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  1. ...But then did today anyway, just to prove themselves right in previous games? That's serious stealth pre-planning!
  2. Is it just me, or does Scott Parker have a tiny body and a disproportionately enormous head?
  3. "To be added later" was the clear man of the match. WHY did we have to go behind to make an effort?
  4. The commentator just said it's been a strangely subdued performance from Villa, as though they are surprised. We are shit.
  5. Well played Fulham. Better team. We are utterly woeful
  6. I mean you are right, but there's nothing to call this year, is there? If you mean next year, that's a different point, which you haven't made clear.
  7. This. It's fine with some though. We can't/shouldn't imagine anything else.
  8. Didn't you say he was making it up?
  9. Not much evidence of that lately
  10. Generally sound advice, but you are pretty strident in your opinion. Do you change that opinion of him if he is right and you were wrong? At the end of the day, you are just some bloke making an assertion on the internet, just like him!
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