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PL: Stoke a Match Thread 2010/03/13 15:00


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Go on then I'd go:


Young Cuellar Dunne Warnock

Downing Milner Petrov Young

Carew Gabby.

Thats our strongest XI,funny we dont play it very often.

Perhaps after today MON will finally bench Heskey and start playing Carew.
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He will start with carlos at right back, has to with their throws. At least shawcross will still be suspended so thats a plus because he seems to get his head on most of them. It will be a very tough game but hopefually we can nick it. They have a game on wednesday night as well so might take a bit out of them 3 games in 6 days.

If we could win here, it would be a massive 3 points in our chase for 4th

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It's really important to win this in my view, both to kill the memory of that awful defeat last season and to help us stay with the 4th place-hunting pack.

I haven't got a clue if we can/will win it. It's very hard to call.

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It'll be nice to have Gabby fresh for this game and hopefully a hungry Carew alongside him in attack. We can mix it with Stoke physically but we shouldn't the physical battle take precedence over our passing game, the last thing we want to get into is a long ball battle.

0-1 Gabby

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I would imagine Stoke will line up:












Subs: Begovic, Kitson, Tuncay, Etherington Am Faye, Collins, Davies.

Playing Burnley away so might lose a few more to injury.

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