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  1. It’s all unpopular stuff with me mate!
  2. Tin hat time, but here’s a few I can think of: Mrs Brown’s Boys - utter rubbish. People talk about it at work as if it’s the greatest show of all time? Friends - again, utter rubbish. I mention it because Mrs F could watch them all day, every day. Just don’t get the popularity of it. Vaping - people now think it’s ok to vape around you because it’s allegedly safe. I still don’t wish to have someones candy floss smoke in my face. Smart watches - most people I know now, including Mrs F, have one and love them, but they look like expensive tat to me. I like a real watch and would love a really expensive one in the future. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc - just not for me. VT all day long though. Other people’s kids and animals - we have pets and two kids, but I am fully aware that people don’t want to see pics and hear stories of them all day. Also, we’re fully aware of how they should behave in public. In return, I don’t wish to have other people’s animals and kids in my face. KFC, Burger King & McDonalds - clearly loved because of how busy they are. Our two kids love the happy meals, but to have any of this food as some kind of takeaway treat on a Friday or Saturday night? No thanks. It’s damn expensive for what it is, but people will queue for an age for it? If we’re going to have a takeaway, give me a chippy tea, Chinese or Indian every time.
  3. Like all games in this league, it will be another tough afternoon where you have to earn the right to play first and foremost against a Pearson team. Make no mistake, they will kick us about (especially Jack) in the opening stages. However, they do have danger men in Deulofeu, Deeney, Pereyra etc. No idea who’s fit for them though? If we have Mings fit, I would like to see the following 532 or 352 and see if we can look a little more solid: Heaton Konsa Mings Hause Guilbert Targett Luiz Lansbury Hourihane Grealish Kodjia However, Smith won’t change from the 433 formation, so I expect to see this: Heaton Guilbert Konsa Hause Taylor Nakamba Luiz Hourihane AEG Wesley Grealish
  4. Totally agree mate . How quickly some of us forget.
  5. .........and could so easily have been us playing in League One by now had it not been for NSWE. We are very lucky indeed.
  6. Wasn’t there rumours of him having a dodgy back, which is why he plays less games? Could be wrong on this though.
  7. Minimum of three players required to give the current squad and fans a lift. Obviously a forward arriving on the 1st January please. The Chelsea forward rumoured so far. Winger/wide forward. Benrahma or Bowen are obvious choices or a loan player? Central Midfielder, mainly due to the McGinn injury. Eze of QPR? Or possibly another loan? If we can do 2/3 deals quickly it may just give us that lift and confidence that’s badly needed.
  8. Wasn’t pretty, but a wins a win. I’ll take that!
  9. Keep a clean sheet now lads and we win the game! Would love a second to settle the nerves. Didn’t someone see Santa this week and he said we’d win the game? Gotta love Santa
  10. Nakamba off, Hourihane on. Trez off, Jota or Kodj on. We need a spark.
  11. Was that the door? Edit - apologies, the above was meant for Mrs F, who’s downstairs somewhere!
  12. Exactly this. Lay a marker down in the first 10/15 minutes to the show the desire and passion to get a result. The fans will really get behind them if they see this. First goal is vital here. We score, players, fans etc will believe. They score, we could end up on the back of 2 or 3 goal defeat. I would love Smith to tinker with the team/formation and surprise Norwich with something different. Everything crossed for this one.
  13. Merry Christmas to all on VT. Enjoy yourselves.
  14. I assume it’s his birthday tomorrow?
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