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Found 84 results

  1. theunderstudy

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Following on from the previous thread, a new thread was advised to be started so here it is. Instant barbecues. What on earth? Horrible little things.
  2. We've had a things that piss you off that shouldn't thread that went on for hundreds of pages. So I thought I'd start a more positive one. About things that cheer you up or make you feel good when you've been a bit down. If this makes it even 100th as long as the 'things that piss you off...' thread I'll be amazed! So anyway what's happened to you recently that's cheered you up or made you feel good. Anything really. From an unexpected phone call from someone you haven't heard from in ages, to finding a fiver in your jeans that you'd forgotten about. Maybe you've got a holiday to look forward to. Come on people let's have some positivity! I'll start us off. I go to Germany on Thursday for 9 days, followed by a day at the Notting Hill Carnival. Last weekend my best mate asked me to be best man at his wedding. I kind of thought that I would be anyway, it's was always going to be me or one other. But just to hear him say it felt good. And then to hear him tell his wife to be that there was no way he was getting married at the World Cup in Brazil if I wasn't going to be able to go (insurance issues relating to my illness, same as not being able to go to this World Cup). Finally after tomorrow I get four weeks off chemo, which will be great (especially as it means I'm off treatment for the Germany trip. So we've all got miserable things in our lives (me more than most probably) so come on, let's hear something good in your life or something that's cheered you up recently.
  3. AVFCLaura

    General Chat

    This is the slowest I've seen the forum on a Monday Morning... Do we all have that feeling...? Everyone doing ok today? EDIT: Changed to General Chat Thread per message on page 2, let me know if not ok.
  4. Been a while since we had a weekend thread... so I thought I would start one! So, what's everyone got planned? I'm relaxing tonight, might be in Manchester tomorrow and chilling on Sunday. Want to watch Stranger Things on Netflix as well. Not exactly a rock n roll weekend but it'll do for me as I feel shattered.
  5. tonyh29

    Things you often Wonder

    Don't think it's covered elsewhere but this a thread for those simple things that you've often thought about ( suppose it could have been the Ask BOF anything thread but he appears to have turned into Wenger and can't see it ) Anyway my question is : When I go visit my nan at her care home they often have group sessions where they all sit around and sing songs .. they are always singing "Roll out the barrels" and "Get Me to the Church on Time" etc so I wondered .... When I'm 80+ and in a care home will my group music sessions involve sitting around an out of tune piano singing Nirvana and Oasis songs with my fellow inmates .. or is Get me to the church a timeless classic that I need to start learning when I'm 79 ?
  6. PussEKatt


    I can`t figure out why drugs like coke and heroine are so popular and getting more and more popular ? I mean they are very addactive and once hooked that is your life as you know it flushed down the toilet.So what I can`t get my head around is that when a person is first offered horoine or coke, why don`t they just say, no thanks I like my life as it is.Why do they even try it knowing that the rest of their life is going to be focused on getting enough money for their next hit and nothing else ?
  7. villarule123

    Virtual Reality

    Anyone interested in these? Are they the real deal? I'm sure someone on here like @P3te must have used one before. The Oculus Rift will cost you £500 plus delivery charges from overseas. I would have been very tempted if it was about £300.
  8. I’m looking for a new gaming site to get my news from. My regular choice has become insufferable by mixing in biased social politics with their news and editorials plus their reviews are opinionated blogs that say nothing about the game they are reviewing. Also, I hate Ellie Gibson and Wesley Yin-Poole so no prises for guessing which site I’m abandoning. Are there any (good) sites that just strictly focus on gaming instead of mixing in politics/religion/fluff?
  9. i will start at the moment i am playing saints 2 (i know i am behind in the series) what a game so much to do i think i will be on it for years. some strange things on it like covering buildings in shite and a camera show? none the less good fun what game you currently on?
  10. limpid

    Play off final competition

    Free to enter Villa vs. Fulham predictor game! £50 to the top 3! Villatalk.com - FREE TO ENTER VILLA v FULHAM PREDICTOR COMPETITION - £50 PRIZE FOR EACH OF THE TOP 3 FROM VT We have partnered up with a new betting company called 5P0RTZ which is a pool based betting site. It's fun, It's simple and genuinely easy to win. A link to the site:- www.5p0rtz.com TO SIGN UP FOR THE COMPETITION - Visit www.5p0rtz.com Confirm you are over 18. Sign up with 'VT' in your username. Scroll down to the VILLA vs FULHAM pool predictor and PLAY! Finish in the top 3 of the VT pool and win £50
  11. abdomlahor

    Smelly Stuff

    I expect most people to just stick to the one or two aftershaves they get for Christmas 'til they'e empty, but some people like myself enjoy collecting them. Considering I only started getting into collecting them about six months ago I have a decent haul of 15 and many samples I'll get round to buying a full bottle of. Hugo Boss - Boss Bottled Thierry Mugler - Pure Malt Yves Saint-Laurent - La Nuit de l'Homme Christian Dior - Dior Homme Intense Creed - Green Irish Tweed Creed - Aventus Jean-Paul Gaultier - Le Male Christian Dior - Fahrenheit Christian Dior - Fahrenheit Absolute Issey Miyake - L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme Ralph Lauren - Big Pony #4 Burberry - London Burberry - Touch Lacoste - Elegance John Varvatos - Vintage Some more expensive than others. My top three based on smell alone would probably have to be Green Irish Tweed, Dior Homme Intense and La Nuit de l'Homme.
  12. CrackpotForeigner

    Things You Don't "Get"

    What Off Topic so clearly needs is a thread devoted to stuff other people do, or wear, or eat, or enjoy, etc. that you think is bonkers. Kindof like a Religion thread, except including (but not limited to) all human activity in every possible field of human endeavour. People who don't think it's bonkers can then explain why it isn't, in fact, bonkers after all. I'll start, with a fairly trivial example: Sportswear. Why do people pay for branded t-shirts (etc.) made of plastic fibres that look crap and get smelly very quickly because of the plastic. Why not wear a nice cotton t-shirt or something? You can even wear one that shows something of your personality, if you have one.
  13. Rugeley Villa

    What Class Are You?

    I was thinking last night, whether I am working class, or middle class. Done some random online tests which mainly came back working Class, and my family I'd say are working Class. Strange one really though, and I imagine a lot of people like myself, are not really sure. Rugeley itself I'd say is a working class town, but when I think of proper working class, I think of parts of the north of England. Anyway, carry on....
  14. NurembergVillan

    The Game's Gone

    A thread to put your examples of modern football being rubbish. I'm expecting this to be at 1000 pages by the end of the season. I'll start. This is the Madrid derby tonight, at Atletico's new Wanda Metropolitano stadium. Firstly the stadium name is horrible because of the sponsor, but we're kind of used to that nonsense now. But look at the advertising boards. Seemingly it's a system called "Chroma" that shows different advertising boards on TV than in the stadium based on your location. Image watching Villa v Small Heath on telly and seeing "'Arry's Tax Consultants" running round the sides. Money 1 Local rivalry 0.
  15. TrentVilla

    Nottingham Villans

    So... from the housing market thread it seems there are a few Nottingham based Villans so thought I'd start a thread and see who is out there. Maybe we could arrange a VT Nottingham meet up for a TV game this season.
  16. AstonMartyn88

    What is your experience of mental health?

    Following the success of Bedlam on Channel 4, I thought it would be interesting to get people's perspectives on mental health problems, particularly as at any given point 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in their lifetimes. FWIW I have not experienced a mental health problem but I work in the field and find the stigma to be the worst thing, particularly in terms of stopping people looking for support
  17. Risso


    I think you can tell a lot about a chap by the kind of timepiece he wears. I don't spend a lot of money on clothes, I don't drink much, don't have a football season ticket and don't smoke. But I do like a nice watch, and when my Euromillions numbers come in, I want one of these: Made my Roger Smith here on the Isle of Man, he's widely considered to be one of the greatest living watchmakers, and there's something like a two year waiting list for one of his hand made watches, that can cost upwards of £50,000. So what do you go for? £9.99 Casio digital, or £25,000 Hublot?
  18. trekka

    Snow Watch!

    Morning, snow fans! Well it looks like the first white stuff of the year is coming. Is that good or bad? I was going to drive to Brum from London today but bugger that, not with what I'm watching get closer here
  19. Genie

    VT Matched Betting Talk

    There’s quite a few of us on this forum making money on matched betting, casino and bingo. As mentioned on another thread, this is a good place to talk about deals, offerings and what those guys are PS are up to constantly tinkering. I’m Villa Fan on their site.
  20. Skills

    Gaming at Work

    Im sure there's a lot of us that have either contemplated or taken part in gaming during work hours. Looking to fully utilise the benefits of my own office with a low spec / online game that can keep me awake during the day and wondering what my options are falling short of loading up Champ Manager 00/01 on the laptop.
  21. AJ

    I should have said...

    For all those times in which a certain situation arose, you wish you had said something different or ages after the event, the perfect quip comes to mind. This thread is for those moments. Whether it is the perfect comeback, a one liner that makes you a comedy legend in your lunch break, or even the right words to use that would quell an angry partner's rage rather than condemn you to the destitution of singledom (again), what are the best things we could say in the moment rather than in hindsight? Hopefully, with the collective wisdom and experience of VT, we may be able to have a ready catalogue of the best things to say in just about any random scenario, right here in this very thread! OK, I will start. I have " banked" a couple of retorts for people who piss me off. I am usually pretty tolerant, and I try to refrain from swearing, but if someone truly deserves it, I have these grenades. " Why don't you f### your boot, there is a c### in it." and ( while handing somebody a 50c coin) " Here is 50 cents. Go buy yourself a carrot and go f### yourself." I intend to use these for people who really piss me off, and truly deserve it. Of course, being mature would be the correct course of action, but there would be a great deal of satisfaction saying it to someone who truly deserves it. Hindsight is a goldmine. Now please, share the wealth!
  22. lapal_fan

    Questions for the seniors

    What's the biggest thing you can think of? ONLY FRIGGIN' KIDDING!! HAR HAR. No, I'm somewhat fascinated by life in the 60s and 70s at the minute.. it's from my old man and mom, who lived through the time. But there's loads of things and questions I'm asking him about that time like; What was it like before motorways? The M5 was built outside my mom's mom's house, and she used to sit on the side waiting ages for a car to come past.. now look at the ****. It seemed we went from Steam engines, to electric really quickly.. when did diesels fit in? What did you think when they pulled up all the local train stations? As my parents were never from affluent families, it be interesting to know what life was like for people from the middle classes in those days. Having cars when not many people did etc. A lot happened and I'll think of more, feel free to ask more, but it would be cool to get the people in their 40/50/60s answers (if they don't mind!!)
  23. Vive_La_Villa

    Games like Far cry

    As mentioned in a different thread, I've lost all patience for games apart from Far Cry 3 and 4 which I was able to play to the end. Couldn't get in to Primal though. Are there any other games out there they you feel are very similar to Fry cry? I tried Hitman which is stealth but didn't have the same appeal. Is Assassins creed similar?
  24. StefanAVFC

    What's your accent?

    After Rob posted his company's (fantastic) video in the Rogue's Gallery and graciously took a bit of a ribbing about his dulcet Brummy tones, it might be a funny idea to hear what the rest of your bar-stewards sound like: I propose we all do the same paragraph and record it using Vocaroo If somebody has a paragraph, please post it, or just say what you want, I don't care I'll do it first if someone gives me something to say
  25. NurembergVillan

    "I Hate Their Guts"

    Who and why? Go!