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Ratings and Reactions: Man City 4-0 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • Warnock
    • Cuéllar
    • Collins
    • Lichaj
    • Downing
    • Albrighton
    • Petrov
    • Reo-Coker
    • Bannan
    • Agbonlahor
    • Delph (for Bannan 56)
    • Delfouneso (for Albrighton 56)
    • Pirès (for Reo-Coker 81)

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Time to go now, get it fooking sorted randy, allerdyce or jol please for the new year! Never seen villa look so un confident in my life, we also have the worst joint goal difference with wigan -14. Get a grip and get rid of hou!

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Very poor.

Friedel - 4 - Looked old.

Lichaj - 5 - Got taught a couple of lessons - hopefully he'll learn them.

Warnock - 4 - Got involved with Richards early on, then disappeared. Looks weak.

Cuellar - 5 - Now I remember why he was on the bench, he can't pass and he's a bit soft - his positioning is his strength, but when you're against a team as clever as City that really isn't going to help.

Collins - 6 - Did alright at times and kept fighting the fight, but he is limited in terms of quality.

Reo Coker - 3 - Half arsed.

Petrov - 6 - Good to have him back and he at least adds a little stability.

Bannan - 3 - Didn't take part in the game, he's at his best when we're going forward with possession - so it's not really a surprise that he didn't have a good game.

Albrighton - 4 - A couple of bright moments including a nice shot reminded us that he was on the field during the 88 minutes that I couldn't find him. He had no supply whatsoever.

Downing - 3 - No more free kicks please and if you could get a bit more involved, that would be nice.

Agbonlahor - 4 - Some effort, but not a lot of point to it, he needs to remember what he's good at and get back to it.


Delfouneso - 6 - Our best player I thought, ran at them and gave them something to think about.

Delph - 5 - Got about the place and helped us put a little bit of (pointless) pressure on them towards the end.

Pires - 6- Kept possession well but no sign of a breakthrough.

Houllier - 2 - A very very bad day for the manager - everyone has turned now, the away support are usually very loyal but when they start to chant for the managers head then you know he's in trouble, the media are going for him too and it's questionable whether the players are behind him - he might find himself lucky to survive this one.

His only saving grace might be that sacking a manager right now is exactly what relegated teams tend to do - we're in a relegation fight now and more chaos might not help.

Overall - shite, utter **** shite.

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do our players know what they're supposed to be doing? are we a hoof it forward team, and pass and move team, a counter attack team? We have no idea. Mis placed passes, players on totally different wavelengths. Injuries all over the shop yet 3 internationals frozen out of the picture. Constant formation changes. No heart. No direction from the bench.

I haven't said this since Dr Joe, but the manager must go. Get out of my club (and take that bloody 'fitness' coach with you!)

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gabby did ok considering he had no support, delph looked decent when he came on. petrov was ok. rest were crap

randy was there so hopefully he realised what a shambles we are under GH, and heard how the fans feel about him.

cant see any way back for GH, hes lost the fans and the players by the look of things

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Well we all knew it didn't we !

Luckily, when I got up at 9am - my head ruled my heart and that feeling of "shall I go" never got the better of me,

Therefore, can't say who played well, however , from hearing it - it seems no-one.

Lets face it, if Man City had wanted it - that could have been 7 or 8.

Utter disgrace the Villa are - I get slagged o something rotten on here for telling the truth.

and the truth is - WE WILL GET RELEGATED !!! - this is 1986 being relived.

So all those who give this "you are not a good supporter" just realise it - we are being taken for a sodding ride !

Chelsea here we come - expect a bigger defeat !

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Was behind Gerard until this match, I thought a match couldn't be any more gutless than the Liverpool game, this was 10 times worse. A total joke, I hate to say this but he needs to go. No passion, makes me feel sick.

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I'm just lost for words - just when you think it can't get any worse, it does!

I don't think it's the best way to go, but on today's performance it seems Houllier has lost the players (if he ever had them in the first place), and if that's the case then he's got to go.

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It's fairly obvious - we have a bunch of players who, not so long ago, were largely very good, organised, motivated and passionate for the cause. Now all of them, pretty much to a man, have lost confidence, ability and passion.

This is Houllier's fault - not MON for walking out, not the players (despite their evident lack of passion) and not even the boards since they couldn't imagine Houllier would be as incapable as he's proving. Luckily they still have time to fix it.

I hate the idea of Villa becoming a managerial revolving door but this is the worst we've played in years and, considering the quality of players we have, it's just not acceptable. Houllier is failing in the minimum required of a professional manager. Adieu Gerard, thanks for the non-memories.

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**** gutless

seriously, the only ones i can say did anything today were

the fonz ( im not his biggest fan but when he plays well he like all the others gets thr credit)

friedel i said last year we should have replaced, today... average at very best

warnock, on his way out apparently. left exposed as we seem to want to play our best right wonger on the left but was not his best showing today

collins his passing is decent most of the time but he cant commad for toffee, he is having a mare

cuellar had a crap game again

lichaj was poor today he is not ready and especially should not be playing with the shower of shit at the back with him

the biggest **** shambles was yet again in the middle of the park, the defence were shit but they were exposed time after tme after time by shit passing, straight to the other team, no tackling, no runing back, no blocking and offering **** all.

bannan seriously his worst game, i ddint even know he was playing

nrc if a game needed a physical strong energetic man to command the midfield, this was it. he was **** shit, no challenges nothing. disgraceful

albrighton, put the kid on the right hand side and watch him do the business, put him on the left and watch him drift out of the game and be ineffective

downing, one of his worst games for us, keopt passing the **** ball back 40 yards every time we were on the attack , mind you so did......

petrov, slow, unadventurous, negative, weak , utter shit today.

gabby in effective cant be bothered, no chacing, no fight

the subs faired better

fonz, easily the man of the match, ( if i had walked out on the pitch and curled a steaming pile of shit, it would probably have been a contender for man of the match)

delph, the energy was there but the application isnt, i would guess 50% of al his passes were directly to the opponents, did not get stuck in either

pires, well he kept the ball and also kept it moving forwards which is more than most of the other midfielders did today

manager? he will get till the end of the season and if he has not made decent purchases this winter and improves the results then he should be out, thats if we have not free fallen to the championship

and seriously, what the **** does gary mcallister do? every time i see him i feel like punching his **** head in, i cant explain it either, very irational but it happens every time i see him

this team is putting in worse perfomances each week, im sure it is someone at the club taking the piss or something? because there is no excuses for this shit we are having to put up with.

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GK - Reactions are not good enough any more. Need a new one

Right Back - Lot's of promise but very young and still makes some bad mistakes. Should continue in the side because of attacking ability. May need a back up depending on Luke Young's future.

Center Back - Still not getting it done. Dunne was (IMO opinion) the biggest reason for our problems. He did not want to change for the new manager and sabotaged it all the way. Carlos and Collins still have problems. Need a commander there.

left Back - Warnock has all the physical ability to be good, but cannot play intelligently. Stupid mistakes and lack of effort at critical times. Need a new option here.

Wings - Alby and Downing. Downing needs to sit until he decides if he wants to play or not. He also should not be taking any more free kicks. Need a new option on the wings if AY will continue to play more forward. I would put Alby and Young on the wings.

Center - Lot's of options but nobody great. Need an Essien to stop everything (holding) Need a VDV to make everything go (attacking).

Forward - having one that could finish would be nice.

That's at least 7, probably 8 we need. Sorry I can't blame Houllier for that yet. BTW - if Houllier is as smart as most of his critics here, his agreement to come here included transfer funds being available. It also included a minimum stay to solve the problems noted above. He will be here through most of the summer at least. The fear is that we'll be relegated by then. Possible, but not likely.

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Just got back from work so cannot comment on the game but my reaction to the result is we must change the manager now before the damage is ireversible!

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First goal was a dodgy penalty, the second never crossed the line, the third was offside and the fourth was a blatant dive ...... aside from that, Villa were well on top.

Yes ...... I am totally w4nkered ....... hic !

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I am now starting to feel that there is no more time for being patient with Houllier. Something is seriously broken at the moment and I don't think Houllier has the nous to fix it.

I have been keen for GH to be given the chance to bring in a few of his own players but I would suggest that it's too late for that with the character of our team currently rotten to the core.

The fact that for the last 10 minutes of the match we did nothing but defend a minus 4 goal lead says a lot for the fact that most of these players don't give two **** for this club or in fact their own careers.

As for the match - when it rains it pours - desperately unlucky for at least two of those goals - but it might as well have been 8-0 in the end. Man City were taking the piss, and we were giving it freely.

While at the start of the season - even with MON still at the helm - most of us would have chalked this one up as a defeat, in a season of disappointing defeats this has by far been the most disappointing of them for the fact that some players clearly decided they didn't care about the Villa any more - that their own personal feelings towards the manager and his coaching staff became more important than the club that pays them and their own personal/professional integrity and reputation as men and footballers.

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