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  1. Heard a few teams have chants to the tune of heartbeat adama, Adama traore, he's better than messi de de de de de
  2. I don't know if this is aimed at me or not, if it is your judgement of me couldn't be far from the truth. The fact that I don't think spending a night lying in a road is the way for anyone to behave let alone a premier league footballer doesn't allow you to make judgement on how I live my life. Let's see how the club react to this and I don't think they sit back and chill out as you suggest. They won't take a light stance on this and if jack wants to be a top player then he won't do this again. How he choses to spend his money and time in the off season is up to him but at the end of he say
  3. Exactly, seems like because he's one of our own people take a difference stance on this. No problem with him getting drunk, but ending up in the middle of the street is embarrassing, and people saying this is normal?
  4. Wow I'm amazed at people saying he's entitled to do it and most 19 year olds do. If that's what they do then where were the rest of them? I've been on lads holidays and drank most of the day everyday but I never once passed out in the middle of the road. He'll get a warning from the club and will take some banter from the other players about it. Hopefully he'll learn that someone in his position can't be seen to do that.
  5. Jack is not another 19 year old on the piss with his mates abroad though. Let's say he cracked his head open would we hail him as a 'lad'.
  6. cant believe these footballers would ever get drunk Nothing wrong with having a few drinks but ending up in the middle of the road with no one around you doesn't look good. At least messi has Xavi there to support him!
  7. For some strange reason I've always seem to like him since he scored that late header against us in the cup. Don't think he's fulfilled his potentially, mainly due to injuries but he is only 26 and should be entering his best years now.
  8. He won't need to, players have too much power, he'll be sold and get his move. If he goes to one of the top 4 then Liverpool can't really complain. Personally I don't think he's all that, terrible end product, reminds me of Aaron Lennon.
  9. As far as I know he hasn't even said he wants to leave, the latest rumours are sources close to the player! I remember getting slated by a Liverpool fan when benteke wanted to leave and I said he should stay. He said that you shouldn't keep an unhappy player that wants to play in the champions league, im enjoying reminding him of this now.
  10. So they booed sterling at the awards, that just lacks class! But we all knew they did anyway. Why do teams have their award ceremonies before the end of the season?
  11. Keep slagging drogba off so he scores again.
  12. As bad as tonight's result is for us, still having a little smile seeing Liverpool fans have a meltdown.
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