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  1. Lerner's Driver

    Steve Bruce

    Yes, nothing is easy to predict at the moment, but if you think about it, we are probably likely to become even more like the sort of club Bruce typically manages - uninspiring, but hard working, nick one on the break. No more pesky expectations, so he can get on with surviving and surprising people with next season's mid table miracle.
  2. Lerner's Driver

    New Manager Speculation

    It won't make a blind bit of difference who the manager is if the owner has lost interest.
  3. Lerner's Driver

    Ross McCormack

    Like the ones that send it accurately from ground to air and then into the net, you mean?
  4. Lerner's Driver

    Jack Grealish

    Terry, still can't imagine any circumstances under which he might leave?
  5. Lerner's Driver

    Ratings & Reactions: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Quite honestly, I couldn't care less what Fulham or any other team have or haven't won and I say that despite recognising the better team won yesterday. Your opinion of what constitutes a good fan by comparing their responses to an enduring lack of success is pointless. Okay, so Fulham haven't won anything ever, great... show me one fan of any club that HAS won something who feels comforted by former glories. You won't find one. Believe it or not, my point was actually similar to yours, in that life goes on. Villa losing is disappointing, of course it is, but that's all it is.
  6. Lerner's Driver

    Jack Grealish

    As he was this year, right?
  7. Lerner's Driver

    Ratings & Reactions: Play Off Final v Fulham

    The older you get as a Villa fan, the more you get used to the disappointment of defeat. Supporting Aston Villa helps you to remember there's a lot more to life than football... until the next game of course, when it all starts again. As some have said, the game was indeed a microcosm of our season and yes, ultimately Bruce has failed, so he could feel no surprise if he loses his job. We are in the cack now, for sure, but we'll survive. Goodbye Jack and thank you for finally proving an exciting Villa youngster can make it and prosper in the first team. His emergence and possible departure probably shows the way forward for our club on a tight budget and therefore also a compelling reason for ditching Brucey. If he does go, he deserves our thanks for righting the ship - no small feat.
  8. Lerner's Driver

    Pre-match chat

    We are going to win. Come on you Villa boys!
  9. Lerner's Driver

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Agree, he sounded pretty downbeat in his post match interview on Sky last night when he said, "There's no hiding from the fact they've got the advantage and it's going to be difficult at a full Villa Paaaaahk".
  10. Lerner's Driver

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Bound to take it out of you when the magic you could once rely on (cos the physical wasn't an issue), is no longer certain. Needs to dig deep and work hard.
  11. Lerner's Driver

    Steve Bruce

    Keep persevering mate. Might be a while yet.
  12. Lerner's Driver

    Steve Bruce

    Some Villa fans have exceedingly high expectations of the manager... irrespective of who it is and the prevailing circumstances. Fair enough, it's almost inevitable they do, given the irrational love we all pour into supporting our very special club. But... experience tells us, unrealistic expectation only leads to disappointment. Again and again and again. That said, struggling through adversity and yes, sometimes whilst being his own worst enemy, is what Steven Bruce is all about - you could say that's his USP, or even his modus operandi. Who knows how we will fare over the next two games, but if ever the script was written for him it is now. If we lose, I suspect he'll resign, but I'm not betting against him knowing exactly what's required, one last time. Perhaps it's in the stars. Up the Villa!
  13. Lerner's Driver

    Steve Bruce

    This thread, much like our hopes of getting promoted, is positively Sisyphean.
  14. Lerner's Driver

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Don't forget, whichever team loses out on the race for second is going to feel pretty deflated when dropping down in to the playoff mix, so that could result in an interesting final opponent, assuming we get there too, of course
  15. Lerner's Driver

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    He can add that to his list of achievements.