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  1. Lerner's Driver

    Dean Smith

    Have I missed the interview with him, or is that likely to come today?
  2. Lerner's Driver

    Dean Smith

    Yeah, strange lot aren't they.
  3. Lerner's Driver

    Scott Hogan

    But he was once a good player... for Brentford, hence us buying him, so your logic doesn't stand up I'm afraid. He 'suddenly became awful' under Bruce because Bruce didn't use him properly. He may not take his chance, but I hope he does mostly because it will benefit Villa if he does. For you to dismiss that as a possibility before it has the chance to be proven one way or the other suggests a closed mind.
  4. Lerner's Driver

    Scott Hogan

    I think the history between them will mean he at least gets a chance to prove himself. Your absolute dislike of him seems a little irrational. No question that some managers get more out of some players than others and likewise some systems suit some players more than others.
  5. Lerner's Driver

    Dean Smith

    After the highs of last year, it's quite clear that Jack isn't the Messiah, he's just a very naughty boy.
  6. Lerner's Driver

    Dean Smith

    Tres drole!
  7. Lerner's Driver

    Dean Smith

    Winning quote from that is... "Jesus also brings a huge amount of experience" But seriously, I'm much happier with Smith than I would have been Henry. If he can't or won't play in defence for us, having Terry as a coach is the next best thing and I know nothing at all about Pitarch, so will reserve judgement. All in all a bit of a random bunch, let's hope it works. Some nice to watch AND effective football is all we want. Welcome chaps!
  8. Lerner's Driver

    New Manager Speculation

    The Sun couldn't be less appropriately named, they don't shed light on anything - more like an income generating, cancerous, black sludge of lies and pure fiction.
  9. Lerner's Driver

    New Manager Speculation

    What basis would you have for either liking or disliking their efforts made thus far?
  10. Lerner's Driver

    New Manager Speculation

    Monaco suits him better than we do. We are a tough gig and Henry knows it.
  11. Lerner's Driver

    New Manager Speculation

  12. Lerner's Driver

    New Manager Speculation

    Just as likely to fail as succeed under a former player is the definition of a 'hope for the best' punt. If that's where we've got to, then so be it, but let's call it what it is and not bitch and moan if and when it does go tits up.
  13. Lerner's Driver

    Ratings & Reactions: Millwall v Villa

    Wonder if Thierry Henry is good in a relegation fight.
  14. Lerner's Driver

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    More dull plod
  15. Lerner's Driver

    Pre-Match New Dawn Patience

    You been on the wacky baccy?