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  1. Juninho would have been collymore mk2, had his best seasons before we tried to sign him and wasnt the same player when he went back to boro Was convinced we would win the league in 98/99 but collapsed after Ugo's injury. Was also convinced when we went top in 01/02 in oct/nov but that was daft on reflection
  2. Frankley services I'd guess
  3. Fairly important character is a brummie and villa fan. Very strong accent. That strong I assumed it was a non brummie hamming it up at first
  4. Gotta be questions about the management if we finish on <50 pts. Frankly I wouldnt be surprised to see us finishing on 44
  5. Titus Bramble level of gaffes I know theres a dearth of english centrebacks but cant see how hes anywhere near the national side
  6. Not having hes injured Bare rumours around south brum which I'm inclined to believe tbh
  7. Lost in the final didnt they. Odd world cup that was
  8. 30k anti jew reactions to some shite on the villa facebook page Wonder if it's your deranged muzzas or your old school your deranged whiteys
  9. 11th/12th feels more realistic than even top half for me now. Cant see where a win is coming from Would have took it at start of season, but disappointing nonetheless
  10. Think they will both get above us. Struggle to see us getting to 50 pts tbh
  11. So his first 3 or 4 years at man yoo where he made about 10 apps is included I've seen you dig holes in off topic with some of your weak ass arguments. Just accept you got the timeframes wrong lol
  12. Only a 50-67% over exaggeration in your original comment. Maybe it's this kind of exaggeration that contributes to others feeling hes over rated?
  13. I just cant get my head round how you can possibly apply the above timeframes to Beckham career tbh. 10 years (11 at a push) encapsulates his entire meaningful career. Theres no 2/3 year build up, 10 years at the top 2/3 year gradual decline in his career at all. More like a couple year build up 5ish years at peak then a dive before a slight recovery, followed by (effectively) early retirement Your timeframes are way off
  14. So the class of 92 factors into being incredible for 15 years lol At absolute best you can claim 10 years as top class, which is significantly less then 15 years of incredible. Hence the massive exaggeration statement. 1 league title in 4 years at Real against a good but not ridiculous Barca is nothing to write home about. Nowhere near in champions league either. Bounced back in 2007 a fair bit granted but he, along with the rest of the galacticos, were performing below top level and below their reputation for a decent part of the mid noughties (especially 2005/6 when you say h
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