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  1. *Amended text for the fun of VT*
  2. ferguson1

    Keinan Davis

    Not intended but certainly required!
  3. Belhanda. Now sadly rotting under Julie B’s patio.
  4. Should really wrap up that garden hose during winter or she’ll have a split pipe in spring! Apart from that, nothing to see here.
  5. Not disagreeing with you but very much doubt meeting Doris the tea lady before he signs is a deal breaker to be honest.
  6. Fully behind the Dr here - big dipper or GTFO.
  7. One of my favourites from that era and always watchable. Nothing flashy about it, just good tension. “oh ok, you got time to duck?”
  8. Nah not for me! Reasons: Tonev - Mark II He’s the same size as Elphick - 4’ 1” He’ll never quarantine in Julie B’s basement His only English is - “We’re all Marco from Tropoja“
  9. My understanding is that he works tirelessly throughout each and every window for us!
  10. Julie B’s basement, eta 57 minutes. It’s happening.
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