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  1. legov

    U.S. Politics

    Keyblade, out of interest have you always lived in Canada?
  2. Yeah he was playing at CB last 10 minutes or so.
  3. Young at centre-back...thought I'd seen it all
  4. Babel has looked good this season, obv over 30 now but could be well worth a punt for PL sides
  5. legov

    Leeds United

    Sorry poor choice of words maybe. Yes Bamford is a ****, but I find the hate for Leeds in general to be way OTT when they gave us a goal they weren't legally obliged to.
  6. To be fair plenty of players break through at 23 or thereabouts, I think it's more about the fact that he's an established player now.
  7. Can't speak for Vietnam but in Singapore yes absolutely hordes of people tune in at 2-3am to watch Utd play crappy teams let alone City. The English league is by far the most watched spectator sport there (speaks volumes about the pitiful state of local football there). Not sure about goal alert services but it might have something to do with the betting markets I'd (ahem) wager.
  8. I used to live there - trust me, people watch there It's the 21st century for christs sake.
  9. legov

    Leeds United

    Yeah good point - I didn't actually watch the match so wasn't too involved in the moment. Looking at it post-match the Leeds hate is way OTT - yes Bamford is a **** but Bielsa wasn't obliged to give a goal away. Surely he (and Leeds) have to be commended for that.
  10. legov

    Leeds United

    And we would have been in our rights to feel aggrieved had they gone on to score - which they did. But then they apologized for it by letting us score. So I really don't get the hate.
  11. legov

    Leeds United

    It was still a very sporting thing to do.
  12. legov

    Leeds United

    Not sure where the Leeds/Bamford hate is coming from, Leeds effectively apologized for the whole fracas by letting us score (and costing themselves automatic promotion in the process). The referee, on the other hand...
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with his son's death. Reports are that he could never get over it. That can really do harm to your health and sap your will to live.
  14. I just remember having come across research before which suggests that having something more tactile to hold on to aids reading comprehension. Don't recall what the exact article was - actually I think it might have been a university professor who told me that. Don't need to take it as gospel or anything just take it what you will.
  15. Spotify is free though. That said if you wanted to listen to Spotify on a phone you would only be able to do so on shuffle (unless you upgraded to the paid version) Agree that physical books are far superior to their digital equivalents. Indeed there's quite a bit of research that supports this view, scientifically speaking.
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