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  1. “We did everything we could to prepare for Brexit and are part of the DTI’s export champion community,” says Paul. But since 1 January, his firm – like other UK exporters – has been hit by three new charges. And four days ago the firm discovered another one that his customers in the EU will have to pay on receiving the goods. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jan/17/shock-brexit-charges-are-hurting-us-say-small-british-businesses
  2. They were great in Brum on Sunday night, but Lætitia said her voice was struggling a bit so I guess that’s why they’ve cancelled.
  3. You're an affluent white straight man, things will always be fine.
  4. I've seen Peter Hook and New Order twice each in the last 18 months, and enjoyed Hooky more overall. New Order were good, but there was something strangely joyless about it, it seemed as though Bernard in particular just wasn't enjoying it much. Hooky is like watching a great New Order tribute band, and is all the more enjoyable (and affordable) for it.
  5. Not to answer on BOF's behalf, but the majority of birds are distinct species and therefore unable to cross breed (the same reason that humans and chimps can't have viable offspring). As mentioned below it does occur within species of the same genus, particularly with wildfowl and raptors. A lot of birds bred for professional falconry are hybrids. It tends to occur in nature where one species has been introduced into a new environment, and can be very controversial. A recent example is the ruddy duck, which was introduced to the UK from America, but was found to cross breed with t
  6. He was great in London last night, although in typical Neil fashion the latter part of the setlist was very different to the Leeds show and much more focused on newer stuff and deep cuts. No Down By The River or Powderfinger sadly, and I get the feeling that some of the crowd expecting a greatest hits show may have been slightly perplexed (a 20 minute plus version of an album track from the late 80s is a very different beast to an extended DbtR!). Still, I admire the fact that Neil is Neil, and clearly just does whatever he wants. He's clearly on great form, and he's clearly enjoyi
  7. Off to see Mr Young tomorrow in that London.
  8. Saw them last time round doing the Yes Album, Close to the Edge and Going for the One. They were great, new singer sounds exactly like Jon Anderson. Shame about Chris Squire though.
  9. Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest, only 45.
  10. Ellroy is wonderful, I love his work.
  11. BBC reporting that Glenn Frey has gone
  12. More of a general observation really, with the exception of a few outstanding contestants the overall standard seems to be fairly low at the moment. Admittedly i don't watch every week, but there always seem to be one or two contestants who are no better than your average viewer at home. You have a better insight than I do, so I might be being a bit unfair - I'm sure the pressure of being filmed plays a part.
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