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  1. We can do this boys. On the rise. Thank you.
  2. Come on Mystic Meg, let's have some more of your infinite wisdom...
  3. He is such a promising player. Really like him. He just needs a few goals and he would be special.
  4. What the utter garbage bit? I thought you'd enjoy that one. That is deep isn't it?
  5. Yeah? Any other pearls of wisdom from your crystal ball, Mystic Meg?
  6. It's almost as if players are capable of sometimes playing well AND other times badly, depending on all sorts of things like their fitness, confidence, how the rest of the team is playing and stuff in their private lives. Or, maybe they are just utter garbage?
  7. Nothing in football is permanent. Hard to believe at the moment I know, but there will even come a time in the future, when Dean Smith can't be blamed for all the things that went wrong in your life as a teenager.
  8. Ahh Stefan, Villa's very own postie, more famous for accepting deliveries than making them.
  9. What did you type into Google to come up with that and why?
  10. Not sure, write and ask him? Or, you could make a wild assumption and profess as it as true, the next time your prejudice and emotions get the better of you. You decide.
  11. Are you sure about that? Pretty certain he is deliberately trying to get us relegated. Some radical on here said so and now I believe it because it is my right to hold and express unpopular opinions.
  12. May be wrong on this and seems hard to believe given some of the recent play, but I think Villa are 6th in the form table over the last 6 games. The tide may actually be turning.
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