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  1. Ramsdale and Kelly showing promise and look the part. Billing is an obvious one because lack presence in midfield. They have some good players.
  2. We don’t need to spend £10m plus on a 29/30 year old. Although I do think Gayle, even on loan, would be guaranteed goals. Karlan Grant is 22 years of age and can easily score enough goals or us. Doubt Huddersfield could ask for such a high figure as they could be playing League One football soon. If Boro keep declining I wouldn’t be against Britt Assombalonga. 27 years of age and proven at Championship level. I very much doubt his fee would be as high as £10m. We shouldn’t ignore someone like Ivan Toney either, 24 years of age, 24 goals this season. Could do a job for us and very likely to improve.
  3. If Bournemouth drop, sign Billing. Big, imposing midfielder perfect for the Championship. Lloyd Kelly is another we could steal from them. By all accounts, Bournemouth are going to be in a financial mess.
  4. Get him out and break the bank to get Dan Ashworth in.
  5. Had a real fondness for his ROI team, mainly due to the amount of Villa players in it. McGrath, Staunton, Houghton, Townsend, Cascarino.
  6. Jensen Weir moving to Brighton from Wigan for peanuts (500k). Dan Ashworth would do wonders for us in the transfer market. We really do miss out on some great young talent.
  7. Young, hungry and could make the step up. Not sure i’ve suggested many that lack pace? Only Dack maybe? We shouldn’t overlook talent in the lower leagues is my point.
  8. Forgot to add, if Mings goes and Bournemouth drop, and have financial issues, then Lloyd Kelly would be an ideal replacement for Mings. Not sure if we could get him, but looks a player.
  9. Gayle would score goals in the Championship for sure. However, I would personally go for Karlan Grant at Huddersfield, especially if they drop to League one. Then Ivan Toney from Peterborough at his back up. Two players that would be more than capable in the Championship and wouldn’t break the bank. Would then look to offload or loan out Wesley, Davis. Keeping possibly Samatta. Talking of Huddersfield dropping, Terence Kongolo is an option at the back, especially if Mings moves on. Connor Goldson at Rangers wants to move closer to home, as I know his father. Midlands boy and would do a job in the Championship. WBA looking at him. Matty Cash at Forest is another improving every game at full back. Out wide, Lolley would be great on the left side and would run through brick walls for this club. Only issue here is he wouldn’t be cheap. In the middle, Massengo at Bristol City is one to keep a watchful eye on, as sadly we’ve missed the boat with Eze at QPR. Swift at Reading another useful player and appears bids already being made for him. Price on Swift seems to be good though, as tall of 4/5m being enough. Hourihane will probably hit double figures in the Championship and needs to be retained. Can we keep McGinn? Hope so but doubtful I suppose. The inevitable Grealish sale would be a huge void to fill and lack of creativity would be difficult to replace. Can’t we’ll would be great, but his price high. However, Bradley Dack is an option perhaps with Blackburn going nowhere. We also need to keep an eye on top youngsters coming through clubs and poach them early. Brewster as you say on loan. Derby have a few already with Bogle and Sibley doing well. Nathan Collins at Stoke. Imagine of they drop to League One. Fry and Tavernier at Middlesbrough.
  10. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    I don’t think the squad can give much more, but just better organisation and decision making during games may have changed one or two results for us. Smith certainly has limitations and I think this league is a step too far for him unfortunately. Stick or twist in the Championship, I just don’t know. Personally, I think a change would be best just to give the whole place a lift.
  11. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    I was chuffed when he joined us and still was at the start of this season, optimism I suppose. However, I truly believe that the current squad need a new voice telling them what to do now. I cannot say he has lost the dressing room, I just don’t think he is getting the best out of what he has.
  12. I agree in that it still bugs me that it was chalked off. However, then look at Sheffield Utd at home the other week and we dodged a bullet. Most things even out over a season. It certainly won’t be that Palace decision that sends us down.
  13. Really hope not, but just fearing ....................................
  14. As we were founded in 1874, i’d say 28 years ago is recent history for the club. Also, we’ve not had much to celebrate in the last 30 years.
  15. Don’t be daunted mate, just be you!
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