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  1. Got a blue disabled parking badge yesterday . Quite excited to use it on double yellow lines now!
  2. I bought the Lumineers album last week and love it. Really nice chilled out folky feel.
  3. Agree on Bennett but we seem to be actively playing down our left. Is it on purpose to get Gabby in the game. Lowton not seen much of the ball at all. If Marc comes on Benteke needs to as well.
  4. I think Delph has been excellent today. Retained posession well and bursts forward. We have played ok but wih no threat. Need the ball to stick up front a bit better.
  5. I think I may have posted negatively. I am in a positive frame of mind to fight the beast as hard as I can and my spirits are great. I am not scared of dying which means I can fight because I love life. Besides I have a great opportunity to say bye to people I love. Still I can fight hard and aim for a couple of years. But honestly I am positive. I would rather take this on than any of my friends and family.
  6. All the best to your mum Stevo. I hope the treament goes to plan. first time I have ventured into OT for a while. My own fight with cancer is in full flow although I cannot win, i am not going to let it take me easily. Had 2 rounds of chemo so now hair is going. Looking good with a No. 1 skin head though haha! Hope everyone is good and keeping well. I have been bed bound with a DVT and clots in my leg for 7 weeks so laptop not been out but ipad ordered so shoud be on more soon!
  7. Thanks to everyone for your support. It is really fantastic. How I found out? Well went to a&e through shoulder pain and a little problem swallowing but nothing major. They found it by doing an endoscopy (camera down the throat) and taking biopsies, blood test and a ct scan. Doc pre warned me that it would be bad news the day before the full disclosure for me and family.
  8. I have a funny feeling we will get something from tomorrows game.
  9. Cheers chaps. Gone through a lot of horrible things this week, moped a bit but does no good. Gonna be as positive as possible and try to put this as far in remission as possible. Got meeting at Christies next week re chemo and it should start pretty quickly from there. So fingers crossed. This is a disease that is prevalant in 55 + year old smokers. I dont smoke or really drink. Hardest bit is trying to keep the family on an even keel. Cheers for support guys
  10. Got diagnosed with a tumour in my gullet this week. Inoperable because it has spread to my liver. Very rare at the age of 30. Only hope is to put it into remission through chemo otherwise nothing they can do. So a bit of a stressful week!!!!!
  11. Not to be biased but the photography is possibly the most important investment we could make on a wedding. It's the one thing that will last longer than even the rings possibly will and the memories are priceless as we get older. Very very unappreciated at times. Dont get me wrong, i look back at them now and consider them priceless, just at the point of putting my debit card in the machine i thought "these pictures better be printed on gold leaf!". I realise now how hard the photographer works and i didnt realise how many they actually take. He didnt miss a trick, the amount of superb pictures he took without us knowing was brilliant. Ye, at the time it's a lot of dough and when everyone is stressed trying to pay bills and for the rest of the wedding it seems worse But exactly, get the right photographer and it's well worth it. Only looked at mine once since they were done. How often do you lot look at yours?
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