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  1. You can't call what you saw today anything other than shit.
  2. Very poor. @Terryini, I guess you will say these are not the games we need to win, but I'm not sure where any points are coming from if we continue playing like that. We looked the same as when we went down last time. Half arsed, sloppy shite. Particularly worrying, given those around us are picking up points. How is Wesley Brazilian?
  3. nappy (næpi ) Word forms: nappies COUNTABLE NOUN A nappy is a piece of soft thick cloth or paper which is fastened round a baby's bottom in order to soak up its urine and faeces. [British]
  4. I mean, I know you are right. I do accept the principle of what you are saying. It's still hard to accept emotionally though, knowing we are actually not far off being a lot better than our points total suggests.
  5. Agree they weren't there for the taking, that is ridiculous because they were the better side with better players, but... I do kind of understand the gist of what was being suggested in that despite that superiority, we stayed in the game and had the chances to nick a point we wouldn't have deserved, so it does feel like a missed opportunity. I think I'm just peeved at the 'almost but not quite' vibe of this year because it would be easier to process if we were just shite! As it is, it's hard to know if we are genuinely forming into something useful or just a lopsided mix of good and bad.
  6. Disappointing. Chelsea the better team and deserved winners, but again, we somehow stayed in it and created enough chances to have nicked a point. Difference between the two teams was the quality and composure of their lot vs. our wasteful, casual play in key moments. Ming's his usual mix of excellent and sloppy, often in the same move. McGinn starting to pick up the thread again, I thought. Konsa, Kinda shaky. Wesley, almost pointless, nothing sticks, ever. Jack a few decent runs. Heaton superb.
  7. Brain dead morons whose whole identity is defined by whether or not their team wins or loses at the weekend - sad. I mean we all get involved and it matters more than it should, but there are way more important things in life than a game of football.
  8. I guess so, typical Villa! Either we need to buy some new players who suit his game and can help him score, or he needs replacing because he doesn't do enough as a number 9, in my opinion.
  9. Weird trait for a striker though. I prefer the ones who score, don't you?
  10. I mean he ran about (kept his men occupied), but that's a minimum requirement, which he hasn't been doing enough of this season. Might be a confidence issue with him, it's hard to tell. He's not in the box enough to tell.
  11. No, a disaster would be you getting through this weekend without that nappy I told you to buy a few weeks back. It's okay, you tried not using one, but it just isn't working.
  12. You think a lot about our opponents feelings, don't you? Reading your posts it's almost like you kinda like wonder what it would be like to be like the fan of another team.
  13. Didn't bother watching because you could see this result coming without Jack, Heaton and Engels. Wolves in reasonable form, at home against us, it was pretty much a banker. As Terry said this week, just one of those losses we have to 'accept' this year. I advise the rest of you to adjust accordingly, or you are going to be in for a hell of a lot of pain.
  14. Who cares. Wear a nappy if it offers you a bit more confidence.
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