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  1. God in the air and probably helps him playing in a back 3.
  2. ferguson1

    Tom Heaton

    I wouldn’t trust anyone who allows their phone to run down to 7%.
  3. Only allowed to have two Premier League players on loan and registered in the squad. Would agree that any two of the three suggested would improve us though.
  4. Season defining 10 minutes. We to be strong and hold on. First to every ball now.
  5. Couldn’t VAR have checked the challenge for a possible red card?
  6. Need a third to take the sting out of Burnley.
  7. Cool as a cucumber me. It’s in the bag this one.
  8. Mings is a massive influence on the players. A clear leader on the pitch.
  9. Mings is making a big difference here. Players more confident having him on the pitch.
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