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  1. Whilst Grealish didn't have the best of games against Blackpool, he is young, inexperienced and has a lot of presure on his shoulders from the fans who are expecting him to perform from the off. I can understand that, he's aloud to learn from these experiences. He's showed a few good glimpses in sub appearances and has been consistantly awesome in the youth levels and is regarded very well in Nottingham after his loan. There is natural talent there, if guided in the right direction. However, I don't get why it's acceptable to have lots of shit games in the first team if you are an experienced player (I'm talking about Gabby, Weimann, Cleverley, N'Zogbia and Richardson) yet still be guaranteed a starting place or at the very least, a place in the match day squad. Seems unfair.
  2. Sounds like positive news, as long as we actually play him and not just let him waste away as just a squad member.
  3. It's a very bad injury, but in this day and age it's an injury most players recover from if they do their rehab properly (which he finished some months ago). He'd been deemed fit enough to train since March/April. Remember some people were hoping he'd even get some game time at the end of last season. Benteke's injury was potentially career threatening (well at least career hampering), but he was thrown in quite quickly. Okore been training and then playing for about 7 months now. He's been captaining Denmarks U21's, playing 90 minutes and playing the odd game for the full national team since the start of the season. Not to mention playing matches for Villa during pre-season. He's seemed fine and played very well yesterday when he captained & kept a clean sheet vs Italy's U21's in Italy.
  4. To be fair he said he wants to fight a place in the team first and foremost. He's been back in training since April and has not played a game for Villa for 14 months, so hardly surprised he wouldn't rule out a move in the transfer window, for his own good. Especially since he has been playing since pre-season and in international games for the past 3 months. When your seeing players like Clark (who are playing poor), continually getting the squad ahead of him. He came to Villa to play, not be 5th choice. He's played well in all his competative appearances for Villa so far, and worked hard to overcome his injury, so deserves a chance. Playing well internationally too, kept a clean sheet and captained Denmarks U21's against Italy today.
  5. If he doesn't start with all the defensive injuries we have at the moment, I fear his Villa career may be over already (which is a shame). If he has hardly played or not played by Jan, bet he'll be off on permanent or loan. Makes no sense that Clark is ahead of him, he has been frighteningly bad for Villa, especially during the past 12 months.
  6. I'd say the reason he's been left out is because he's been bloody hopeless so far. He maybe a good prospect but let's not pretend he's pulled up trees in the first team yet. He's came on 3-0 down vs Arsenal, when the team had little intention of attacking (and when the ball did get to him, he drew fouls) and has had a few 10-15 minutes at the end of matches. Hardly enough reason to call him hopeless. He gave the ball away a few times vs Man City, but that was Man City, who were all over us. Takes some getting used to the pace of the league, especially if you've mostly only played League 1 & reserves. From a purely technical aspect, he's is better than anyone else at the club. Needs more minutes and I think he should get more, as the first team has been mostly hopeless in attacking positions this season. Players are currently being rewarded with more game time for being absolute shite in previous matches.
  7. My biggest worry this weekend is losing to Swansea and either Cardiff/Sunderland winning alongside Fulham. We could be within one more loss of falling into the bottom three. I don't think my heart could cope with taking it too the last day of the season.
  8. Sheez, you could buy Villa with just that contract extension! We're just small change. Pretty nice contract for a guy that plays once every 5 games Bloody hell. I am gobsmacked. I hope the new owners will not be planning a similar extension for Gabby
  9. Sheez, you could buy Villa with just that contract extension! We're just small change.
  10. Can't wait to lift that Premier League trophy next May.
  11. Has hardly been given a chance to prove himself in the first team. There is talent there. We shouldn't let him go on a free in the summer. Would even sign him on a new 2 year contract and send him straight out on loan if not going to be able to prove himself in our first team.
  12. Were they exclusives though or just jumped on the bandwagon? If he broke the stories then hes obviously ITK Wyett did pop up with the Lambert exclusives, remember it at the time as they had him TalkSport the same night when VillaTalk was in a meltdown. He is on as a guest quite regularly. Started following him on Twitter then. You could get on The Sun website for free then.
  13. He's a chairman who has been very fortunate not to see us get relegated in one of the last 2 seasons. Seems to have lost any real ambition for the club. Loans, low wages now for players and low transfer fees.
  14. I think Wyett was the journalist to first break Villa were after Lambert. Don't know how reliable he is normally. He works for a shit paper though.
  15. Just dropped that Charlie Wyatt who did The Sun article a message on Twitter. He seems to believe we are "definitely" looking to sell despite what Faulkner said. Just needs someone to show him the money. @CharlieWyett Whats going on with Villa then? Every other press outlet saying we are not for sale, which is opposite to Sun's claims. Charlie Wyett ‏@CharlieWyett they are reacting to claims from ceo who would never publicly admit. Lerner employing a us agency to find a buyer @CharlieWyett Hope your correct & he finds right buyer. There had been a lot of murmurings that he was looking to sell, so makes sense.#avfc Charlie Wyett ‏@CharlieWyett he definitely is but in no major rush so think club will end up in safe hands
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