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  1. I agree with you. Seems a bit haphazard.
  2. Seems to be pot luck tbh. If you get tipped off at the right time or phone up on the off chance and get lucky you seem to be able to get the vaccine irrespective of the various levels/cohorts
  3. 12th-14th more likely particularly if grealish misses a few games Would be a shame after how the season has panned out so far
  4. 100% this They'd have gone last year without Hogans run of goals and i fear it'll be the same again this year
  5. You can rent in harborne for that sort on that sort of budget
  6. I'm not convinced rotherham or Coventry have enough about them but fingers crossed
  7. Wimbledon often seemed to attract worst crowd of the season. Hardly anyone travelled. And although we won that game convincingly and I think were on a decent run at that point, generally we were pretty awful that season and nearly got relegated Attendances seemed to really recover post euro 96
  8. Manc 2008 was a quality day out one of the best I've ever had for footy absolutely barmy Think the authorities completely underestimated the scale of supporters who were willing to travel
  9. Losing in the playoffs with the squad at his disposal was a failure of a season
  10. Hes shite and a thug to boot. But I suppose it's all relative and that qualifies him for legendary status for the noses
  11. Now I have no doubt they are and were both noses. Why they felt the need to pretend to be villa fans I have no idea, other than being thick as pig shit.
  12. Craig: “I signed for Villa when I was 15 and since then these have been the best days of my life. I’m a Villa fan. from https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.business-live.co.uk/economic-development/mat-kendrick-craig-gardner-boyhood-3934198.amp
  13. Gary: "It’s a big thing for me as a Villa fan" from https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2016/10/26/gardner-derby-excitement
  14. There are direct quotes from both I'll dig them out
  15. Fairly sure he played a fair few times the previous season but was displaced by Spink at start of 93/94. So the blues game might have been in his first appearance that season but not his debut
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