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Cafu Cuellar Collins Warnock

---------Herd Petrov----------



Difficult team selection this one, as the old addage goes, you do not change a winning team

However there is an argument that says drop Albs for Weimann

I like Albs in the team though as he adds width. The boy hogs the touchline unlike Charles who just drifts infield a lot

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Bolton Vs QPR was the early game, so I watched that before the Villa game and Bolton were crap, AND they were at home.

If we can,t put more than 1 past that lot then there is something seriously wrong.

Play 4-4-2 with Gabby and Weiman up front and we will murder them.

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Do people honestly think Weimann can start up front on his own in the premier league??

Yes.. Weimann isn't like Bent he won't just stand around waiting for the ball to come to him. He'll spend the game playing kinda like Rooney would running around and getting into logical positions. The guy is full of confidence and he knows exactly where the goal is.. Personally Weimann is a better choice to start this game than Agbonlahor.

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That's the best XI I can come up with. Plus we can bring on Albrighton, Bannan, or Petrov to change a game.

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Who thought that winning this game would make us safe? Just shows how poor other teams have been and how much the league has flip flopped this season.

I predict a 2-2 draw for this.

We have three immensely difficult games after which if we get a point from any of them will be a bonus. I cannot imagine we will win any but if we do top half is possible

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