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  1. Half of young people in work, can't afford to leave family home. http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/half-of-young-people-in-work-cant-afford-to-leave-family-home/7004874.article I'm a working young (27) person. I can afford to fly the nest, I don't understand how others can't if they're working full time. I presume when they say fly the nest, they are referring to actually buying a house as opposed to renting.
  2. What time?!?! (my jovial description of you as my stalker is now seeming very real!) 18.45.
  3. Correct I'm 27. We booked it with Club 18-30 but after spending a week there I think Club 18-24 would be more appropriate. Everyone I seemed to speakto seemed to be in that age range and from up north. It attracts a certain demographic.
  4. I didn't know which thread to post this in, so I'm posting it here. Villa boy has post posted the official season reviews of every Villa season from 92/93 up until 2011/2012. Here is the a link for the 04/05 season which I am currently watching. As for this season, my prediction is 12th place. Bright start but it won't last.
  5. not that im fully aware and probably way off but maybe its because they have cricket as a more popular sport. For their big populations its hard to think of a single player from either Pakistan or India to make it as a professional Zesh Rehmann, Michael Chopra and someone whose name escapes me.
  6. Birds eye inspiration fish. No salmon so had to have the breaded cod? alternative.
  7. The fact that we and other Western nations are heading for another war. This time with the IS. Humanity just doesn't learn, and probably never will.
  8. Hi guys been busy with work and life in general so have only been on the forum twice since I came back 3 weeks ago. I'm sure you've all missed me. Won't be posting on here as much anymore, - just too busy. Spanish lessons at the Brasshouse on Broad Street start tomorrow. Anyway I had a great time. Magaluf is not as crazy as the media are making out. All the stuff I witnessed like drunken behaviour and people being sick is no different to what you get in Broad Street or any other town centre in the UK. I personally wouldn't go back but it was experience I won't forget. And to answer the question you have all been waiting for, a grand total of 3, plus a nice fellatio from another on the beach which I don't think is too bad for 1 week. If you're above 24 it's probably wise to look elsewhere.
  9. May of been mentioned already but Tim Sherwood. Back at the turn of the century.
  10. I think deep down you know the right thing to do, you don't need our advice.
  11. Yeah slowandlow got there before me. Wenger has lost at Villa Park against Aston Villa twice. On the last day of 97/98 Dwight Yorke chipped a penalty past David Seaman in a 1-0 win, as well as the 3-2 game you lot have mentioned. Can't trust MOTD stats.
  12. On a related note is there a hidden resistance against Asian (Indian Pakistani) player's. Not wishing to take the thread off topic but I guess it's an interesting thought. I can only think of 3 who have played in the Prem.
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