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  1. Perhaps he meant literally. They could have gone shopping together.
  2. This feels right to me. He sounded hyped to be back and ready to compete. Excellent signing to keep the good vibes coming.
  3. Yup, the latest in a growing line of strangely familiar posts from 'different posters', which appear strident without reason.
  4. Hark and pray silence, the soothsayer has spoken. Soothsayer, please continue...
  5. He will play, even if only primarily as a sub and I for one am looking forward to him doing so because he definitely still has something to offer.
  6. The whole idea of fan perceived 'player loyalty' is totally unrealistic, sentimental nonsense. Obviously, we invest our hopes and dreams in the players and to some degree, they play along with that narrative, but at the end of the day, they are just doing a job in a fairly short career... Just as we all do from time to time, sometimes they think... yeah, I like it here, but I want to get paid more, so it's time to leave. And if our employer rates us and doesn't want to lose us, they might try all sorts of things to keep us, but if we've made our minds up, we'll do whatever it t
  7. Those lucky enough to have the choice know what WFH really means.
  8. Exactly. They are solving our biggest weakness from last year. Imagine supporting a club that shares the same concerns you have and then sorts them out, one by one, properly. I can't remember Villa ever being this efficient and I've been following 'em for forty years!
  9. Another example of hearing about it as being possible one minute and then getting it (as good as) done the next. I LOVE the way we are being run, but even more so, I love the experts who have been stating with absolutely certainty it ain't happening because he doesn't fit the policy. What's that? Ahh yes, it's the sound of the rule book being torn up!
  10. Exactly. Thanks to the internet, we live in a binary world with no nuance, which isn't real. The challenge is to not get drawn in. Fact is, there is more than one way of skinning a cat.
  11. International football is different... in a way the stakes are higher. Villa bias aside, I think it was decent and certainly won't be complaining just because Jack didn't get on. He will get his chance. Nothing wrong with easing your way in, particularly when you haven't previously won the first game in this tournament. Well done England, Raheem and Gareth.
  12. The important bit is not IF, but how many of our top performers go and when. More than a few at the same time and the risks increase. As you say, if we can limit it, stagger it and seamlessly introduce our replacements, then the current level of progress, or something close to it, can be maintained. In years gone by, we might have one or two assets other teams wanted and they would be picked off with someone unsatisfactory brought in to replace them, or we wouldn't get anyone at at all, so you would end up with a bunch of square pegs in round holes. We do at least have some stru
  13. Your first paragraph is interesting. You say the national flags have been hijacked by the far right, so doesn't it logically follow that it is they who have turned those flags into a symbol of racism? What role are the liberal left media playing? Also, could you explain which outlets you are referring to when you talk about the liberal left media because again, it's not clear who you have in mind. I could be wrong, but the way you used that phrase implies that you think most media is liberal. If that is what you think, which outlets do you have in mind? The second par
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