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  1. ryanvilla_1994

    Paul Lambert

    Top bloke and as much as i wanted him to succeed he had to go. Hopefully he finds success somewhere else.
  2. ryanvilla_1994

    Carlos Sanchez

    No one is saying he's the worst. It was a outrageously bad performance though and he's better than that.
  3. ryanvilla_1994

    DayZ Standalone

    Been pretty much the only game I play for over a year now
  4. ryanvilla_1994

    Jose Mourinho

    Can't wait till he **** off again
  5. ryanvilla_1994

    Christian Benteke

    Woeful again. Good luck getting that big move in the summer mate.
  6. ryanvilla_1994


    I think its a great game but its ruined by hackers at the moment. Not played it in a while because of this.
  7. ryanvilla_1994

    MNF & Boxing Day football 23/26 December

    Liverpool are genuinely in with a chance of winning the league this year.
  8. ryanvilla_1994

    Day Z (PC)

    I'm enjoying it. Theres not a lot added yet but there are big plans
  9. ryanvilla_1994

    Christian Benteke

    Awful again. Will we regret not cashing in while his stock was high?
  10. ryanvilla_1994

    Ciaran Clark

    Really happy that he seems to be proving me wrong.
  11. ryanvilla_1994

    Midweek football 3/4 December

    Unbelievable player
  12. ryanvilla_1994

    Weekends football 30 Nov/1 Dec

    Don't like AVB at all but the media do seem to have an issue with him IMO
  13. ryanvilla_1994

    Christian Benteke

    1 season wonder?
  14. ryanvilla_1994

    FIFA 14

    Me too, i can't seem to win. Hopefully something will click soon though
  15. ryanvilla_1994


    Is this the same Aaron Ramsey that they had last season?