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  1. I just remember having come across research before which suggests that having something more tactile to hold on to aids reading comprehension. Don't recall what the exact article was - actually I think it might have been a university professor who told me that. Don't need to take it as gospel or anything just take it what you will.
  2. Spotify is free though. That said if you wanted to listen to Spotify on a phone you would only be able to do so on shuffle (unless you upgraded to the paid version) Agree that physical books are far superior to their digital equivalents. Indeed there's quite a bit of research that supports this view, scientifically speaking.
  3. You people. The show goes on and on. Make up your minds already.
  4. There are good directore and then there are bad ones.
  5. VTers who have a SO who does not speak English as a first language, what are your experiences regarding maintaining a relationship where both people don't share a first language in common? How does humour etc get across? My experiences growing up with two parents who didn't share a first (or even second) language were not great, but I'm trying to be open-minded.
  6. Oh no I agree with you about May, it's Corbyn I'm not so well-informed about so I don't really understand what you mean when you call him an ideological Leaver.
  7. Not sure there would ever be a world in which the Tories would vote for Remain while Labour vote to leave. Sorry if any of these questions sound silly, I speak merely as a clueless outsider.
  8. Man Soton are shit, can't defend for toffee
  9. You sure it isn't the accent? (for both Dier and Pickford)
  10. Still early of course but England look a class apart so far
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