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  1. Never seen such dog sh*te crossing. Poor first half, sunday league second half. They were as limp as a vicar's handshake
  2. On the other side of the page were Lord Lucan and Rudolph Hess who were quoted as "shocked" and "saddened"
  3. No doubt in my mind that the top managers of europe drool over some of things he does. That reverse pass was sublime. If only Olie had scored it would have been contender for goal of the month probably along with AEG's too.
  4. He's kept more clean sheets at The Emirates this season than Leno
  5. He needs to be put to practicing penalties for the next week with a coach shouting at him "hard and low" before he takes each one so he doesnt forget.
  6. Why were they analizing for offside when the picture was clearly showing Watkins was being fouled? The defender had his arm around him
  7. It is a shame, maybe he spends more time in training working on other aspects at the moment. But most world class players (which Jack will become) score freekicks and it would be great to see it bump up his goal tally.
  8. Not Hoddle, imo. I think Barry was more like Hoddle. I was just thinking the other day that Waddle, Beardsley and Barnes are players more like Jack. The big difference between these great players and Jack, is that Jack can't score freekicks. Someone needs to have a word in his ear about that and get him practicing.
  9. I hope he doesn't turn out to be another Charles Insomnia
  10. Championship relegation level from the 2nd string players
  11. Just to add to that, Mings and McGinn were in the team when we couldnt get a win whilst Jack was out. With those 3 gone, yes there could be 100m+ to spend, but that doesn't guaruntee anything
  12. I'm not his biggest fan, but I think he's done a great job filling in for Wesley
  13. And why are there always 2 villa players on a freekick when its going to be delivered into the box? The one who doesn't take the freekick could be in a far better position instead of being useless.
  14. Funny the way he was trying to play Deeny offside when he could clearly see Targett was playing him onside. Really poor needless challange to concede the penalty. Not very bright
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