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Ratings and Reactions: Villa 1-2 Newcastle



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  1. 1. Man of the Match

    • Guzan
    • Lowton
    • Okore
    • Vlaar
    • Luna
    • El Ahmadi
    • Westwood
    • Delph
    • Weimann
    • Benteke
    • Agbonlahor
    • Clark (for Okore 30)
    • Kozak (for El Ahmadi 67)
    • Tonev (for Weimann 88)

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Lambert has to wear the funny hat for this one. No imagination, no positive action taken to address problems that were clear as day to see. Weimann should've been off at halftime. Sylla for Westwood. Lambert was a spectator for this game, I'm at a total loss to explain it.

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I actually thought both sides were poor, but the difference for them was Ben Arfa. We allowed him to play his game FAR too much, but he was a class above.

Having said that, Andi should've squared the ball to Gabby in the first half, and Gabby should've buried his chance too. Changes the game and we could've just as easily have won the game.

Overall we were very poor. The fullbacks, Gabby, Andi, KEA all having more than a bad day at the office.

Still too early to predict a struggle this season, but we definitely need a win at Norwich to see if this performance is the norm, or the Arsenal / Chelsea performance is the standard to expect.

4/10 overall.

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I feel Delph was the only player who seemed to give it his all in the first half, although after his yellow card he seemed to lower the pressure (for obvious reasons).


I don't know what we do in training but there is a serious problem with throw-ins on both sides of the pitch, nobody seems to want to come and collect the ball or get into space to receive it, very amateur to be honest as this is just the basics of football.


Putting Kozak on made sense but not to replace KEA, big mistake in my opinion as we lost the ability to keep hold of the ball in the middle of the pitch and literally every pass was a punt up the pitch. 


I think Weimann needs a break, although against Norwich he could work well he just doesn't seem to be playing well for whatever reason, I love the guy but we can't play him week in week out if he isn't performing.


Benteke is still top scorer in the league.

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We won't improve until Lambert changes his obsession with playing narrow. 95% of villa's possession was in the central third of the pitch and you can only create chances in there if you have absolute top class creative midfielders and we have none ...... albeit credit to delph for at least trying to make positive things happen.

We are a different team when we work down the flanks and we are a different team when we run with the ball and put the oppo on the back foot. We play at too low a tempo and at the slightest sign of pressure, our midfielders are groomed to turn round and pass the ball back.

We desperately need a new playing style OR a massive boost in quality in our midfield or it is another season of struggling in the botton places I'm afraid.

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Delph was great but his two mates in midfield were shocking.


Gabby was absolutely anonymous for the 2nd half. Weimann only came good when it was too **** late.


Lowton had his back turned and was jogging away from his opponent for their second.


No movement, no strategy, no anticipation - it was like watching this time last year when none of the players knew each other.

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Newcastle were the better team today and deserved their win. Showed more quality on and off the ball. I'd have given them the penalty towards the end too (Though stream not the best guide).
Must say that for a premiership team, our passing verges on terrible at times. No surprise our possession statistics are often poor. Just hope we can improve as the season goes on.

And Weimann needs to be dropped. Can't understand why Lambert perservered with him so long today. He's not shown anything this season thus far and little again today.

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Special mention to Gabby for that howler. My dead grandmother could have scored from there.

You are Stephen Ireland and I claim my £10.

To cap off a poor day of football, Alex McLeish is now offending my senses by joining Keys and Gray on the panel on Al Jazeera.

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