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Ron Vlaar


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Sod it I am calling it as it is on Feyenoord's Official Site


Ron Vlaar still makes the move to Aston Villa. The defender on Friday reached an agreement with the club from the Premier League for a three year contract. He will be medically examined Monday in Birmingham. Aston Villa is ready to limited lump sum in the contract of Vlaar was to pay. Vlaar Sunday was not traveling with them to Kiev and Feyenoord is not employable in the away game in the third qualifying round of the Champions League against Dinamo Kiev. He trains Saturday and Sunday even more with the selection.

It was known to us that after seven years Ron Feyenoord had put his sights on a move abroad, in this case a famous club in the Premier League ', says technical director Martin van Geel. "Because of the capricious behavior of Aston Villa was generally known that Vlaar a limited compensation in his contract had stood. Now Ron has reached an agreement with Aston Villa, the club has also confirmed that they respond to what we want to come up to ask him. Business wise, we have it so when down. "

Van Geel mentions the departure of Vlaar a huge loss for Feyenoord. "Ron was a figurehead of this club. He was the captain and a true leader, a great season behind him. His experience and leadership will be a loss to Feyenoord. Seven years Ron has given heart and soul of our club, so we give him this very step. But of course it remains very unfortunate. "

Yellow is also far from happy with the time when the transfer has come around, two days before leaving Kiev Feyenoord direction for the important away game against Dinamo Kiev. "The conduct of Aston Villa has recently caused much unrest. In addition, the time in view of our next match is not favorable. In that respect we have preferred that this transfer was a week earlier came around. "

For Vlaar goes with his move to the Premier League a dream come true. "It's a strange notion to leave Feyenoord, but it is a dream for me to leave the Premier League. We are now back into conversation, in which a thing is spoken. It was a lively discussion, which on behalf of Aston Villa also made excuses for their conduct in recent times. I can imagine that the fans at this moment a little less happy with me, but I hope also for giving me this move to the Premier League will award. "

"It will be hard for me to Feyenoord to leave because my heart is in that club," continues Vlaar. "I am very experienced at the club, highs and lows. The absolute highlight for me was the last season, where we place the two in the league and I eventually reached a ride to the European Championships. "

Vlaar will conclude all the fans for their unconditional support over the years. "I had a great time at Feyenoord and at that time always have a lot of support from the legion. My relationship with Feyenoord is forever, I will definitely keep coming back in the tank. "





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I'm glad this sage/farce/PR disaster etc is over. /sarcasm

ha yeah..remarkable how many people wanted to beat the club over the head with Vlaar and his agents comments....

no doubt Lambert was cool as **** in the states while the whole "saga" was going on thinking "I'll just give him a cheesy bell when i get back"...

while on here?


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