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  1. I wouldn’t dismiss the Championship as a place to look for players, either short or long term as one or two suggest. The GK situation is still a worry for me and personally I would be looking at possibly a short term fix from the Championship (ie Randolph, Etheridge, Westwood) or Butland if looking longer term. Nyland just gives me the shivers. I hope that we also persist with the 3 at the back for the rest of the season, which could mean looking at a further centre back? I cannot think of a stand out Championship centre back right now, but perhaps someone may think of one? However, Tuanzebe on a short loan is a good shout. Is the Aberdeen centre back mentioned previously doing ok still? I would also love to see Ashley Young return on a short loan to cover the left wing back role. He’d be perfect for it. Midfield we are very weakened without McGinn and need something. Lansbury or Hourihane just cannot fill the role until the end of the season. Eze of QPR sounds like the pick of the Championship right now. If that move wasn’t possible, what about either Allen or Woods from Stoke? I know not great, would think either would offer us something. Otherwise, is there a further McGinn gem in Scotland right now to be had? Forwards? We need some power and pace across the whole line for sure. The Fulham fella is an obvious choice, but just cannot see him moving in this window. However, there are others to consider from the Championship (ie Karlan Grant, Ollie Watkins to name two). Wide areas, again Bowen being the pick, but expensive and the same with Benrahma. What about Lolley? Has pace, great shot and would bust a gut for the team. Lolley could be our new Tommy Johnson. Scotland again could be a place to look for forward players. Otherwise, either of the Chelsea forwards mentioned on loan would improve us for sure. Alternatively, we’ll be looking abroad for loans or smaller size fee signings I imagine. The risk here of course is the settling in period, as some adjust quicker than others. Either way, I hope we do all our business quickly. I think we need a minimum of 3, but would like to see 4 or 5 coming in soon. Not easy though in January.
  2. Liked him at Forest, but he really has regressed with us and appears out of his depth. Perhaps he doesn’t even care, but he will never play for a club as big as us in the future. Wasted talent.
  3. Perhaps I’ll smell them next season? Oh well
  4. A crowd of approximately 7000 at Small Heath today. Lowest in 5 years for them.
  5. Either you mean Paul Merson or Mathieu Berson? I assume it’s Berson though, unless you are mad
  6. Mate, Mrs F would say i’m priceless!
  7. ferguson1

    Ørjan Nyland

    I really hope so, cos he still gives me the shivers. I feel one mistake and his confidence would crumble. More than willing to give him a shot though. Isn’t Neil Cutler meant to be a very good and well respected GK coach? Perhaps Cutler has done good work with him.
  8. Yep, mine was a torn meniscus and you are spot on mate regarding temperature changes, aches etc.
  9. Added to striker options above, as I think we now need two: Championship - Watkins, Wells, Woodrow, Grant. Scotland - Edouard, Shankland. Europe - ? AM - Lolley, Wallace.
  10. Gutted for the lad. I tore my knee ligaments over twenty years ago and my knee was never the same and isn’t even now. I still get a dull ache most of the time. I could carry on playing full contact sports, but as the surgeon said it’s never going to be like your original knee. Hope Wesley returns stronger than ever for us and wish him a speedy recovery.
  11. ferguson1

    Tom Heaton

    Agreed. Either a loan from a Premier League club or buy someone out of the Championship with top level experience (ie Butland, Randolph, Westwood, Etheridge).
  12. Eze and Bowen seem like good choices. There is also Lolley, who would no doubt give his right arm to play for us. Then there is Benrahma and Wallace of course. Presume we are looking across Europe for a forward or a Premier League loan, but what would people think of Watkins, Grant or Woodrow from the Championship? Would all be cheaper than Mitrovic, and all scoring goals this season. If Heaton is out for the season, what about Randolph, Butland or the Cardiff keeper (forget his name). All have Premier League experience and could slot straight into the squad.
  13. I think we need to be very cautious who we play here, as we can’t afford anymore injuries to key players. Can we recall Green for instance? I very much doubt Fulham will play a regular first team. I would go something like: Kalinic Elmo Chester Suliman Bridge Hourihane Lansbury Ramsey Jota Kodjia Green I’ve got no idea who else we play consider from the Under 23’s? Archer, Revan? If Davis is available I suppose it would be god for him to play some part. Edit - Hadn’t realised Green had been recalled and immediately loaned out to Charlton. Perhaps AEG or Trez on the left then.
  14. I wouldn’t be against Ashley Young returning on loan for six months. Experienced pro and would cover the wing back role really well. No idea if United would entertain releasing him though.
  15. Bloody iPad, or I could just blame the wine!
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