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Didn't see a thread for them so decided to create one.


Taking a quick look at one of their forums, it looks like their 'dislike' of Wenger is going onto another level.

Last season, there were times where Arsenal were in crisis, but eventually decided to not sack him. 

Is this the season he could go?

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Arsene will panic buy a few players.. If bale leaves spurs, arsenal probably will still get fourth.

Wenger may not get a contract extension though.

Think board level is more important for them, they have someone (Russian bloke, can't remember his name) who wants to spend, but not allowed as not major shareholder, it's all very strange.

Edit it's usmanov

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Last year of Wenger's contract and I can't see him signing a new one or wanting to, or for that matter them wanting to offer him one.


The two need to part company before things get too bitter.


I can see him panic buying again in the next 15 days much like he did a couple of years ago when he signed the likes of Arteta.


I think they might go out of the CL in the qualifier and I can't see them getting in the top 4 come the end of the season.

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I agree they need a better keeper but I just don't think that can be their priority with 15 days of the window remaining, they are too weak in other areas of the squad. In fact when you look at their squad it is remarkable how thin it is in certain places.

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think everyone has just caught up with wenger, feel a bit sorry for him actually, he did help revolutionise the league...


problem is why is this his fault? same as pretty much every manager in the league, you give your targets to the board and they go out and get them, its not like they are having bids accepted and wenger is sitting down with the players and failing to convince them to join, they are £2-3m below the value of every player they have seemingly gone for, at the moment they need pretty much one of everything to improve that squad


their squad is paper thin and full of overrated players (ramsey and rosicky are bang average for example)


still my favourite (or least unlikable should I say) out of the media darlings (although wilshere isn't helping that)


the fenerbahce game is obviously huge

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They lack genuine world class attacking players. They don't have a top quality striker at all and they don't have top quality attacking talent from midfield. Some may chime in with Walcott but he is not a top drawer player, his end product isn't consistent enough. 


Arsenal are simply out classed, without signing a world class forward and attacking midfielder they will be no where in the mix for the title.

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Walcott is a flash in the pan player though, so inconsistent, very little work rate and switches off both going forward and defending


but just when he's on the brink of being found out and dropped he'll produce a bit of magic


in the next 2 years chamberlain will over take him IMO

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The fenerbahce game is pretty meaningless as they won't be allowed in the competition, the only reason they are in the qualifiers is because they have appealed the ban for match fixing.

As for Wenger, his big money signings have hardly been a success before. And he spent £7million on Andre Santos.

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yeah they'll be in the competition, but do you think the unrest will stop if they lose over the 2 legs and go through on a technicality?


their next fixtures are -


fenerbahce A

Fulham A

Fenerbahce H

Spurs H


both the league games will be hard and the CL tie very hard, I don't think its unrealistic to see arsenal on 2 points and having lost to fenerbahce by the time the window shuts

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Shocking that their squad is in the state that it is in. Real lack of genuine quality. No depth either.


Then Wenger comes out and says 'who could we have signed who is good enough?' 


Well. For a bit over the 70m you have you could be lining up:



Sagna Mertesacker Koscielny Baines

             Fellaini   Paulinho

Walcott       Cazorla     Aubameyang



Instead of the crap he fielded yesterday. And he likely could have a better striker than Bony too. In all fairness, he could have signed Benteke 2 months ago for £30m. which would put them in a damn sight better place right now than having Giroud and Sanogo.


Edit: Realsed my side may cost more than £70m but the point still stands, they dont particularly need two new £20m midfielders when they have Arteta and Wilshere but they need...something.

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