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  1. This all day mate. The guy has been the vocal leader of this team since he stepped foot through the door.
  2. Unfortunately my interest in Jack’s career ends here. I wish him well, but I’m an Aston Villa fan who loved Jack as an Aston Villa player, I couldn’t give 2 ***** what he does in another clubs shirt. I hope this isn’t a moment that we look back on similar to when Milner left as the start of a period of decline, but with the owners, Lange and DS I don’t think that will be the case.
  3. I can hold my hands up and admit that I haven’t always been his biggest fan, but the man has my support now more than ever before, and he needs all of ours. This is a massive season for us, everyone in the country is expecting us to drop down the table now our ‘one man team’ is leaving, but I believe Dean will take the team forward. We have to remember we are going to lose games and we are going to have periods where we are not playing well, but he’s proven on several occasions that he is the right man for the job.
  4. I’m well past the stage of doubting DS and Lange, if he’s who they want them get they’ve got my support. The club won’t overpay, I think they’ve already proven that with our business over the last 12 months.
  5. Again Dave, I have to disagree mate. It’s obviously just my opinion, but when it comes to all around play Tammy isn’t as good as Ollie. In a perfect world, I would love to bring Tammy back to the club, but he would be Ollie’s understudy - it wouldn’t be a job share. The last bit of your post that I highlighted, couldn’t that be used to argue absolutely anything?
  6. I just cannot agree with this I’m afraid Dave. Ollie Watkins is one of the first names on the team sheet for me, even if he goes 10 games without a goal. His pressing and all around play completely changed our attack last season. You say 38 games as if that is treacherous, without European football it’s basically 1 game per week as he is unlikely to feature in any early cup rounds. I appreciate the need to have a capable backup for him, but if we were to do what you propose then I think we would end up with both Ollie and Tammy unhappy with their game time, as I feel that Tammy will go somewhere to play.
  7. This, especially if Jack goes. Assuming he does I’d be delighted if we could hit the 55 point mark, but then worry that wouldn’t be enough for Europe and interest starts in Watkins, Martinez, Konsa etc.
  8. I will stick my neck on the line and state that Jamie Gray is not the attention seeking type, and isn’t trying to be controversial. If he says it then I believe he has heard something credible.
  9. And here he is, a new addition to the Villa family - Rafe William Woodcock Just remember boys, whatever Jack decides, it’s only football!
  10. I might just play safe and name him Emi!
  11. My wife has just gone into labour, so if Jack could wrap this thing up one way or the other in the next hour or so, it would be much appreciated!!
  12. Ffs, don’t bring Jesus into this mess!
  13. One thing I’ve been very impressed with, as a club we’ve been so professional in our handling of all this. Can you imagine Dr Tony and all his emojis?
  14. I turn 40 next month, my mum was going to get me the pro shirt with my name and number 40 on it bless her. Luckily my wife stepped in to advise her that I’d never EVER wear it if it had that on it!
  15. I don’t think the 3-0 against Leeds had anything to do with DS not being able to play attacking football well enough, we were simply outworked that night. In truth, I think the Covid breakout in the squad really affected us as we never seemed the same team really after that. I appreciate Jack’s injury weeks later didn’t help, but we were generally poor after our return from the Covid layoff.
  16. As someone who has suffered dreadfully at times with depression, it’s so admirable to see Tyrone speak out like this. Social media is just toxic, and a cancer in our society. I echo the calls for him to take the armband if Jack does indeed leave, in truth he’s been the vocal leader of our team since he arrived. People may be able to critique him on the pitch, but there’s no doubting for me that he’s a world class human being.
  17. What the **** is going on? I convince myself he’s gone, and then these pictures emerge. It’s the hope that kills you! I appreciate that he has to train, but surely if this was as close as has been claimed then he’d be kept away from the squad, wrapped in cotton wool etc. I don’t know what to believe anymore, this is draining!
  18. Genuine question Dave, do you think that you have spoken respectfully about Manchester City these last couple of weeks?
  19. He’s being respectful. I’ve got no issue with this.
  20. Whatever happens in the next week or so, no blame can be laid at the owners door. They saved us. It’s not typical football hyperbole, we were literally hours from being wound up. If they have said £100m for Jack, they can’t then move the goalposts - it’s unprofessional, and would have consequences both within the club, and also any future dealings with other clubs.
  21. In fairness who was the last player we sold that the club didn’t want to sell? Delph?
  22. If that is true, that’s an insulting offer for their captain.
  23. I’d be up for Hummel, especially re-releases of the back catalogue
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