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  1. we've got 1 centre-back god knows why we're trying to shoehorn 3 into the team
  2. surely the owners would have done their research and realised he has shown no evidence of this in his managerial career? genuinely can't remember a young player he has brought through in any of his roles, and although we played good stuff in very limited patches last season (when he had the best squad he has ever had to work with in relative terms), he has never played decent football for a prolonged period wanted change (not Henry), but now where stuck with Bruce he has my passive support
  3. Seemed like a standard Baker challenge to me, used to do them most games when he played for us. No need for the chanting towards the end
  4. Every good run of form has quickly descended into a piss poor run, which is no surprise to me given the awful unsustainable style of football we play
  5. Regressing back to last season based on performances without Terry. Too many nervy and unconvincing moments over the last few games.
  6. When we were fannying around in the championship on the cusp of apparent ffp issues, spending 3 or 4 million on "one for the future" or a fourth choice right back (depending on point of view) seems like a very odd choice
  7. 1 step forward 1 step back, as it always has been under Bruce Will be lucky to make the play offs imo
  8. Nearly all of them? Would be easier yo name the exceptions tbh
  9. We play the same piss poor way derby or not unfortunately Not quite doing badly enough for the sacK or even fan pressure Not doing well enough to convince people he will achieve the goal of promotion We're in a difficult place
  10. hopefully they make a better fist of organising the commonwealth games than they do organising waste disposal the bin bags might even be collected by the time the games roll around
  11. 352/532 will be too negative particularly under Bruce. Taylor as a wing back has no offensive qualities whilst Amavi is a mess defensively. We would end up with 6 defenders behind the ball at all times as a minimum. That does appear to be Bruce's 'specialty' though so you never know
  12. For somebody who, IIRC, gave up their ST due to poor football In the MON era, how on earth can you justify getting one after the shite we've endured under Bruce
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