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Found 13 results

  1. hogso

    Final Fantasy

    I was sure there was an FF thread somewhere, I looked, couldnt find it. Oh well. So here is one for all the FF nerds, I am massive one tbf Watched a long trailer for FF XII-2 today (had a bit of a trailer binge today, what with GTAV and Aliens aswell) and it looks pretty fantastic actually - although I am one of those who did enjoy FFXII immensely. The story appears to pick up literally where FFXII ended, and involves some sort of Chrono Cross-esque time travelling story line. Which could be spectacular. Some differing landscapes in different time periods were shown off, all looked lovely. Best news of all though - Chocobo Racing is back, man 8) Release is early Feb '12
  2. PompeyVillan

    Life is Strange

    Life is Strange £3.99 on playstation store. It's erm, interesting, being a teenage girl in a computer game.
  3. bannedfromHandV

    Ashes Cricket

    Anyone got or thinking of getting the newly released Ashes Cricket game? Keen to know if it's worth the investment or if it's a steaming pile of dog turd.
  4. This is about a month away and given how great the first one was (despite blatantly being Assassin's Creed X Arkham Asylum) because of the Nemesis system, you'd expect more hype. As it is the game has had a massive marketing push online, barely a day goes by without a new trailer for some new feature on YouTube. So why no hype? For me, I think it is a combination of the series basically going to the next extreme of pissing all over the law (Shelob's a woman now, they've added a Mordor nature spirit, a second 'One' Ring...), which of course the first game also did but to a far lesser degree. Moreover though, is the fact it seems to have one of the more penny and dime impressions I've had from a game recently. This is a game that needs microtransactions like it needs crippling bugs. But there they are, pay to win rubbish. They also announced a piece of DLC the other day as a tribute to a beloved team member who died, where most of the cost was to go to charity. Except they quietly hid that this was only the case in some US states. I'm sure the horrific backlash to that will have forced them to rectify that but it was clear they effectively tried to sell DLC on compassionate grounds whilst not making it clear many buyers would actually solely be lining WB's pockets. I loved that first game. It played well and despite its flaws was great fun. This... It's more of the same seemingly but also expands on its gameplay, great. Yet the more I see the less I look forward to it. And should you be inclined, you can see a **** shit load of it now. They even have a fight against a balrog, which should be awesome. You against the biggest, baddest of the armies of Morgoth. How can't that be awesome? It looks **** shit.
  5. Chindie

    Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

    So MvCI is out. It's sold absolutely sod all. I'm not terribly good at 'Mahvel' and never have been, but the games always have such ludicrous over the topness they are usually fun even if you're shit at them. I dunno why, this one, so far, isn't fun. It plays weirdly. Movement has loads of weight so it feels like if you're not dashing you're not playing it right. It also has some obscene timing on combos - I had a crack at a training mission that requires you to use an infinity stone, do a basic combo and follow up with 2 specials with simple inputs. I can't do it. I'm not great at fighters but it's a basic combo string and 2 fireballs basically, but I couldn't do it. It also has a completely rubbish final boss that is literally just a punch sponge that hits absurdly hard. And it has a rubbish roster, because of Marvel's tiff with Fox there's no X-Men or F4 characters, which are basically foundations of the series. So yeah...I don't like it much. The fighting game community likes it though and reckons it plays very very very well.
  6. PieFacE


    Another year, another FIFA game. I wonder what delightful surprises they will have this year. What I'd love is for UT to be destroyed and never spoken of again, but I think that's quite unlikely. Does anyone have any wishlists for this game? Apparently, they are building FIFA17 on the Frostbite engine which could be quite interesting. Levelution in stadiums could be good, score 10 goals and call in a terror attack? In all seriousness, hopefully the Frostbite engine will be a big improvement on the Ignite engine which has been pretty terrible.
  7. PieFacE


    Figured it was about time we had a Destiny thread. After the disappointment of playing Titanfall I'm really hoping this game can live up to the hype. Halo1, Halo2 and Halo3 were by far the best games created by Bungie. Halo weren't everyone's cup of tea, but personally, I loved them. So what do we know about Destiny? P3te stated it's a "it's a persistently online first person rpg". So how will it work? Do you and your buddies team up and go across a universe fighting other people? Or fighting AI? Or doing both?
  8. villarule123


    Haven't really looked into the Kickstarter stuff before, but I noticed that the Banjo Kazooie guys from Rare have started a Kickstarter to make a spiritual successor to BK. It broke the record for the fastest selling Kickstarter, gaining over £1m in pledges in under 1 day. Currently at over £1.25m at the moment. I've pledged £20 so I'll get the PS4 and Steam version. BK is one of my favourite games of all time so I just had to go for this! ^ That footage is from 2 months of development time btw
  9. hogso

    Dragon Age Inquisition

    ELF BUMMING SIMULATOR 3 aka Expected release date - 7th October 2014 I know there's another Dragon Age thread but it is old and yeah I wanted to make a new one for obvious reasons Hopefuilly a return to form after the enjoyable first and not so second game in the series. It will feature large open world environs unlike the previous two games (there's lots of 'skyrim-esque' references been around for years, since it was known simply as Dragon Age III) - fans of the series will be excited to know it will include Ferelden, Orlais, and the land inbetween. The latest news on the game, and the prompt for this thread, is that there will be an openly gay character who will be part of the main cast. He will be available to players as a potential lover, which given Bioware's track record, frankly, I can not wait for. Gameplay will feature both the action based 3rd person/over the shoulder combat of Dragon Age 2, aswell as a 'tactical mode' more akin to traditional dungeon crawlers, and the combat that was available in Dragon Age Origins. There's been a couple of novels, which are canon, filling in the story from the time Dragon Age 2 finished, and there will be the option to import files for story continuity of some description in to DA:I. Personally, I am most excited by the return of Morrigan! She won't be in your party, but will form a major part of the story, but as friend or foe remains to be seen.
  10. dubbs

    PES 2017

    Heads up for those interested, there's a demo available in the PS store at the moment. Plays brilliantly and massive improvements in graphics too.
  11. Risso

    Tomb Raider

    I've nearly finished Rise of the Tomb Raider. It really is a superb bit of gaming in my opinion. I think the story is great and is in real Indiana Jones territory. The structure of the world is just right, with linearity combined with big hub areas to explore, and to return to if you want. The combat is perfectly pitched with lots of variation, and the weapon availability and crafting is great. The climbing also feels spectacular and varied, but purposeful too. Each to their own and everything, but as I often say, how the latest Uncharted is considered better than this I just do not know. I think everything is much, much better in Tomb Raider than the Naughty Dog offering which just bored me to tears.
  12. Hi. I would like to hear your suggestions on the player ratings of our players in Fifa 17. Here are my suggestions. But before I start I want to say pls be a little bit realistic and not say Gabby 23 or Richards 44. So I rate our squad like this: GK - Bunn 69 GK - Gollini 68 GK - Steer 67 RB - Hutton 69 RB - De Laet 72 RB - Bacuna 70 CB - Chester 74 CB - Elphick 73 CB - Richards 73 CB - Baker 71 LB - Amavi 76 LB - Cissokho 71 CM - Westwood 72 CM - Jedinak 75 CM - Tshibola 68 CM - Lyden 64 CM - Gardner 70 LM - Grealish 72 LM - Green 63 RM - Adomah 73 CF - McCormack 77 ST - Ayew 76 ST - Kodjia 74 ST - Agbonlahor 69 ST - Gestede 72 ST - Kozak 68 ST - Hepburn-Murphy 62 Have I forgotten someone? And what do u think about this topic? Let me know.
  13. penguin

    Fifa 16

    Just been announced that FIFA 16 will include 12 Women international teams. Edit: Reading more into it, the two genders won't be able to play each other and as the teams included are international, their wont be a career mode or ultimate team. Waiting to see what the reaction is first.