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  1. I was sure there was an FF thread somewhere, I looked, couldnt find it. Oh well. So here is one for all the FF nerds, I am massive one tbf Watched a long trailer for FF XII-2 today (had a bit of a trailer binge today, what with GTAV and Aliens aswell) and it looks pretty fantastic actually - although I am one of those who did enjoy FFXII immensely. The story appears to pick up literally where FFXII ended, and involves some sort of Chrono Cross-esque time travelling story line. Which could be spectacular. Some differing landscapes in different time periods were shown off, all looked lovely. Best news of all though - Chocobo Racing is back, man 8) Release is early Feb '12
  2. Deserves its own thread. 5 years after the original teaser CD Projekt Red return with another teaser hinting at them having made another truly special title. Thankfully the game had been shown behind closed doors at E3, with reactions coming out over the last day. It appears to be supremely ambitious, and has the potential to be outstanding if they can actually make it work. Eurogamer It seems everyone that saw this demo was blown away. It apparently was also genuine gameplay, it had the glitches and performance issues you'd expect of something still in development, and still blew people away. This could be a greatest of all time contender if the ambition translates to the final release. It'll be interesting to see how this copes on console...
  3. It's Dark Souls 3 x Breath of the Wild. It should be incredible. I will say it still often looks a bit... underwhelming, very much Dark Souls 3 with a few upgrades and some of it does look a bit clunky (their solution for having a horse traverse vertical stages is naff as all **** for instance), but on the whole, this is potentially an all timer.
  4. Surprised there's been so little talk about this. Sure that E3 demo was... err... not good, but the game itself has had a better reception. It's quite good. It's **** miles from perfect, which we'll get to, but given the parade of shit that's had the Star Wars name stamped on it recently it's a triumph. It's a bit of a mongrel of Metroidvania and Souls gameplay tropes. You have a take on the usual Souls stuff - bonfires, somewhat punishing combat that relies on blocking and timing, together with a progression system that relies on using new skills to revisit areas and unlock new bits of old levels. It works reasonably well although you kinda have to turn off your Star Wars knowledge - the 'bonfires' don't make sense in this universe, the lightsaber is nerfed severely to give any kind of challenge - but it's fundamentally solid. Looks good, mostly, too. It's very, very Star Wars, with decent enough contained plot taking place before A New Hope and some good voice work to sell it. It's not all decent though. It's one of the most buggy, janky and unfinished feeling games I've played this generation. It runs rough, with frame rate everywhere. It regularly judders to a halt as the game catches up to your progress to load in the next area. Textures pop in on their own schedule. Models will often do weird shit like judder away for no reason. On one memorable occasion all sound except force powers and it's take on audio logs stopped. None of this makes it unplayable but wow does it feel like this was kicked out of the door a couple of months early, at least. It also sometimes looks more than a little crap. In fact it's graphics are schizophrenic. There's moments that look stunning, genuinely, and then there's others where textures are more at PS2 levels. At times it genuinely looks like a remaster of a game at least 10 years old. At others it looks like it's pushing these consoles to their limit, if not beyond that. It has a maddening map, a deadly sin for a Metroidvania, that is extremely irritating to navigate, made all the worse by another issue with the game. It's level design isn't as clever as Souls, so you often find yourself backtracking along completely incomprehensible routes to get to where you want to get, because almost every route becomes a one way route. Couple that to is nightmare map and the backtracking is a chore. It's also far too reliant on bizarre slides in every level that just feel like corner cutting, and various naff ways to slow the player down as it hides loading - you'll be sick of siddling through narrow gaps or cutting senseless stuff blocking a corridor. Moreover, the backtracking probably isn't worth it. The game's collectables break down into narrative fluff, and completely pointless cosmetic upgrades. Sure you can build your own lightsaber, but this has no bearing on gameplay and you can barely see it anyway. Otherwise you can collect palette swap outfits and paint jobs for your droid and ship. I suspect there was originally planned to be a stat boost element to the lightsaber stuff, but along with everything else the game was rushed so it became cosmetic only. But... It's still kinda not bad. It plays pretty well, the jank aside, it's fun, and it's nice to have a decent single player title that isn't loot boxed and microtransaction'd to death. It's fairly challenging, and by the end you'll feel fairly formidable as a Jedi, especially if you knock down the difficulty (which had no draw back at all). It's worth your time, especially if you love Star Wars.
  5. Thought it might be worth starting a thread for the more thrifty minded gamer (definitely me ) Post any good offers etc you see in here. I'm always on the PS Store so I'll put any bargains I see here too. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP4829-CUSA13689_00-THEOUTERWORLDS01 - 67% OFF Outer Worlds (PS4) - £16.49 down from £49.99 https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0006-PPSA02199_00-RESPAWNSWBIRDDOG - 80% OFF Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4 and PS5) - £8.99 down from £44.99 https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0001-PPSA01506_00-GAME000000000000 - 72% OFF Immortals Fenyx Rising (Underrated game imo) (PS4 and PS5) - £16.79 down from £59.99
  6. Press Start Hmm. I dunno what to make of this. In some ways I can see this being real, in others there's things that don't quite seem right. WB making a major Harry Potter game isn't surprising. The licence has been fairly under utilised, with no major title released in years. WB could do with another franchise series - they've mostly had the Lego games keeping them going in the past couple of years or so with their major studios being quiet. Their last tentpole release was Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (which they **** up). Rocksteady haven't released anything in 3 years, Netherrealm have taken their time with MKXI and look like they're dropping out of their usual 2 year April release cycle. So Harry Potter sticks out line a sore thumb as something they could run with. They also have a studio, Avalanche Software, that they picked up last year that hasn't done anything major for them since then. Rocksteady have been silent since Arkham Knight (VR game aside), rumoured to have been working on a Superman and/or Justice League game, but nothing ever confirmed. There were rumours that they didn't want to do another superhero game and we keen to leave DC behind. So it'd be no shock of its real. But... The leak hasn't been pulled down, which seems odd. And I don't think it quite looks right somehow. It would likely still be early in production if Avalanche were making it, of course, but some of the animation looks quite stilted (it reminds me of the Sims in some ways) while some of the effects look near finished. The UI looks weird, really old fashioned, with the spells in the corner looking like something I'd expect of a game 20 years ago. I don't think Rocksteady is behind this. I'm leaning towards it being real, but I think that that video is more mock up/proof of concept than actual gameplay. My guess, Avalanche production aiming for Christmas 2019 release. Has potential though. I'm not a Harry Potter fan but there's scope to make a decent game of it all.
  7. Any genre, any era, any platform. Those little (or big) things that annoy the shit out of you in games. Go...
  8. Any genre, any era, any platform. Those little (or big) things that you absolutely love in games. Go...
  9. Its a shame this is almost certainly not telling the whole story about this.
  10. Life is Strange £3.99 on playstation store. It's erm, interesting, being a teenage girl in a computer game.
  11. Gamescom is on at the moment and From Software's latest, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, had its first hands on gameplay demo. It looks great. It's clearly a cousin of the Souls series, with it's own take on the bonfire and estus system, and a take on the bullet system from Bloodborne. But it's also clearly a very different beast. It's not an RPG. There's a much heavier focus on stealth. Combat is more focused on guard breaking, with enemies having an overt poise meter that you 'break' by building up attacks against an enemy that then opens up an opportunity for a visceral attack. On the flip side, you also have a poise meter... And of course it also has a much more expansive movement, with verticality actually being a Thing with the grapple hook and jump. It seems to be 2 parts Souls, 2 parts Bloodborne, and 1 part Tenchu.
  12. The worst named game in many a year is upon us. And it's not awful, apparently. Breath of the Wild lite x Assassin's Creed. It looks like mechanically it's pretty solid but err, your mileage may vary in everything else. I personally hate the way it looks and the 'humorous' presentation is marginally worse than cutting your bollocks off with a blunt hacksaw, and of course there's the big 'Ubisoft' elephant in the room, but it's surprisingly unshite if you can set that aside. Reeks of big discount in a few months mind.
  13. The team behind Arkham Origins has finally revealed their long rumoured Arkham series follow up. A Bat Family game. Ok. Cool. That's interesting. Nice. Oh. Oh no. There's lots of numbers. Co-op mentioned. Surely, surely they've not made it a GaaS loot em up...
  14. So this was rumoured heavily for ages, with talk being that Rocksteady's next game was going to be either a Superman game or a Justice League game initially, and then a couple of months ago the talk switched to it being a Suicide Squad game in the Destiny style - multiplayer and single player mash up loot game. Which would be disappointing. ...so guess what Rocksteady's been working on for 5 years?! ... Please be a single player game in the Arkham style. Please.
  15. EA's loot grind shooter, from Bioware, has its demo/beta come out today. It's painfully obviously chasing the Destiny/Warframe dollar, and seems more than a bit tired for it. Graphically it's nice looking and the art design is decent enough, but the game itself just seems so dull. If nothing else, the game will be relevant as it's Bioware, the guys behind Mass Effect, and knowing EA if this doesn't absolutely fly off the shelves you'd probably not be too foolish to bet on Bioware not making 2020...
  16. This came out today, there's barely any coverage of it, and what there is looks **** dreadful. I hope Bethesda chalk this up as a failed experiment and never speak of it again as soon as possible. I don't like the Fallout series, and never have, so I was never going to touch this, but making it into an MMO seems to have unsurprisingly made it even worse. I'm watching the Giantbomb QL live and it's... It's so bad. The world feels dead, despite there being enemies about, and the missions appear to be the worst of both Bethesda's 'radiant' quests and MMO hackneyed nonsense - kill 10 X, take 12 Y here. And it's got some lovely GAAS crap and microtransactions, because of course it does. And it's pug ugly. Ugh.
  17. It's that time of year (and everyone is doing it )... What are your games of the year? No arbitrary limits on numbers, only requirement is it is a UK release in 2018. It's been a good year all in all. I'll need to think about mine a bit more but things that jump out straight away... Red Dead Redemption 2 God of War Spider-Man Octopath Traveller Dark Souls Remastered Tetris Effect
  18. Anyone got or thinking of getting the newly released Ashes Cricket game? Keen to know if it's worth the investment or if it's a steaming pile of dog turd.
  19. This is about a month away and given how great the first one was (despite blatantly being Assassin's Creed X Arkham Asylum) because of the Nemesis system, you'd expect more hype. As it is the game has had a massive marketing push online, barely a day goes by without a new trailer for some new feature on YouTube. So why no hype? For me, I think it is a combination of the series basically going to the next extreme of pissing all over the law (Shelob's a woman now, they've added a Mordor nature spirit, a second 'One' Ring...), which of course the first game also did but to a far lesser degree. Moreover though, is the fact it seems to have one of the more penny and dime impressions I've had from a game recently. This is a game that needs microtransactions like it needs crippling bugs. But there they are, pay to win rubbish. They also announced a piece of DLC the other day as a tribute to a beloved team member who died, where most of the cost was to go to charity. Except they quietly hid that this was only the case in some US states. I'm sure the horrific backlash to that will have forced them to rectify that but it was clear they effectively tried to sell DLC on compassionate grounds whilst not making it clear many buyers would actually solely be lining WB's pockets. I loved that first game. It played well and despite its flaws was great fun. This... It's more of the same seemingly but also expands on its gameplay, great. Yet the more I see the less I look forward to it. And should you be inclined, you can see a **** shit load of it now. They even have a fight against a balrog, which should be awesome. You against the biggest, baddest of the armies of Morgoth. How can't that be awesome? It looks **** shit.
  20. So MvCI is out. It's sold absolutely sod all. I'm not terribly good at 'Mahvel' and never have been, but the games always have such ludicrous over the topness they are usually fun even if you're shit at them. I dunno why, this one, so far, isn't fun. It plays weirdly. Movement has loads of weight so it feels like if you're not dashing you're not playing it right. It also has some obscene timing on combos - I had a crack at a training mission that requires you to use an infinity stone, do a basic combo and follow up with 2 specials with simple inputs. I can't do it. I'm not great at fighters but it's a basic combo string and 2 fireballs basically, but I couldn't do it. It also has a completely rubbish final boss that is literally just a punch sponge that hits absurdly hard. And it has a rubbish roster, because of Marvel's tiff with Fox there's no X-Men or F4 characters, which are basically foundations of the series. So yeah...I don't like it much. The fighting game community likes it though and reckons it plays very very very well.
  21. Another year, another FIFA game. I wonder what delightful surprises they will have this year. What I'd love is for UT to be destroyed and never spoken of again, but I think that's quite unlikely. Does anyone have any wishlists for this game? Apparently, they are building FIFA17 on the Frostbite engine which could be quite interesting. Levelution in stadiums could be good, score 10 goals and call in a terror attack? In all seriousness, hopefully the Frostbite engine will be a big improvement on the Ignite engine which has been pretty terrible.
  22. Figured it was about time we had a Destiny thread. After the disappointment of playing Titanfall I'm really hoping this game can live up to the hype. Halo1, Halo2 and Halo3 were by far the best games created by Bungie. Halo weren't everyone's cup of tea, but personally, I loved them. So what do we know about Destiny? P3te stated it's a "it's a persistently online first person rpg". So how will it work? Do you and your buddies team up and go across a universe fighting other people? Or fighting AI? Or doing both?
  23. Haven't really looked into the Kickstarter stuff before, but I noticed that the Banjo Kazooie guys from Rare have started a Kickstarter to make a spiritual successor to BK. It broke the record for the fastest selling Kickstarter, gaining over £1m in pledges in under 1 day. Currently at over £1.25m at the moment. I've pledged £20 so I'll get the PS4 and Steam version. BK is one of my favourite games of all time so I just had to go for this! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/playtonic/yooka-laylee-a-3d-platformer-rare-vival ^ That footage is from 2 months of development time btw
  24. ELF BUMMING SIMULATOR 3 aka Expected release date - 7th October 2014 I know there's another Dragon Age thread but it is old and yeah I wanted to make a new one for obvious reasons Hopefuilly a return to form after the enjoyable first and not so second game in the series. It will feature large open world environs unlike the previous two games (there's lots of 'skyrim-esque' references been around for years, since it was known simply as Dragon Age III) - fans of the series will be excited to know it will include Ferelden, Orlais, and the land inbetween. The latest news on the game, and the prompt for this thread, is that there will be an openly gay character who will be part of the main cast. He will be available to players as a potential lover, which given Bioware's track record, frankly, I can not wait for. Gameplay will feature both the action based 3rd person/over the shoulder combat of Dragon Age 2, aswell as a 'tactical mode' more akin to traditional dungeon crawlers, and the combat that was available in Dragon Age Origins. There's been a couple of novels, which are canon, filling in the story from the time Dragon Age 2 finished, and there will be the option to import files for story continuity of some description in to DA:I. Personally, I am most excited by the return of Morrigan! She won't be in your party, but will form a major part of the story, but as friend or foe remains to be seen.
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