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  1. Got to admit I'm struggling to really get into this at the moment. Played it a few times but it's just not doing it for me yet. I'll give it a few more hours though.
  2. I agree I'm just interested in the comparison.
  3. I was thinking it would be interesting to compare his goal to the one Grealish scored against Liverpool running from the half way line. See how the speed of the players compares, the control of the ball the two have.
  4. Lots of opportunities down the left so get Bailey on.
  5. Picked it up yesterday but only had chance to play for about half an hour. So far so good, although far too early to get a proper grasp of it. Hoping to get a few hours on it later or over the weekend.
  6. So who's got it and what's it like?
  7. Yeah I'm definitely interested in getting this. Looks fun. I've seen a few reviews and the lowest score I saw was 8 out of 10.
  8. Will be interesting to see what effect Danks has on his game. Great to have him back.
  9. Because fifa changed their minds about the ban.
  10. The WE tap might be off but surely NS has left the plug in?
  11. Get the hell out of my bedroom. You're creeping the missus out!
  12. Thanks although I didn't sign the contract they gave me because there were certain statements I had to sign about reading and understanding policies which I hadn't seen at the time - and still haven't come to think about it!
  13. Its not too grand - a basically work out manufacturing costs to produce parts whilst also ensuring the jobs make at least a certain % profit. It certainly could be done from home, but I'm not sure if it's something I want to commit much more additional time to than I already do. I take your point on the minimum wage WFH jobs though
  14. I'm a costing engineer for a manufacturing firm.
  15. Any of you lot do any part time work from home? I'm looking to earn a bit of extra cash away from my full time job but ideally it needs to be from home due to family commitments. Almost all ideas considered lol!
  16. Heard this after listen to the cover of Highway to hell he did with Springsteen and Vedder. Guy's a genius.
  17. Currently watching Clickbait on Netflix. It's about a guy who is abducted and filmed with various statements about how he abused women and when the stream hits 5 million views he'll die.
  18. Dixon "England have quietened the crowd down" yeah they're f###ing asleep like the rest of us.
  19. I hope he's bang average tonight and gets subbed so we can see his fed up toddler face again
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