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  1. In no particular order, i'd go with these 10 for now:- The Good the Bad the Ugly Casino American Beauty Scarface Wall Street Excalibur The Graduate A Clockwork Orange kill Bill v1 Blade Runner A few of my old favourites have dropped over the years. I guess i watched them too much
  2. In terms of what he offered us as a footballer.. Unfortunately, there are many more and it's beginning to stink. We're gonna need some bigger bags..
  3. The phrase 'Drop the Dead Donkey' has a new found significance for me if this did happen. Still, we do seem more intent on comedy entertainment rather than competitive. Saw him a few times for Fulham last season and he was beyond awful. Yea, let's take an outcast from the worst defence in the league last season. Should help improve ours shouldn't it! Hopefully the rumour is just rubbish. But we sure seem attracted to it..
  4. Seluk is adamant he is not looking to negotiate an improved contract for Toure, saying: "No. Money is not important. He has enough money. The most important thing is a human relationship and maybe this is his opportunity for Yaya to find that. At last we can offer a world class player terms he'd be happy with. Randy could just love him and shake his hand a lot. Ahh,.. Crap! Why do we have to have an invisible owner!
  5. Kompany is overrated for me. Far too many mistakes in him to be considered a top class CB.
  6. We need more of this kind of thing. Here are some of the reactions here in the centre of Morondor... "When you think of all the prayers that are said on behalf of the prophet. Does this other person really think it will go his way. Talk about making Heavenly Father MAD!!!" "Remember how many times we see in the scriptures a prophet of God brought before a judge? If President Monson had to go before a judge, it'd be epic. One does not simply challenge God's prophet to a duel. lol" "There is no such thing as bad publicity for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,
  7. Newcastle have been atrocious in the last few derby games now. I feel a stoning coming on in Tyneside!
  8. Don't play many games, but this is probably one of my favourites. Been taking an extended break from it recently but i'm sure i'll soon return. Enjoy watching multiplayer games of it on youtube.
  9. Bravo Thomas. Your honesty and bravery will be a light to others.
  10. I just think the guy's a coward. He knows he could have become a target at any moment with the awful football we've dished up for too long. And he's hidden himself away. He stopped coming about the same time the club changed its policy with players.
  11. Definitely. This club is in a coma until he moves on. Of course, a new owner doesn't guarantee that we'll move forwards, but we certainly won't be under the lost Lerner. He came, he saw, he didn't have a clue, he lost his passion and he hid from sight..
  12. Positive: He's not a crook Negatives: Clueless Clueless Missing in Inaction! Clueless Clueless
  13. The future ain't looking too bright for Harry... Harry would just have an orgasm with that bell too.. "Harry, would you like to sign Jermaine Defoe?" Harry: Ding, Ding, Ding! "Harry, would you like to sign Peter Crouch?" Harry: Ding, Ding, Ding! "Harry, would you like to sign..." Harry: Ding, Ding, Ding!
  14. I find the continual booing of Vettel to be pretty pathetic to be honest. Funny how everyone just seems to hate him. Not my favourite either, and always hope to see others win. I just hated the way he demeaned his teammate (webber of course) on the circuit ("get him out of here, he's too slow"). But i see an awful lot of denial from people when it comes to Vettel. I think he's proven he's one of the best and will be remembered as such by history. And people saying hes just a lucky boy in an unbeatable car are letting their hatred of the guy cloud their judgement. As for the booing. The
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