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  1. Barcelona had a buy back clause on Traore. They never used it
  2. Hopefully the latter. A stronger back line will give the attacking players more licence to express themselves. This is the first time I can remember where all of our midfielders/attackers have a goal in them. Going forward we are a massive threat to any defence. Just those jitters at the back. Chester was clearly not fit and I'm sure if there was strength in depth he wouldn't have played.
  3. This to me is the key difference between Steve Bruce and Dean Smith. DS realised that we do not have the players at our disposal right now to set up defensively so we have to head forward to attack. One goal leads, he realises, aren't enough so we have to push forward and extend the lead. Bruce on the other hand would have set us up defensively not to lose and we would have been absolutely steam rolled by Adams and Jutkiewicz
  4. If Zola could go there and destroy the 2nd of the two clubs I dislike most* I would be so very happy *Albeit Baggies are a distant 2nd
  5. Rumours of disharmony in the dressing room. The 'old guard' who got them in the sh!t in the first place have taken umbrage to the fact that the 'new guard' are getting paid more than them. Also a couple of loan players that have disappeared off the radar Lord Lucan style. Yes, it really is a circus over there.
  6. Empty seats my lord Fully guarantee that our lowest home attendance of the season will be more than their highest.
  7. I think we can safely say that this will be a much tougher game than Rotherham. Huddersfield are clearly no mugs as evidenced by their victory at Newcastle. Saying that, although it was one win, there was a certain feel good factor around the place for the Rotherham game. I think we will scrape it by the odd goal with a few nervy moments inbetween times. No doubt more high jinx from Dr Tony too.
  8. Free Radio reporting that he has died. Terrible news if so. A true Villa legend. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum
  9. This is something that was first done about 6 years ago by Millwall fans when West Ham were relegated. It was funny at the time..... but now it is obsessive and unoriginal. A bit like Blues in general. I did have the displeasure of having a look at their forum earlier (small heath alliance). They really are all inane morons on that site. The crowing will soon die down if we get new owners and they are left with that jail bird in charge.
  10. Sent back to Arsenal after failing to impress at Barnsley. He looked a player in the game I saw against Everton in the league cup... thought we had lost a good one there.
  11. Says it all about them that Gary Rowett, who always seemed like a decent bloke, has taken it upon himself to start acting like a complete bell end.
  12. I thought I would briefly dip into the bin dippers site (SHA) yesterday and there was a thread marked 'Favourite Vile f*ck up'. They weren't great in quantity, mostly focussing on the 8-0 vs Chelsea or the cup semi against Bradford. Turning the tables it did get me thinking about my favourite Blues screw up (not related to games against Villa - agent Ridgwell and the 5-1 are too obvious), albeit there are far too many to mention. - Three premier league relegations. - Endless play off heart ache. - 8-0 at home to Bournemouth. - Kidderminster. - Altrincham - 7-1 at home to Liverpool when the players stopped trying. - 5-0 at home to Barnsley. What does everyone here reckon?
  13. I stopped taking the Stoke forum seriously when I read this (from Mailman)
  14. Well I'd rather have snails than a pie, Well I'd rather have snails than a pie, Well I'd rather have snails Rather have snails and Delph can get f**ked cos we've got Gueye.
  15. Héros et méchants obtenir vos fanzines de villa
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