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  1. Frank De Boar would be my choice…. fantastic achievements at Ajax, understands how to manage injuries, world wide influence, great at bringing on potential in a young players, massively respected…. Granted he might think Villa was too small for him (and he'd be right), but hopefully Fox can persuade him it would be a great leg up for when the Liverpool or Arsenal jobs come up in the next couple of years...
  2. Sven? Jol? McClaren? Southgate?Kilnsmann? None excite me
  3. Richards, Ireland and £35m. Otherwise they can sod off.
  4. I thought petrov looked well out of his depth - he desparately needed Reo-coker alongside him. Heskey was a complete waste of space. Give me Harewood any day.
  5. Great summary, but I think you've slightly overlooked one thing - we need to qualify for the champions league THIS season because: a) Barry will be off as might Young and maybe a couple more c) Arsenal won't be this bad next year d) Man City (and maybe Spurs) will be a lot better next year e) Momentum - we don't want to fail at the last minute (like spurs a couple of years ago) because that won't do confidence much good. f) New signings - once we get into the CL, new signings might be easier to get! I firmly believe this is our best shot so we must take advantage - even if it
  6. Please General, find me one Villa fan who thinks this is fair....
  7. I'm not arguing with you at all, but from the radio commentary, Gabby hardly seemed to be in the game at all! Funny how everyone see's it differently!
  8. sorry, three!!!! I forgot NRC was new!! It seems like he's been here for ages!!!!
  9. I agree with your best XI but it only contains 2 new signings, which is a disappointment, both of which are currently on loan!!
  10. Hi Just a small matter you may be interested in: I was at the game on Saturday, having brought a ticket on the phone for the Doug Ellis Stand. I picked it up in the Holte Car Park just before, went to my seat and there was already someone sitting there! We compared tickets and both had exactly the same one! There was a spare seat next to his, so I sat there. Do you think it was just a ticketing cock up or did he have a fake? He didn't turn up in the second half so I wonder if he thought I'd rumbled him? I was sat with my brother and Dad, he was alone.
  11. I was afraid this might happen. MON has spent the entire week trying to buy players and has probably done very little training himself. It will be the same for the next 2 or 3 weeks I guess. I know the assistants and coaches are very able, but its not the same.
  12. I don't get why more people aren't upset we appear to be missing out on Scott Parker... Surely we can out attract West Ham? I think he's a quality player, and I would have him over Barton and NRC. And thank God the Bellamey rumour is dying down... Bent would be a much better bid...
  13. :oops: Thats right...end of comparison. So he might be very good for Villa because we have shortage in that area. Aye I intended Ferreira to replace Hughes not Bouma! Bouma's awesome! ------------------Gorden------------------- ------------------(Tommy)--------------- Ferreira --- Ollie --- Laursen--- Bouma (Hughes)--- Cahill --- (Ridge)--- (Taylor) Young ---- Sneijder --- Petrov --- Barry (Maloney) -- (Gardener) -- (Berger)-- (Davis) ------------Bent ------ Carew---------- ----------(Gabby)----- (Moore)-----------
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