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  1. I still look back fondly at one of my earliest home games when we beat Liverpool during the 92-93 season. Dean Saunders scoring two on his home debut and us winning 4-2. He very nearly scored a hat trick that day when he also hit the bar. 38,000 in the crowd and the place rocking. I think it was also the game when I witnessed the worst miss from any player ever in front of the Holte End! Most of you will know who I am talking about. A great occasion and would love a similar result today (doubt it, but you never know)
  2. To be fair, we’re currently on a Haven holiday park which is full of kids everywhere, but I still wouldn’t knock on caravan doors with my kids. Each to their own I guess.
  3. On holiday in Weymouth and we’ve had 3 knocks on the caravan door this evening from Trick or Treaters? Perhaps it’s just me, but what’s wrong with people! I mean, if I buy some chocolate I actually want to eat it myself or perhaps share a chunk with the kids, but certainly not give it away to some random!! Bugger off ya scavs. American crap which has no place here. **I actually feel sick right now from having fish & chips and too much chocolate**
  4. It’s Roswell all over again! Liverpool Out!!
  5. Ties to be played week commencing 16 December, but Liverpool have a fixture clash due to the club World Cup game?
  6. Home against bloody Liverpool
  7. Cruising with Jane McDonald, who would have thought? Have they forgot about the draw?? Sod it, let’s just do the Time Warp instead.
  8. Colchester, Oxford or Everton at home please. Anyone else would be tough, especially if drawn away. The Zoe Ball breakfast show on Radio 2? Why??
  9. Watching the Wolves kids tonight and some promising youngsters performing in the cup for Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City etc, do we have any talented kids near to the first team? Ramsey and Archer the closest I suppose? Curious if we have another Grealish ready to step up?
  10. ferguson1


    Thought the lad Kilman looked quite good for them tonight. They clearly have some good kids coming through.
  11. I’m no big fan of Wes just yet, but now realise that if he gets injured and Davis is unavailable, we’ll be unleashing Kodj on the Premier League!
  12. Colchester or Oxford Utd at home please! Konsa is going to be a class act and my MOTM tonight.
  13. We’ll win for sure! No VAR tonight!!
  14. Picking a Smith side is just so easy!
  15. For what it’s worth, I actually think Mitrovic would be a fantastic addition to the squad and I championed us signing him in the summer. However, i must say that from the games and highlights I’ve seen this season, I’m really struck on Watkins at Brentford. Could be the real deal and Smith would obviously know if he can be that player. Wouldn’t be good value though, as the usual £20m plus would get quoted at us I suppose. Alternatively, we look abroad again and a possible loan to buy option.
  16. Let’s see if the lion can tame the wolf? I think it can and can see a nervy 2-1 or 3-1 Villa win here.
  17. Konza for Mings, as Smith is not going to play two left footed centre half’s together. Lansbury for McGinn, as SJM needs a rest. Otherwise, it’s the team i’d go with.
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