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  1. I personally haven't missed the Saturday morning anxiety, followed by the inevitable Saturday afternoon slump into mild depression, at all. It's been a relief not to think about Villa. Oh well, prove us all wrong lads.
  2. Absolutely entitled to your opinion, but the original poster is also entitled to his and IF he is even correct about half of what he is saying, then politely asking a failing Government to admit to its catastrophic mistakes and then change their actions isn't likely to achieve much is it? Millions of people marched against Brexit and this lot didn't even acknowledge the march had taken place. Forget who is right or wrong about that pile of crap, because that question IS irrelevant, but what isn't is the attitude behind Brexit and this current brand of Tories, who are beholden to their paymasters and have been forming policy throughout this crisis on the hoof, with those paymasters constantly in their ear. So yes, the same applies to PL and project restart, it's political alright, which is why it's also perfectly right to question the money first greed we can all see playing itself out.
  3. If they remove relegation, as is customary for Villa, we will probably turn into Brazil and qualify for Europe.
  4. Boooooooo! We are a very hard team to like. We have some ability, but rarely make it count because we are always shooting ourselves in the foot. We frequently fail to do the basics properly and we are very very shit at defending. On current form, we absolutely deserve to go down. Complete and utter cack.
  5. You are an expert on most things, so what else can you tell us about non sense? Is it one word, two? Do you pride yourself on never uttering it? Does it feel good to put fellow Villa fans in their place for being wrong?
  6. How have you managed to make these few words sound like there is more than one of you? That's a challenging prospect on several levels.
  7. There you go again, judging the validity of Villa fans. No wonder you are so well liked.
  8. Good try. As usual, not quite good enough. If he stays, Samatta will be useful in the Championship.
  9. I mean, if we do go down, a lot of 'why' will be down to the players we bought, but when making as many signings as we did, the chances of that working were always going to be against us. Not only did those players need to find form individually, most of them needed to do it for the first time in the Premier League and some in a new country. And even if they had been able to maintain decent personal form, there was always going to be the issue of how they all gelled together. With one or two exceptions, It hasn't really happened consistently on either front. This season is basically a punt that has never looked like coming off. But then you think, what other option was there? You don't buy a quality new team for £140m or whatever it was.
  10. None of us has the insight or passion you do in relation to all things Aston Villa and yours is the only acceptable form of support. Please will you forgive us?
  11. Classic Villa though - you must be used to it. Not used to losing a player of his rare, home grown quality, but us not holding on to and building on anything good over a meaningful period of time. Life as a Villa fan doesn't work like that! We get the odd, occasional glimpse of glory, which subsequently evapourates. Hence the doom - it's in our blood. Even if by some fluke, we win today, it probably won't inspire us to finish the league strongly in the way it might some teams. Our lot will just become even more ragged and loose on the ball and we will go down as the bottom team. I'm exaggerating of course, it probably won't be that extreme, but as a club, in our recent history, we have shown we are expert at not being good enough... Last season was an exceptional run of form, but going straight back down and losing Grealish would be classic Villa!
  12. I promise you'll get over it. Sooner than you realise. And... your wife will even wash your shitty pants.
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