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  1. Top bloke and as much as i wanted him to succeed he had to go. Hopefully he finds success somewhere else.
  2. No one is saying he's the worst. It was a outrageously bad performance though and he's better than that.
  3. Been pretty much the only game I play for over a year now
  4. Can't wait till he **** off again
  5. Woeful again. Good luck getting that big move in the summer mate.
  6. I think its a great game but its ruined by hackers at the moment. Not played it in a while because of this.
  7. Liverpool are genuinely in with a chance of winning the league this year.
  8. I'm enjoying it. Theres not a lot added yet but there are big plans
  9. Awful again. Will we regret not cashing in while his stock was high?
  10. Really happy that he seems to be proving me wrong.
  11. Don't like AVB at all but the media do seem to have an issue with him IMO
  12. Me too, i can't seem to win. Hopefully something will click soon though
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