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Found 14 results

  1. Deserves its own thread. 5 years after the original teaser CD Projekt Red return with another teaser hinting at them having made another truly special title. Thankfully the game had been shown behind closed doors at E3, with reactions coming out over the last day. It appears to be supremely ambitious, and has the potential to be outstanding if they can actually make it work. Eurogamer It seems everyone that saw this demo was blown away. It apparently was also genuine gameplay, it had the glitches and performance issues you'd expect of something still in development, and
  2. I was sure there was an FF thread somewhere, I looked, couldnt find it. Oh well. So here is one for all the FF nerds, I am massive one tbf Watched a long trailer for FF XII-2 today (had a bit of a trailer binge today, what with GTAV and Aliens aswell) and it looks pretty fantastic actually - although I am one of those who did enjoy FFXII immensely. The story appears to pick up literally where FFXII ended, and involves some sort of Chrono Cross-esque time travelling story line. Which could be spectacular. Some differing landscapes in different time periods were shown off, all looked l
  3. Its a shame this is almost certainly not telling the whole story about this.
  4. The team behind Arkham Origins has finally revealed their long rumoured Arkham series follow up. A Bat Family game. Ok. Cool. That's interesting. Nice. Oh. Oh no. There's lots of numbers. Co-op mentioned. Surely, surely they've not made it a GaaS loot em up...
  5. So this was rumoured heavily for ages, with talk being that Rocksteady's next game was going to be either a Superman game or a Justice League game initially, and then a couple of months ago the talk switched to it being a Suicide Squad game in the Destiny style - multiplayer and single player mash up loot game. Which would be disappointing. ...so guess what Rocksteady's been working on for 5 years?! ... Please be a single player game in the Arkham style. Please.
  6. Gamescom is on at the moment and From Software's latest, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, had its first hands on gameplay demo. It looks great. It's clearly a cousin of the Souls series, with it's own take on the bonfire and estus system, and a take on the bullet system from Bloodborne. But it's also clearly a very different beast. It's not an RPG. There's a much heavier focus on stealth. Combat is more focused on guard breaking, with enemies having an overt poise meter that you 'break' by building up attacks against an enemy that then opens up an opportunity for a visc
  7. Surprised there's been so little talk about this. Sure that E3 demo was... err... not good, but the game itself has had a better reception. It's quite good. It's **** miles from perfect, which we'll get to, but given the parade of shit that's had the Star Wars name stamped on it recently it's a triumph. It's a bit of a mongrel of Metroidvania and Souls gameplay tropes. You have a take on the usual Souls stuff - bonfires, somewhat punishing combat that relies on blocking and timing, together with a progression system that relies on using new skills to revisit areas and unlock new
  8. EA's loot grind shooter, from Bioware, has its demo/beta come out today. It's painfully obviously chasing the Destiny/Warframe dollar, and seems more than a bit tired for it. Graphically it's nice looking and the art design is decent enough, but the game itself just seems so dull. If nothing else, the game will be relevant as it's Bioware, the guys behind Mass Effect, and knowing EA if this doesn't absolutely fly off the shelves you'd probably not be too foolish to bet on Bioware not making 2020...
  9. This came out today, there's barely any coverage of it, and what there is looks **** dreadful. I hope Bethesda chalk this up as a failed experiment and never speak of it again as soon as possible. I don't like the Fallout series, and never have, so I was never going to touch this, but making it into an MMO seems to have unsurprisingly made it even worse. I'm watching the Giantbomb QL live and it's... It's so bad. The world feels dead, despite there being enemies about, and the missions appear to be the worst of both Bethesda's 'radiant' quests and MMO hackneyed nonsense - kill 10 X,
  10. Life is Strange £3.99 on playstation store. It's erm, interesting, being a teenage girl in a computer game.
  11. It's that time of year (and everyone is doing it )... What are your games of the year? No arbitrary limits on numbers, only requirement is it is a UK release in 2018. It's been a good year all in all. I'll need to think about mine a bit more but things that jump out straight away... Red Dead Redemption 2 God of War Spider-Man Octopath Traveller Dark Souls Remastered Tetris Effect
  12. Press Start Hmm. I dunno what to make of this. In some ways I can see this being real, in others there's things that don't quite seem right. WB making a major Harry Potter game isn't surprising. The licence has been fairly under utilised, with no major title released in years. WB could do with another franchise series - they've mostly had the Lego games keeping them going in the past couple of years or so with their major studios being quiet. Their last tentpole release was Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (which they **** up). Rocksteady haven't released anything in 3 years, Netherr
  13. Anyone got or thinking of getting the newly released Ashes Cricket game? Keen to know if it's worth the investment or if it's a steaming pile of dog turd.
  14. This is about a month away and given how great the first one was (despite blatantly being Assassin's Creed X Arkham Asylum) because of the Nemesis system, you'd expect more hype. As it is the game has had a massive marketing push online, barely a day goes by without a new trailer for some new feature on YouTube. So why no hype? For me, I think it is a combination of the series basically going to the next extreme of pissing all over the law (Shelob's a woman now, they've added a Mordor nature spirit, a second 'One' Ring...), which of course the first game also did but to a far lesser degr
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