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  1. Any poncy official goodbye like a video or Sevilla game will have me spewing (vomit and rage)
  2. Didnt have to for season tkts I didnt anyway and I haven't had any correspondence telling me to
  3. A piss poor headbutt that didnt even put savage down and cost us the game? Weird outlook
  4. Yeah never got the dublin one 0-0 with the game in the balance and he does a shit headbutt to get sent off. Kills any chance of us winning the game. And didnt even damage savage Yet lauded as some sort of hero
  5. I didn't see anything in him from his half a season pre injury tbh Being out for 18 months likely to set him back even further Gonna take a big hit here
  6. Based on 3 or 4 experiences following the villa I'd say unless you're happy to engage in a bit of fisticuffs I wouldn't bother
  7. Probably rapid Vienna at least once as well I'd have thought
  8. Or varteks Blimey we've fared poorly with this rule
  9. The noses have got a right hard on cus of some disparaging comments he made about the villa a year or so back. But then he also said this https://www.mylondon.news/sport/football/football-news/brentfords-ryan-woods-wants-beat-12233605 So just sounds like another rent-a-quote gobshite they've signed
  10. Probably some word removed of a dog owner, they seem to have proliferated since the last lockdown
  11. But also in a south brum context, when it takes 100 mins to travel 10 miles on a bus in rush hour (pre covid), I can see why people who can drive (I cant) would be reluctant to switch to buses even with LTNs in place. As a couple have said, they're part of the solution but cant be delivered in isolation from major investment in public transport/active mode infrastructure
  12. Maybe I've been very lucky living in south brum re: proximity to schools, but I cant comprehend why anybody in a major urban area (e.g. enfield) would need to drive their kids to school Even the selective schools have school-only buses round here these days
  13. Streaky dean strikes again Only time we haven't been streaky is last year when we were just naff
  14. If form continues into next season he should be gone within first few games frankly
  15. No room for sentimentality if the people running the club think someone better is available they should make the change in the summer
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