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  1. I don't agree, we need a coherent looking team, which is pretty much the opposite.
  2. Didn't watch the play off final, but If Benrahma has been subdued and they lost, I think it means he's pretty much a dead cert for us. His performance potentially puts other higher placed teams off him and it means his price won't inflate further. I'd be surprised if this doesn't happen now.
  3. With respect, you didn't provide any context for the names you offered. So, you failed to mention that at the time we were looking, we were desperate in certain positions, we had a tiny budget thanks to fair play and we were near the bottom of the league, so Smith was hardly going to sign Messi, now was he? I would say it is also questionable as to how many players of any kind he got to choose himself last season, with the three you cited probably being as far from his preference as you could possibly imagine, but then I am only guessing at that, just like you are!
  4. The bloke is enormous. When he times whatever it is he is trying to do right, he is literally unstoppable (a la the Everton goal), but I think his size is also a hindrance at times. There were plenty of occasions where he looked really awkward on the ball last year, which is not a great quality for a forward! He's still got a helluva lot to do to prove that he can make it in my opinion. Plenty of raw potential and the pre-injury upturn in form has probably bought him some more time, but he just doesn't inspire confidence. We'll see.
  5. Will he though? I think that question mark, fuelled by his own seeming reluctance to sign a new contract, is what's fuelling some people's enthusiasm. You are probably right of course, but this is no age of reason.
  6. Bellingham just went for 'an initial £25m', so who knows.
  7. Well done Deano, learn from your mistakes please. Sorry for doubting you.
  8. Exactly right, nothing particularly worth celebrating, apart from the fact we stayed up, which means we get another chance to improve.
  9. Is Benrahma a good enough replacement?
  10. No, he's right. Not enough, IF Wes is our main goal threat, but he won't be. Samatta will be 3rd or 4th choice. Wes should be second to (or equal with) someone of Ings experienced quality and we will try to get that player. The owners are going to spend.
  11. In my opinion there is a big difference in quality, our lot, however sh*t they are now, will probably do okay down there, but we are going to see another lot of heavy recruiting as players leave and that never bodes well for cohesive forward momentum. I just want a Villa side that look like a proper team and that knows what they are doing. We have been a rag bag of randoms for as long as I can remember. It's **** depressing.
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