tat in my local sizzling pub last night? One watch he had “Le Chat” didn’t look up to much. Do I call crime stoppers?
  6. So you think if we fail get 9 points out of our next 3 league games, Smith will be sacked or he’ll walk? What nonsense and just not going to happen!
  7. Do we stick or twist for this one? Strong first eleven in the hope of gaining confidence or fringe players as little risk, but gaining fitness etc? Think Smith will go with a mix of both: ---------------------Nyland------------------- --Elmo——Konsa--Hause——Taylor-- ——Lansbury—Luiz—Hourihane—— ——Jota——Kodjia——Trez—— Subs: Heaton, Chester, Targett, Nakamba, Grealish, El G, Wesley Personally, I’m not against anyone starting. I would just like to see a performance and a win so our confidence improves going into three very important league games.
  8. Agreeing to a six month loan on a striker makes perfect sense. Who is realistically going to sign for us permanently now with the risk of going down hanging over us? Finding a loan (probably from abroad) at least means that we won’t get fleeced either.
  9. Work ethic won Sheffield the points today, simple as that. We appear mentally shot at present and need a lift with a win on Tuesday, and then take it from there. We could also do with a transfer lift in January, as could the players I reckon. For the first time this season I feel really downbeat, depressed even. I’ve accepted defeats this season because in the main much better sides have beaten us, but I cannot accept that Sheffield are much better than us. Perhaps I’m being harsh on them and the table doesn’t lie does it? Don’t really want to drill down on individual performances today because the team as a whole gave up today and as a team they are all culpable. Tuesday is a chance to have a go and gain some confidence going into some real important league games. At present I’m down, the team are down and I fear for us.
  10. Doubt we’ll do anything in January here, but should we stay up I would also like us to look at finding a right and left back to challenge Guilbert and Targett. Obviously releasing Elmo and Taylor. Max Aarons at Norwich being an obvious choice for right back, especially if Norwich go down and we stay up. Someone to challenge Targett is a tough one, but what do people think of Antonee Robinson at Wigan? Only seen him twice, but both times he has impressed me. Young, skilful and seemed quick.
  11. Secret Santa at work! Absolutely pointless exercise. Staff walking round two weeks in advance saying “I better not get something s£&$”. Also, same staff walking round saying “if you have me, can you get me............”. Either it’s secret and a bit of fun or don’t bother. I refused to join our office one this year. Finally, Christmas work meal? Another pointless exercise. I insisted on it being at lunch time this year. I’m not giving up my free time turning up to some venue on an evening, eating with people who I don’t want to sit and eat with, and also paying for that privilege? No thanks. If I have to submit to this nonsense then let it be on works time. Probably come across as the office Christmas grinch, but all the office stuff around this time of year is just so annoying.
  12. Imagine him from corners, would never win a header, let alone score from one! Nah, not for me.
  13. Was that just the shirt only? That is shocking value mate and for £68, it ought to be the full kit for a 7 year old. My lad is also 7 and thankfully he hasn’t asked for it this year. No doubt the club would say the cost of kits is comparable to every other Premier League club, if not cheaper probably. Doesn’t make it right though and wish they were more affordable.
  14. Really tuff game this, but we shouldn’t fear them. Not aware of any suspensions?McGinn could probably do with a rest, but I think we need his battling qualities alongside Nakamba here. Do we then go with Luiz or Hourihane? Mings is very likely out, so Hause has to play for balance at CB. Hoping Targett makes it though: ---------------------Heaton------------------- --Guilbert--Engels--Hause--Targett-- ---McGinn--Nakamba--Hourihane--- ------El Ghazi--Wesley--Grealish----- Subs: Nyland, Konsa, Taylor, Luiz, Lansbury, Trez, Kodj *Personally, I wouldn’t start Wesley, but think Smith will.
  15. If Mings is out of the next couple of games then yes, I think Hause will play. Smith has said openly how fortunate he is to have two left footed CB’s. Can’t see Smith starting with Konsa and Engels together because it does make us disjointed. The only issue here is whether there is an issue with Hause himself? Hope not, because when he has played he’s looked pretty solid.
  16. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    I really like Smith and think he’s been a breath of fresh air since he arrived, but a few things are niggling with me at this point. He has a real stubbornness, which could be ultimately his and our downfall. McGinn has appeared shattered for weeks and his recent displays questionable, but Smith persists starting him every single game and never wants to sub him either. I wonder if this sends out a negative message to the rest of the players, as some seem to have a bad game and are then immediately dropped. Wesley? Think we can all see that any confidence he arrived with is now draining out of him minute by minute. When he went down injured today, fans and players alike seemed to all think “just get up or get off”. For the good of Wes, he needs removing from the firing line. What is the answer though? Kodjia, El G up top? Finally, the attacking intent is a joy, but it feels like every game we play now we’ll give the opposition 15/20 shots at our goal. Quite simply we won’t keep any clean sheets if we allow this to carry on. We must tighten up and quick. My only solace this evening is that we’ve just come out of a really challenging run of games and our next 3/4 games should be games where we can take some points. Lets see where we are approaching the New Year.
  17. Heaton MOTM. Played off the park, but some of our decisions and play were embarrassing.
  18. It’s a cruel mistress this league. There are times when i miss the Championship.
  19. What a save Heaton. Keeping it slightly respectable. Could still end up scoring 5 or 6.
  20. Wes really needs replacing during the break. We are still in this just and Kodj can sometimes provide something different. Get him on Dean.
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