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  1. I reckon he's that Grasshopper bloke, back after a sense of humour lobotomy.
  2. Bizzarely, belatedly, unbelievably, beautifully, our squad is beginning to look and feel promotion ready.
  3. Beautiful. At last, a game in which Villa were fully dominant without a single question mark. Thank you Dean Smith. Whelan superb. Fingers crossed for Tammy.
  4. Righto, fair enough to have doubts. I too am/was concerned re: how we adapted without Grealish and Tuanzebe, but his hands were tied to a great extent. We've seen enough before and after their absence to know he can get a team to play, so actually, with positives and negatives weighed in the round, he deserves more credit than criticism. You carry on, banging on, having an opinion for the attention.
  5. Players who couldn't pass now can because of Grealish. That said, not particularly pretty on this occasion, but certainly clinical, hardworking and resolute, as epitomised by MoM John McGinn. Capped off by yet another commanding performance from Mings. How very pleasing.
  6. Please please please sign Mings. We are a different team with Jack. McGinn also wonderful. On our way!
  7. We are going to be here for quite a while whether he leaves or not.
  8. He's a Grime rapper 'as well', apparently, so probably can't be arsed with the footy any more, which makes him a perfect fit with our current crop. Jesus saw his talent though, so who am I to question the boy?
  9. A fair summary, but to your original point re: being certain Smith will turn it around if given the time, I'm not sure he'll get it, especially if we continue looking this inept. Personally, I hate that we can't pass the ball at pace without Grealish.
  10. What run of form and performance style would countenance you changing your mind?
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