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  1. Re kit: Is it possible to release our new kit and merchandise any earlier each year? My kids would love to wear a new kit over the summer holidays but this is rarely possible due to either manufacture/sponsor changes or delays. Feels like a missed opportunity for the club. Re Stadium upgrade/expansion: Can the club confirm any short and/or long term plans please? Many thanks @OutByEaster?
  2. Can see it being Brentford away, live Sky game . My preferred game would be someone like Newcastle at home.
  3. Probably been said, but Kane dropping so deep is driving me mad. The game was crying out for someone to play on the shoulder and hate to say it, but Watkins would have loved playing in that first half today.
  4. Cash out now mate in support of Grealish! It’s the only way to redeem yourself.
  5. Chilwell and Sancho must have knocks/not fit surely? Not defending the manager but this must be the case.
  6. Can’t argue with that team to be honest, just a shame our national manager doesn’t agree.
  7. Puts a lot of insignificant things into perspective this. Just given my two young kids a big kiss and told them how much I love them. They probably thought what’s dad doing here being silly. It was worth it cos it’s made me feel better this evening.
  8. Fantastic news that he is currently ‘stable’ in hospital. The emergency services/medics are absolute heroes.
  9. That was a truly horrible watch but the whole world are unite in wishing him well. Please be ok CE
  10. This within 3 years and a rollercoaster off the Holte End please.
  11. I suggested him yesterday but I think we could a lot worse than look at Josh Maja. French football financially is a mess right now, so a possible bargain to be had with resale value if he doesn’t come off.
  12. Aim for 60 points and hope for a top 8 finish. Perhaps a tad greedy but a cup final again would be nice also.
  13. Josh Maja anyone? Possible value due to the financial issues within French football right now.
  14. Clearly it’s not in! Not even close.
  15. Lee Buchanan at Derby could be one to consider to challenge Targett? Was getting some good reviews last season. Otherwise, could we still be interested in Aaron Hickey? Got quite a nasty shoulder injury which ended his season early but was doing well in Italy.
  16. We’re well and truly awake now and ready to take on anything put in front of us. Can’t thank these guys enough.
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