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  1. legov

    U.S. Politics

    Severe understatement
  2. legov

    U.S. Politics

    So Biden copped a bit of flak recently for saying that if you struggle to decide between Trump and him you ain't black. In light of recent events I really can't see what he said wrong.
  3. For split second there thought the interviewer was Borat
  4. I know it's different but I totally read all of that in a Jamaican accent.
  5. legov

    General Chat

    This knife thing really reminds me. A while back I had to stay at a place for a couple weeks. Was desperate so didn't have a lot of choice when it came to where I could stay. Ended up agreeing to stay for 3 weeks at a place where the individual rooms had no locks. One fine day one of the words removed I was living with charged into my room without permission and tried to start a fight. Specifically threatened to stab me. Being very aware of how these things can spiral out of control and fearing for my safety I moved out quickly. But now the equally word-removed that is the landl
  6. Okay I'm really off these couple of days, I reckon it's the social isolation
  7. Surprised you even know Cypress Hill tbh.
  8. At the risk of belaboring the point, not really. Australia is just as diverse as America is in terms of its migrant makeup, it's just that the change in migration policy is more recent than it was in America.
  9. Needs an angry emoticon
  10. Historically yes. A lot of migrant groups who historically migrated to America didn't start migrating to Australia in large numbers until fairly recently. So short answer to your question: in the past, yes. Thanks to a very conscious policy of adopting migrants only from the British Isles, and then later Europe. In the last few decades this has changed dramatically. Edit: Pommie bit was tongueincheek
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