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Found 2 results

  1. Chrono Trigger

    That's right folks, you read the thread title correctly. My childhood consisted of various favours of RPG's: Zelda (SNES), Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Phantasy Star III, Shining in the Darkness. Chrono Trigger I did not ever play, despite kids at school saying it was the one to get. Cue 2014, the top level iMac, OpenEMU and a Saitek P2600 controller that looks a bit like a PS2/3 dual shock controller. I know absolutely nothing about Chrono Trigger at all. But if anyone does, share some tips. With no spoilers, obviously.
  2. Dragon Age Inquisition

    ELF BUMMING SIMULATOR 3 aka Expected release date - 7th October 2014 I know there's another Dragon Age thread but it is old and yeah I wanted to make a new one for obvious reasons Hopefuilly a return to form after the enjoyable first and not so second game in the series. It will feature large open world environs unlike the previous two games (there's lots of 'skyrim-esque' references been around for years, since it was known simply as Dragon Age III) - fans of the series will be excited to know it will include Ferelden, Orlais, and the land inbetween. The latest news on the game, and the prompt for this thread, is that there will be an openly gay character who will be part of the main cast. He will be available to players as a potential lover, which given Bioware's track record, frankly, I can not wait for. Gameplay will feature both the action based 3rd person/over the shoulder combat of Dragon Age 2, aswell as a 'tactical mode' more akin to traditional dungeon crawlers, and the combat that was available in Dragon Age Origins. There's been a couple of novels, which are canon, filling in the story from the time Dragon Age 2 finished, and there will be the option to import files for story continuity of some description in to DA:I. Personally, I am most excited by the return of Morrigan! She won't be in your party, but will form a major part of the story, but as friend or foe remains to be seen.